Coming Soon to I-40

The Slug Bug Ranch, originally an iconic installation near Conway, Texas, has been relocated to a new, prominent position along Interstate 40, in front of the Starlight Ranch in Amarillo. This move brings the whimsical display of half-buried Volkswagen Beetles closer to a larger audience, enhancing its visibility and accessibility. Now juxtaposed against the backdrop of the Starlight Ranch, an event venue known for its lively entertainment and cultural events, the Slug Bug Ranch not only continues to celebrate the quirky side of American automotive culture but also complements the vibrant atmosphere of its new location. This relocation revitalizes the attraction, promising to draw in tourists and locals alike who are eager to explore this playful piece of Americana and enjoy the broader offerings of the Starlight Ranch.

 Concrete walk ways

 More Cars

Indoor Bathrooms

Gift Shop

Ground has been broken

In May of 2024, the Slug Bug Ranch, a playful and eye-catching roadside attraction, made a significant move to a new location along Interstate 40. By shifting its five graffiti-covered Volkswagen Beetles from their original rural setting to this more accessible and prominent spot, the Slug Bug Ranch sought to attract a broader audience. This move not only revitalizes the attraction by linking it with the vibrant cultural and entertainment activities at the Starlight Ranch but also breathes new life into the tradition of unique and quirky roadside Americana, offering travelers a fresh and interesting stop along their journey.