The 72oz Steak Rules

 *1965Eli Ghattas57 minsN/AN/AN/APlayed for New Orleans Saints #77. Ate it 3 times. 
 *1966Klondike BillUnder 1 HR378N/AN/AATE TWO STEAK DINNERS! 
 *1968Eli Ghattas57 minsN/AN/AN/APlayed for New Orleans Saints #77. Ate it 3 times. 
 *1972Eli Ghattas57 minsN/AN/AN/APlayed for New Orleans Saints #77. Ate it 3 times. 
 *1972Victor D. Phillips40 Mins19519Indianapolis, INCalifornia or bust! 
 8/15/72Andy KaruserUnder 1 HRN/AN/ATeaneck, NJ  
 8/15/72Mike GothelfUnder 1 HRN/AN/ATeaneck, NJ  
 8/1/73Joseph Gill57m 30sN/A23Pittsburgh, PA  
 8/9/74Daniel Smelser57m17019N/A  
 12/21/74Steve Coghlan45 Mins18518Auburn, NYGo Red Sox! 
 6/1/75Chuck BarsnessUnder 1 HR18524Cannon Falls, MN"Father-in-law challenged me to do it." 
 6/3/75Arnold Dunavan57:0016024Shawnee, OKI's full. 
 7/3/75Victor F. Fadool45 MinsN/A20N/AOn cross-country trip. Didn't eat for days after. 
 11/22/75Scott ShaughnessyUnder 1 HR18519Buffalo, NYBest meal I had on my cross country trip to LA. 
 12/27/75Jim WilesUnder 1 HR15019Wilard, OHSteak & eggs for breakfast, and then this. "Now I'm full!" 
4/7/76Kevin LentschUnder 1 HRN/A17N/A 
 5/19/76Ken WarehamUnder 1 HRN/AN/ARosevalley, PAA steady chew got me through!! 
 6/21/76Harry Ohnigian, Jr.Under 1 HR210N/AOld Bethpage, NY(Price $19.95) A steak only a bear could eat. 
 7/1/76Bill NordmannUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A  
8/10/76Kenneth GoldbergUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A 
 8/13/76Eric DunphyUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A  
 9/5/76Barry Aidman59m 35s 400ms18020Palo Alto, CAWhat a lifetime memory! 
 9/11/76Jeremy (Jerry) Monse45 MinsN/A20Coral Springs, FLWashed down with 2 beers and a strawberry shortcake. 
 11/16/76Mike Royal55 MinsN/AN/AAmarillo, TXThought I'd never finish. 
 11/16/76Dick Hedrick19 MinsN/AN/AAmarillo, TXBring me a strawberry short cake. (He ate that too) 
 11/16/76Bill Orr40 MinsN/AN/AAmarillo, TXCome on Royal, it was easy. 
 1/18/77Nolan Lewallen59 Mins18524Stephenville, TXOn the way back from the Denver Rodeo. 
 3/1/77Barry Beeman48 Mins12518Pennington, NJThank you for the opportunity to have enjoyed your steak. 
 4/25/78Stephen SlipichUnder 1 HR22030La Habra, CAThat was a great steak and I am very full. 
 5/21/79Anthony (Tony) Plastino25 Mins23525Lancaster, PAMy jaws were sore. Let's do it again! 
 8/22/79Brad Foreman57 Mins17318Syracuse, NYThe steak was great. It was the extras that were tough to down. 
 8/24/79Mike Sheffield 45 Mins18527Amarillo, TXThat was a really good steak. 
12/3/79Matt EvansUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A 
 1/15/80Neil K. Loder50 Mins18523Santa Monica, CAFor my DAD. 
 3/13/80Kelvin HoldawayUnder 1 HR20021Hurricane, UTThanks for a very good steak dinner. 
 6/7/80Ron Croker54 Mins19522Mableton, GAI can't believe I ate the whole thing! 
 11/6/80Rick Little50 Mins19028Norman, OKHad a piece of pie. 
 12/20/80Ken FootlikUnder 1 HR20117Tucson, AR  
 1/1/81John "Bunky" MillerUnder 1 HR27032Plainville, CTHe then ordered a piece of pie & a Lone Star Longneck. 
 1/14/81Roy RogersUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A  
 6/20/81Gary Nelson18 MinsN/AN/AN/A  
 7/1/81Richard GregoryUnder 1 HR19021Oxford, England  
 8/1/81Bob B. WardN/AN/AN/AHurst, TX  
 8/12/81John Kacinski56 Mins19024Wichita, KS"I've just joined an elite group." 
 8/26/81Dennis Dean43 Mins18033Milford, CTHad strawberry shortcake. Band waited on stage coach. 
 11/26/81Mike ArtzUnder 1 HR16518Cicero, ILThat was a mighty Big Steak! 
 1/2/82Mark Henkel30 MinsN/A20Trenton, MI  
 1/2/82Don Henkel31 MinsN/A20Trenton, MI  
 1/19/82Per OscarssonUnder 1 HR14521Umea, SwedenTraveling U.S. Free meal helped save money for getting home. 
 2/14/82Michael PerryUnder 1 HR15319Paw Paw, MI"Will never forget it!" 
