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We are excited to announce that we will start live streaming to Youtube! We will start to include audio and different camera angles for your 72oz steak viewing pleasure. Also, please go subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when another competitior is taking on the challenge!


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Are you a professional competitive eater?  We are always looking for unique 72oz Challengers to be featured in the restaurant as well as the live stream! If you qualify, we will hold a spot for you at the challenge table and schedule your attempt. Keep in mind, most individual will not qualify to be a Featured Eater. However, walk in challenges are available during regular business hours if you do not qualify. If we feel that you qualify, we will contact you in 2-3 business days to schedule your attempt. Fill out the information below and we will review it.

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Winner Board 9910-9923

Interesting Features:

Shortest steak time 17:00. 


9912 2/11/21 Rainer Arce 42:28 260 47 Eastvale, CA Nailed it!!!

9913 2/16/21 Patrick Kio 59:53 230 34 Kentuky Oooph!...

9914 2/17/21 Billy Fisher 55:12 340 35 Jax, FL Casual dining...Yum

9915 2/17/21 Lamarr Stouall 49:58 242 27 Fort Vayne

9916 2/19/21 Eric Norvell 35:30 350 47 Boyd, TX God is Great, give the big steak a go, very easy

9917 2/27/21 Brain Olson 59:25 240 70 N Marker, MN

9918 2/27/21 Edward Soloway 58:56 225 51 Pasaderva, TX That was really hard, OMFG, WTF

9919 3/2/21 Al Carroll 56:21 380 29 Iowa, LA Im goin home

9920 3/10/21 Nick Lemire 34:46 350 43 CaliforniaVery good steak!

9921 3/10/21 Steven Thorkelsen 51:40 230 33 Houston, TX Second largest amount of meat in my mouth!

9922 3/12/21 Vincent Paterno 53:40 195 27 Aledo, TX Good enough for who it’s for!!

9923 3/12/21 Moses Mitchell 31:39 250 36 Alburquerque, NM

9924 3/13/21 Alexander Puttonen 17:00 290 24 Liexon AL Pretty good would do again

9925 3/13/21 Ernest Colmenero 55:13 285 39 Makinney, TX

72oz Steak Best Moments

Current Record Holder

Watch Molly Shulyer eat three 72oz Steak Dinners under 20 minutes!

Man VS. Food

Adam Richman eats the 72oz Steak to kick off the hit TV show, Man VS. Food.

72oz Steak Catapult

Watch Conan launch the Big Texan's 72oz steak in front of AT&T Stadium.

Waking Up In Reno

See the Big Texan in the classic movie, Waking Up In Reno.