 2/14/82Greg Groom59m 59s19027Los Angeles, CANow that's a romantic Valentine's Day! 
 3/16/82David Lee Bridges42 Mins21226Emory, TX/Texas TechGod bless Texas! 
 3/19/82Kevin Twining45 Mins18522Lansing, MII feel like I could run 5 miles now! 
 5/2/82Nick Simmons50 Mins24529Jersey City, NJBest damn steak I ever had! 
 5/15/82Richard Pullen54 Mins16523Amarillo, TX  
 6/1/82Jack SparksUnder 1 HRN/A22Lubbock, TX  
 6/9/82John (Jack) Davis59m 59s22530Chicago, ILIt was DiBo-licious; a truly fine piece of meat! 
 6/22/82Steve Evans47 Mins23736Mocksville, NCI thought it would shrink when it was cooked. 
 6/23/82Shawn MedleyUnder 1 HR23517Houston, TXWOW! I'M FULL! 
 8/2/82Victor P. LaRosaUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A  
 8/25/82Michael WeinsteinUnder 1 HRN/A19Los Angeles, CA  
 9/19/82William D. Proudfit56 Mins15530Houston, TXTasty piece of meat. 
 9/29/82Andrew J. Duvall59m 59s17639N/A  
 11/5/82Michael Rogers55 Mins180N/AClarksburg, WVI now know what being pregnant feels like. 
 1/1/83George Wagner40 Mins22530Phoenix, AZThe meal was awesome. I ate it and pecan pie ala mode. 
 1/10/83Bill Clark52 Mins23052N/AIt was a delicious meal. 
 5/4/83David Breitborde36 Mins23032Denver, COI had no problem! 
 7/23/83Michael Sandberg58 Mins19423College Station, TXHey y'all at the TVMDL. I did it! 
 8/24/83Vinnie Barone30 Mins18527San Diego, CACAME, ATE, CONQUERED! 
 12/5/83Harvey Nelson59 Mins19524Akron, OHThanks for the challenge!!! 
 12/22/83Mark Scherzinger55 MinsN/A20Los Angeles, CANeed to see the dessert menu!!! 
 1/24/84Bob Metcalf48 Mins18031Little Rock, ARBest steak I have ever eaten, but never again. 
 6/10/84Mark Denkler 58m 15s19618Houston, TXIt gave me the nickname "The Meatman". 
 7/11/84Al WestphalUnder 1 HR23237Medford, NJ  
 11/18/84Joseph MedvedUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A  
 2/4/85John KahleUnder 1 HR17024Guttenberg, IABest thing that ever happened to me. 
 5/25/85Britt A. Weaver56 Mins17521Stillwater, OKI was in town for Hands Across America. 
 1/26/86John BediUnder 1 HR20021Bartlett, IL  
 6/14/86Bruce Stone58 MinsN/AN/AN/A  
 6/25/86Robert Minneman47 Mins16516Amarillo (Irving, TX now)I don't think I can pedal home now. (Had ridden bikes) 
 6/26/86Rob JansonUnder 1 HRN/A18ConnecticutOn cross-country trip. Threw up after. Had Big Mac an hour later. 
 11/15/86Michael La Bianca45 Mins15527Paramus, NJI'm finally stuffed. Great meal. 
 5/2/87Frank Pastore9m 30s21530Uplan, CAWorld record until 3/24/08. 
 5/15/87Ken Deemer57 MinsN/A39Pittsburgh, PA  
 5/29/87Charles SchultzUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/AI lost the Silverton 1,000, but this I can do! 
 6/8/87George SappahUnder 1 HRN/AN/AKeyport, NJ  
 10/11/87Richard E. Primeau54 Mins19032Laval, Quebec, CanadaThe will to succeed is the first condition of victory. 
 1/2/88Jeff PennUnder 1 HR180N/ACollierville, TNPhilippians 4:13 
 7/13/88Greg KokojanUnder 1 HRN/AN/AN/A  
 8/12/88Tyler Jameson58 Mins22022Elverta, CA  
 9/13/88George Rutherford58 Mins15025San Diego, CAHad to call my mom to get encouragement. 
 9/18/88Gerard Custer50 Mins15040Erie, PAGreat meal and a fun time. 
 9/26/88Rich SumrallUnder 1 HR17534Valdosta, GA  
 7/20/89Tony Lorenzi40 MinsN/A17Las Vegas, NVMy Amarillo uncle challenged me. First 3 lbs were outstanding. Then it got tough. 
 1/13/90Ryan Kwon49m 30s15521Los Angeles, CAMy mom is not impressed. 
 6/1/90Edward Chapman50 Mins18024Chico, CAThis will be a great story...if I live to tell it. 
 6/4/90David Potts40 Mins18529Pensacola, FLThank God for a good steak, and thank The Big Texan for it. 
 6/22/90Kris Looney 55 Mins20117Houston, TXOutstanding steak! 
 7/1/90Jason Soliday55 Mins18022West Des Moines, IABest free steak I've had! (Next AM had all-you-can-eat-pancakes) 
 11/9/90Derek Grubb44 Mins15024Huntington, PAThe best $32.95 I ever spent and got back! 
 3/11/91Rael W. GallowayUnder 1 HR22534Sherman, TX  
 3/12/91Albert R. GarnmeisterUnder 1 HR24059Sioux Falls, SD  
 3/13/91David DenwaltUnder 1 HRN/AN/ABurns Flat, OK  
 3/14/91J. MalkeincyUnder 1 HR20041Bay City, MI  
 3/16/91John ClarkUnder 1 HR27523Denton, TX   
 3/16/91Michael AkersUnder 1 HR21530Clovis, CA  
 3/16/91Gary SheldonUnder 1 HR20027Woodstock, CT  
 3/16/91Steven WellerUnder 1 HR16421Widefield, CO  
 3/17/91David CarrollUnder 1 HR19028Stewart, MS  
 3/17/91Ryan StewartUnder 1 HR21517Bountiful, UT  
 3/18/91Billy HopeUnder 1 HR24033Whitney, TX  
 3/19/91Tommy HammitUnder 1 HR26520Farwell, TX  
 3/21/91Frank BurgwinUnder 1 HR19023Higley, AZ  
 3/21/91Bob MashburnUnder 1 HR23050Lindsay, OK  
 3/23/91Villiger AloisUnder 1 HR197255639 Muri. Germany  
 3/25/91Dale B. GroveUnder 1 HR20038St. Paul, MN  
 3/26/91Daniel M. HillUnder 1 HR25041Larkspur, CA  
 3/29/91Charles SpradlingUnder 1 HR27032Oak Boro, NC  
 3/30/91Joseph LapeasleiUnder 1 HR19526Philadelphia, PA  
 3/31/91Willi Hiltoen, PSC2Under 1 HR20524Wichita Falls, TX  
 4/1/91Joseph BelloUnder 1 HR23526Philadelphia, PA  
 4/3/91Garry JalowkaUnder 1 HR14521Los Angeles, CA  
 4/5/91Johnny MartinezUnder 1 HR19621Long Beach, CA  
66234/6/91Chuck Foster39 Mins19547Irvine, CASlept all the way back to California, then didn't eat for 2 days. 
66244/6/91Larry EspravnikUnder 1 HR19521Merrillville, IN  
66254/6/91Harry BrownUnder 1 HR18027Thousand Oaks, CA  
66264/6/91Roy RobertsonUnder 1 HR21021Dahlonega, CA  
66274/8/91David McKinneyUnder 1 HR19223N/A  
66284/9/91Michael MawardiUnder 1 HR21539Charlotte, NC  
66294/11/91Mike FreierUnder 1 HR18522Australia  
66304/12/91John C. SmithUnder 1 HR21033Kansas City, MO  
66314/13/91Lance FlanakinUnder 1 HR18528Houston, TX  
66324/19/91Scott NewsomUnder 1 HR19026Waco, TX  
66334/19/91Byron K. LeeUnder 1 HR20036Glendale, AZ  
66344/22/91Mike O'NealUnder 1 HR24540Henderson, TX  
66354/22/91Brian JonesUnder 1 HR18038Stillwater, OK  
66364/22/91Ken WatkinsUnder 1 HR20529Roguemont  
66374/23/91Terry E. WallUnder 1 HR35039N/A  
66384/24/91Patrick GratziannaUnder 1 HR19523Northcave, IL  
66394/24/91Henry GaeraUnder 1 HR20025Riverside, CA  
66404/27/91Paul StuartUnder 1 HR27234Bellview, MO  
66414/27/91Joseph PassavettiUnder 1 HRN/AN/AHammonton, NJ  
66424/29/91Mike FarrellUnder 1 HR16525Richfield, MN  
66434/30/91G.M. HightowerUnder 1 HR29532Navasota, TX  
66445/1/91Arvel McPetersUnder 1 HR23045Marion, NC  
66455/4/91Patrick PenceUnder 1 HR27945Bedford, TX  
66465/5/91Dave RhombergUnder 1 HR18135Marion, IA  
66475/6/91Dewey BoltonUnder 1 HR19544Albuquerque, NM  
66485/6/91Wade KennethUnder 1 HR20537Colorado Springs, CO  
66495/7/91Raymond PowellUnder 1 HR15534Culpeper, VA  
66505/8/91Peter NielsonUnder 1 HR19020South Jordan, UT  
66515/8/91PfistererUnder 1 HR16030Miitenwalkd 8102, Germany  
66525/8/91John GibbonsUnder 1 HR20544West Chicago, IL  
66535/9/91Scott MuirUnder 1 HR17527Horn Lake, MS  
66545/10/91Corbett LydaUnder 1 HR17521Ada, OK  
66555/11/91Steve RodehutskarsUnder 1 HR27027Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada  
66565/11/91Pani Langoiaupangi16 Mins270N/ATong, AZAte a lot! 
66575/12/91Kevin DunavinUnder 1 HR18026Amarillo, TX  
66585/13/91Brad R. ChamnessUnder 1 HR22523Devon, PA  
66595/13/91Anthony J. CutroveUnder 1 HR15521Glen Cove, NY  
66605/13/91Brian NaborsUnder 1 HR15520Mesquite, TX  
66615/14/91Charles MillerUnder 1 HR21019Dalton, GA  
66625/14/91Trent CentonUnder 1 HR21020Chattanooga, TN  
66635/14/91Joseph A. McllvaniaUnder 1 HR20530Farmingdale, NJ  
66645/15/91Penilangoia-l-pangi-MafiUnder 1 HR27020Amarillo, TX  
66655/17/91Dan Wimby50 Mins18028Hartsdale, NYNo room for Cheesecake 
66665/17/91Scott Dekeyser48 Mins23024Sherrard, ILDo it! 
66675/17/91Steve Scholl1 HR18028Chester, NYDoctor beat heart to eat! 
66685/19/91Charles A. Davis45 Mins24551Dunellen, NJGreat free meal! 
66695/20/91Bertram Som1 HR17029SwitzerlandI had enough! 
66705/20/91Dean A. Wilson45 Mins24521Indianapolis, INIt was worth it. 
66715/20/91Delbert Brumenking1 HR19027Kansas Tough enough. 
66725/21/91Kevin Strobel 50 Mins27523New Haven, MO I'm full. 
66735/22/91Jerald Wright55 Mins23425Torrance, CAOh, you mean it's free?! 
66745/22/91Evan Wender55 Mins23018Beverly Hills, CAHelp me! 
66755/23/91Nelson Burny56 Mins16530Ft. Smith, ARI had enough! 
66765/24/91Brendan Ryan57 Mins18019Huntington, NYWhat's for dessert? 
66775/24/91Jack Allen57 Mins16833Bedford, NHBest steak that ever ate me! 
66785/27/91Thomas Bouch50 Mins20045El Centro, CAExcellent 
66795/27/91Toy Tanebaum56 Mins21045Houston, TXExcellent - where's dessert? 
66805/28/91Mal Perry (Chris)40 Mins15026St. Louis, MOBurp! 
66815/28/91Richard Johanssen45 Mins19045San Francisco, CAHelp! 
66825/30/91Robert Vergona57 Mins13023Springfield, MOAte her all! 
66835/31/91Lanny Jon AndersonUnder 1 HR21042Minneapolis, MN  
66846/2/91Louis MassieUnder 1 HR20049Birchwood, TN  
66856/3/91Walter Bulworth37 Mins19523Edison, NJ15 hr. drive ahead! 
66866/4/91Shaun S. Tifield42 Mins35027Tulsa, OKPretty good! 
66876/6/91Ron Gusky40 Mins22244Pittsburgh, PATexas is great! 
66886/8/91Charles Hayes55 Mins21052Sylva, NCNever no more! 
66896/8/91Leon Carroll50 Mins21046Gastonia, NCNeed 4 burgers to go! 
66906/10/91Gene Salt59 Mins15036Shonto, AZGreat food! 
66916/11/91Shaun S. Tifield57 Mins35027Tulsa, OKDid it again! 
66926/12/91Nick Kastanios50 Mins24049Pittsburgh, PAOPA! 
66936/13/91Michael Mettlach59 Mins26036Edinberg, TXI ate the whole thing! 
66946/13/91Mike Lycar30 Mins25438Alberta, CanadaWhere's the beef? 
66956/14/91Dick Selman55 Mins19048Chama, NMLong live Eastern Airlines 
66966/14/91John Morris58 Mins18039Indianapolis, INGood steak without being 72 oz. 
66976/15/91Glen Gordon30 Mins28041Chicago, ILGreat steak! 
66986/18/91Ron Trueham59 Mins17531Westland, MII'll never do it again! 
66996/21/91Chris Schmus59 Mins22018Oak Creek, WIThat wasn't too bad 
67006/22/91Antonio Caetolua1 HR19017Houston, TXI'm full. 
67016/22/91David Hardin55 Mins28542Choctaw, OKNo problem 
67026/23/91George Garcia1 HR30734Irving, TXToo much!! 
67036/24/91Eric Gillet1 HR14224Brussels, BelgiumWhat about chocolate cake? 
67046/24/91Jose Saavedra Ruiz44 Mins25037Brussels, BelgiumOK 
67056/24/91Mark Berkowitz35 Mins35021Las Vegas, NVHow about another?! 
67066/26/91John Gulick1 HR16537Decatur, IL No room left! 
67076/26/91Ray Collins45 Mins22540Pittsburgh, PATexas too much 
67086/26/91Rusty Paul1 HR19521Potama, MDYankees can do it! 
67096/29/91Mike Meshkin40 Mins20037Irvine, CAVery good! 
67106/30/91Bobby McEachern45 Mins20029Hobbs, NMToo easy! 
67117/2/91David Donohoo1 HR22616Kingwood, TXI'm gonna barf! 
67127/2/91Sam Carpenter44 Mins21626Brownco, INDessert's not on the house? 
67137/4/91Jimbo Coleman53 Mins22521Ketchum, OKWhere's the ice cream? 
67147/6/91Eric Hall53 Mins15318Plainview, TXI hate steak! 
67157/6/91Eric HansenUnder 1 HRN/A18Plainview, TX  
67167/6/91Gary Bob Wilson56m21537Eagletown, OK"Never Again!" 
67177/6/91James White35m33023Albuquerque, NMGood Times 
67187/6/91Milton Rexone35m20224Colorado Springs, COGreat Beef, time & place! 
67197/6/91Robert Larocca55m24036New Windsor, NYExcellent! 
67207/6/91Rou Birtelmann50m21065Edmond, OKExcellent! 
67217/6/91Zack Zucker40m16231Dallas, TXNice Place! 
67227/7/91James Sullivan59m20015Arlington, VAWhy? 
67237/7/91R. Glen McConnell59m20033Dallas, TXBarely 
67247/7/91Richard Sullivan59m13613Arlington, VAWhich way to the bathroom? 
67257/7/91Thomas A. Martone45m22525Albuquerque, NMGreat 
67267/9/91Mike F. Tschantz50m22514Knoxville, TNSouth's gonna do it again 
67277/13/91Mike L. Dysktra50m17020Moore, OKVery Good! 
67287/14/91Ryan McWilliams57m19020Chicago, ILDon't talk to me - I'm eating 
67297/15/91Buddy Simons55m19031Raceland, LACoonasses eat anything 
67307/17/91Jan Mogilany1h26535Brooklyn, NYOK 
67317/17/91Robert L. Weimata50m22032Olympia, WAUgh! 
67327/17/91Scott Dorsey58m16016Sunnyvale, CAGive waitress a raise 
67337/19/91Dale Grogan55m21542St. Peter, MONever Again! 
67347/19/91Darin VickeryUnder 1 HR20016Mansfield, TXThey said I couldn't do it! 
67357/19/91James Muilenburg45m28028Boulder City, NVPiece of cake! 
67367/21/91Alan Strauss1h18820Chicago, ILI'm at point break! 
67377/22/91James Hotsinpillar1h27531Monterey, TNStuffed 
67387/22/91Michael Markoviz53m18530Palmerton, PABetter than Navy chow 
67397/24/91Samuel Anderson59m18524Coleraine, N. IrelandBetter than McDonald's 
67409/29/91Parker Fillmore57m21020Salt Lake City, UTAlmost lost it 
67419/30/91Chris Huggins59m29018Bloomingdale, ILSweet Jesus 
674210/1/91Michael W. Grogg33m18541Charleston, INGreat - Piece of cake 
674310/4/91Greg Vin1h17539Earth, TXIt was close 
674410/5/91Michael Walker1h18035South CarolinaHave mercy 
674510/7/91Kipp F. Peppel1h18616Atascedero, CAOh, Boy! (Belch) 
674610/11/91Clay Redmond1h19016Atlanta, GALord, Have Mercy, Wow! 
674710/12/91Don Johnson58m22540McKeesport, PACan't believe I ate the whole thing! 
674810/14/91Nathan Byran1h27023Baton Rouge, LAI'm full of Bull! 
674910/17/91John J. Bigg1h21027Colorado Springs, COWhere's dessert?! 
675010/18/91F.M. Hawkins40m34045Jacksonville, ARIt was great! 
675110/18/91Toby Dickerson59m18021Amarillo, TX82nd Airborne Leads the way!! 
675210/19/91Clifton Gilmore59m22053Anaheim, CAVery good and tender 
675310/19/91Monty Wittman57m28530Hobbs, NMCan I come back? 
675410/21/91Charlie Gardyn53m26044Brooklyn, NYEnjoyed - Good Steak 
675510/23/91Joseph Litzpatrick58m19038Phoeniz, AZReal Good 
675610/23/91Richard Sours55m18025Canada, QuebecPiece of cake! 
675710/30/91Jay D. Wash55m19025Berlin HTS, OHOne time deal 
675811/5/91Al Warts54m24054Casa Grande, AZNO Shortcake 
675911/7/91Bear-Dog Hoffman45m23037San Francisco, CANO Seconds?! 
676011/7/91Darcy Baker36m17536San Diego, CALater S.D. C-Ya Vive AR!! 
676111/9/91Bob Hummel1h24052Arnold, MOEveryone should try 
676211/9/91Bob Slover58m30038Guntersbille, ALGood! 
676311/9/91Kevin Dunavin59m18527Amarillo, TXIt was good!! 
676411/12/91Bryant Thomas57m22027Chicago, ILWhat a meal! 
676511/17/91Brandon Polheinz1h18018Amarillo, TXI'm Stuffed 
676611/22/91Tom Thomas57m20033Santa Cruz, CAOoh, Rah! 
676711/24/91Jim Rule55m26047Houston, TXIt was great! 
676811/24/91M.L. Count38m28026Denton, TXI'm Speechless 
676911/25/91Chester Kittles45m21036Bronx, NY1st & Last 
677011/29/91Steve Sheid45m29040Oklahoma City, OKGood Luck! 
677112/5/91Arthur Henrys1h25032Edgewater, NYGive me a doctor 
677212/6/91M.J. Swanson52m17013Calgary, CanadaGot to try it! 
677312/6/91Sy "Hoss" Dearduff38m39031Westminister, CAPiece of cake! 
677412/10/91James C. Rarey1h18521Anderson Island, WADessert finished it off 
677512/11/91Kerry Nelson57m24031Mufreesboro, TNTry the cheesecake 
677612/13/91Benjamin Lieberman1h19019Commack, NVTime for the Maalox! 
677712/18/91Todd Feenez59m 30s22518Henderson, NVDon't Do It! 
677812/21/91Duane Hunt59m21529Denver, COJeff made me do it! 
67791/3/92Christopher Van Riet58m19521Houston, TXIt's Hell! 
67801/3/92Name Unreadable58m23031Zachary, LADid what dad couldn't! 
67811/25/92Charles Heady58m29142Detroit, MI "Motown"It's Great! 
67821/28/92Jeff Larson55m34438Appleton, WSTime to Diet! 
67831/30/92Carson W. Long35m25040Tipton, OKSure was good 
67841/31/92Wrestling Brewster55m19027Dover, NHWhat's for (oooof) breakfast?! 
67852/1/92Frank Laden59m20634Norwich, NYI'll be back! 
67862/4/92David Nathans57m19020Greenwich, CT"The Emperor" when's dinner? 
67872/7/92Dave Meinzman59m19025Laneqstar, OHBarf 
67882/7/92Jim McCormick50m18041Evans City, PA2nd Time - Great! 
67892/8/92Jerry Cottam50m30065Collierville, TNWhere's dessert?! 
67902/10/92Edward J. Costello45m16524Granada Hills, CAE Z 
67912/11/92Joe Whitt50m23556TennesseeFantastic! 
67922/16/92David "Scott" Pittman54m22028Madill, OKI'm too sexy for my steak?! 
67932/17/92Dave Chase52m21533Santa Monica, CAI was born in Denton 
67942/17/92Ken (Crazy) Camillo47m22532Deiran, NJEat with rhythm (steady) 
67952/20/92Jeff Taylor44m45031Hobbs, NMWhoooooo Hic! 
67962/21/92Joe Maranzan59m15026Rochester, NYI'll be back! 
67972/22/92David McIntosh35m20541Wiley, CONo Sweat! 
67982/24/92Randy Welborn45m21036Pilot Point, TXEasy, Excellent! 
67992/24/92Tim Setzer50m26532Carnegie, OKGood! Enough! 
68002/27/92Tammy Parker35m450N/AYantic, CNOh Boy 
68012/28/92Jay Kelly30m24031Warren/Dearborn, MITexas is the Best! 
68023/1/92Bubba Yoder48m32538LaFayette, INThe cheesecake & milk good, too! 
68033/1/92Rodney Lee55m19035Aliso Viejo, CaGreat Steak! 
68043/6/92Name Unreadable45m21026Atlanta, GAWhere's my cheesecake 
68053/9/92Nicholas Klopsis40m19034Brooklyn, NY3 down time for the 4th 
68063/16/92Dave Penny55m23029Worcaster, MATalent on loan from God --Amen! 
68073/18/92Dan P. Zablotsky45m18523Butler, PANow I need to lower my time! 
68083/19/92Warren Foxworthy II55m22729Houston, TXDid it for Phi Gamma (Fiji) 
68093/19/92Kevin Twining45m18522Lansing, MII feel like I could run 5 miles now! 
68103/20/92Choon "Beefcake" Byun1h23020Houston, TXGreat Steak.Now I'm a vegetarian 
68113/21/92Trey"The Daddy"Odom1h23020Plano, TXComment Blacked Out 
68123/22/92Bruce Snell35m19727Fredericktown, OHThat was good steak! 
68133/22/92Gary Gilmore58m18528Worland, WYThanks! 
68143/23/92Andy Galvin1h20024New Lenox, ILSmall Steak -HaHa! 
68153/28/92Bryon Geebye55m22042Nova ScotiaI'll be back...for something smaller 
68163/28/92Robert Burns35m27021Weatherford, TXYou can do it! 
68174/3/92Paula M. Hulka45m15027Algonac, MIAwesome! 
68184/3/92William F. Blake40m25023Odessa, TXOh, Lord! 
68194/6/92Brian A. Cameron1h25020St. George, VTGood Luck! 
68204/6/92Gregory Dansmore58m25032Harrisburg, PABig Nog 
68214/8/92Randy Armstrong42m23529Ontario, CanadaBeef Tastes Great! 
68224/9/92Mark B. Sinclair57m23026Tyler, TXFull! 
68234/11/92Shawn E. Burton50m16521East Bank, WVI'm Growing Horns 
68244/18/92Missaglia Sergio53m12554Milano, ItalyExcellent! 
68254/20/92James Neal59m24038Mansfield, TXThe world looks level 
68264/21/92Owen Richardson35m38538Wister, OKGreat! 
68275/2/92Gavin Price52m35050Fairbanks, CAFantastic! 
68285/9/92Raymond O. Mills47m28032Tustin, CA3rd time, also '82 &'86 
68295/12/92Lonnie Tucker45m27522Shelby, NCGet pepto before hand 
68305/12/92Mexia Tito Jackson III35m24525Wilmington, NCI beat up L.T. 
68315/14/92Corey H. Alter34m25020Woodland Hills, CAI'll be back! 
68325/16/92Rick Carcelli40m34036Las Vegas, NVGreat! 
68335/19/92Jerry D. Cobb59m23534Longview, TXFor a good cause! 
68345/19/92Steve Hamann38m19543Garden City, KSReal Good 
68355/24/92Tot Benson59m 30s21018Hartville, MOBurp! 
68365/26/92Mark Anthony Aragona59m23531San Diego, CABest steak I ever ate! 
68375/27/92Raymond O. Mills57m28032Tustin, CAGetting slow with age! 
68385/28/92Kevin Couture40m20032Panhandle, TXThird and last time 
68395/28/92Ron Diebold58m25454Wright City, MOGreat meal - Great Price 
68405/31/92Rob Baker49m25030South Sioux City, NEIt was Nebraska Petite 
68416/1/92Billy D. Snow54m 30s21049Brentwood, TNIt was good!! 
68426/7/92Dewey Bolton26m19545Albuquerque, NMWow Wee 
68436/7/92Shawn M. Johnson59m23021Amarillo, TXWow! 
68446/9/92George DeclairUnder 1 HR36528Holland, OHFull to the bone 
68456/11/92Kenneth D. Owens III55m27532Enid, OKAllergic to steak now! 
68466/19/92Dave Newport50m27517Encinitas, CAIrie! 
68476/20/92Ross McCallum43m22032Little Rock, ARBurp - Goin to sleep 
68486/24/92Mark "Shamu" Toth50m31036Bellevue, OHAmazing - Simply Amazing! 
68496/24/92Wayne Berg18m20027Tempe, AZWehre's the dessert tray?! 
68506/27/92Gene Marcum Jr.57m16029Pauls Valley, OKBeef Master!! 
68517/1/92Keith Perry1h16032New Castle, OKNever Again! 
68527/6/92Chris Schott52m21727Ft. Bragg, NCBlack team '92 
68537/6/92Henry Napier50m24546Elizabeth, NJDedicated to Marines! 
68547/6/92Ronald Hutton46m28946Oklahoma City, OKWith a pitcher of tea 
68557/8/92Scott Gerard55m23030San Clemente, CAWho've of thought?! 
68567/13/92Judd Langley54m23018Centerville, TXYou want it Well done! 
68577/16/92Josh Moses1h17816Maryville, MOSteak Stinks! 
68587/18/92Byron Blalock55m23036Centerville, TXGreat Steak! 
68597/20/92Richard B. MobleyUnder 1 HR30021Sulphur Springs, TXTold ya I can eat whole thing 
68607/21/92Ede LeeUnder 1 HR19049Santa Clara, CAWheew! 
68617/22/92Norman B. Hall50m23538Marietta, TXDid it again! Wow! 
68627/27/92Stampfli Beat35m16026Bern, SwitzerlandWho said "Piece of cake" 
68637/29/92James W. ParksUnder 1 HR37446Arcadia, CABig 
68648/8/92John R. JenkinsUnder 1 HR28034Phoeniz, AZ"Excellent Man" 
68658/11/92Mike Hartmann50m22034Kailua, HawaiiBig Ed 
68668/11/92Ray Shelhart59m25040Grove City, OHGood Beef 
68678/11/92Tony Parella58m18533Grapevine, TXI had cheesecake 
68688/12/92Scott W. Nichols58m17523Dallas, TXEat Shrimp First 
68698/16/92Michael Ferguson59m16221Bloomfied, CTI'll have the lot... 
68708/17/92Orl Gorff58m16023Berlin, GermanyWhere's dessert?! 
68718/20/92Stan Englert57m23728Syracuse, KSNap time 
68728/22/92George Hollander II50m15225Cache, OKYou'll need a toothpick! 
68738/24/92Jeffery Stevens50m16040Reno, NVToo old for this - Last Hurrah 
68748/26/92Butch Ochotorena35m15227Orlando, FLBe ready to move! 
68758/27/92Dan Davis50m24526Quakertown, PAPie was good also! 
68768/27/92Sean Dimeo55m27524Langhorne, PAI'm gonna explode! 
68778/27/92Wendell Arnold59m28032Seward, NEWow 
68788/30/92John Taylor52m31039Mooresillie, INDamn good! 
68798/30/92Kevin Edwards59m18524Orland Park, ILThe best ever 
68809/1/92Bruce LeFan48m20027Louisville, KYSemper Fidelis 
68819/4/92Luis Veltze55m20549Boone, NCGood 
68829/5/92Rick Storken50m30038Plug, OKGood steak & beer 
68839/6/92Ralph Saul1h22538Burlington, NCI'm sick 
68849/7/92Tray Vela59m22528Oklahoma City, OKOnce in a lifetime 
68859/8/92Mark Tiger59m23026Modesto, CAStuffed 
68869/8/92Nathan W. Booth III45m23534Waterton, CTWhat's for Dessert? 
68879/10/92Greg Lister44m22020Mays Landing, NJGood, but stuffed 
68889/17/92Russell Partlow59m31230Beloit, WIGood 
68899/19/92Robert Smith1h18034Lake Hausau City, AZJust do it! 
68909/22/92Deano Cari1h21031Burbank, CANo Comment 
68919/22/92Tommy Lombardi44m24035West Warwick, RINever Again! 
68929/29/92Michael Mooningstar45m28044Hypoluxo, FLOnce is enough 
68939/29/92Robert Jones (Digger)59m19036Bailey, COOh God, Help Me! 
689410/3/92Benjamin Martinez1h19530Shonto, AZNever Again! 
689510/3/92Craig D. Ludwig45m28037Atlantic City, NJThat's all! 
689610/3/92Trevor J. Barker50m27528Medford, ORIt's not worth it 
689710/13/92Richard McLochlin43m28040Kokomo, INThere goes the diet 
689810/13/92Wallace Hughes59m24032Dallas, TXThought I'd never do it! 
689910/14/92Clarence Herbert58m26035New Orleans, LALots of meat 
690010/14/92Dennis Points50m19532New Orleans, LAPie for dessert 
690110/16/92Adam R. Garcia44m23021El Paso, TXOh God, I'm full 
690210/16/92Daniel Perez58m21243Sacramento, NMNo Comment 
690310/16/92Joe Salaman1h16830Bristol, EnglandDifficult 
690410/17/92Jon Gregg Naff49m24526Houston, TXGet me a bucket! 
690510/23/92Dale Self55m26026Anaheim, CAWatch Out! 
690611/3/92Gale (Tiny) McGee59m19026Arvada, COToo much is not enough 
690711/5/92Stephen J. Benson59m19041AustraliaLove strawberries & cream 
690811/6/92Tim Unoop32m16019Cologne, GermanyCarpe Diem 
690911/11/92Bear - Dog Hoffman50m24035Little Rock, ARWoof! 
691011/11/92Tom Dean55m190N/AProvo, UTGreat 
691111/28/92Rod Damon55m19435Little Rock, ARHarder than it looked 
691212/1/92Gary Baldasarre45m28038Las Vegas, NVSee ya next trip 
691312/2/92Kenneth Classaman32m29030Lodi, CAFinally got a real steak 
691412/7/92Mazio Lizello54m20032Roma, ItaliaI was passing thru 
691512/15/92Eddie Puig1h21039Miami, FLI go now! 
691612/16/92Ken Baumhauer48m19521Boston, MAWhat a long strange trip 
691712/17/92Michael Mettlack59m25037Edinburg, TXTwice is enough! 
691812/18/92John W. Poole55m29638Claremore, OKDamn good! 
691912/19/92Chad Martin59m15018Ontario, CanadaWhat's for Dessert? 
692012/19/92Oscar Lage47m18023ConnecticutGreat Steak 
692112/20/92George Renscher45m25041Stuhgart, ARHungry AG Pilot 
692212/20/92John David Black1h24047Searcy, ARGreat Food, AG Pilot 
692312/21/92Brian Turner58m20032San Diego, CAI'll be back 
692412/21/92John S. Swenfurth55m19525Cleveland, OHWhere's dessert?! 
692512/23/92Eugene Anderson59m17049Newton,IAWhat's for Dessert? 
692612/24/92Salim Majid40m33031Chicago, ILNo Mas! 
692712/25/92Charles Kahanek42m20027Dallas, TXDallas Cowboys #1 
69281/1/93Morty Bryant58m21524EnglandWhat a steak 
69291/2/93Kirk Bondelic1h23018Sebastodol, CAGeorge Strait & Skol 
69301/11/93Mack Smith59m24037Ventura, CA"Oh my God" 
69311/12/93Mohamed A. Ghany55m19032Cairo, EgyptOh was something 
69321/14/93Rodney Young57m18546Columbus, INGood Steak 
69331/16/93Al Montagna55m26447Hyannis, MAOne thing I wanted to experience 
69341/18/93Edward N. Buras58m20239Oklahoma City, OKGreat Steak 
69351/22/93Stevan G. Dixon45m18422St. Petersburg, FLVery Good Service 
69361/27/93Tom Ferenc55m34035Sterling Hts., MISure fills you up! 
69372/1/93Brian V. Hardy GTS56m28032Buford, GAI'll be back 
69382/4/93Randy Wilson49m11542Bedford HTS., ILSure fills you up! 
69392/6/93Richard Leroy55m17534Santa Monica, CAUmm! Good! 
69402/7/93Phil Sherrington55m16521Manchester, UKCame from England to kick ass! 
69412/13/93Justin Crownover1h24521Dumas, TXNever Again! 
69422/15/93Bill Anderson55m20025Borger, TXBest steak I ever had, but I'm full 
69432/15/93Terry Ortiz59m20442San Francisco, CAI'll try anything once 
69443/1/93Christopher Marchese50m18524Raleigh,NCBorn again vegetarian! 
69453/6/93Dewey Bolton30m20045Albuquerque, NMFilling but good!! 
69463/8/93James G. Ahear59m 30s22048Graniteville, SCOh my achy, breaky belly! 
69473/10/93Elton J. Segal59m32033Beaumont, TXNo Comment 
69483/14/93Clint Been1h20518Las Cruces, NMI'm Hurtin 
69493/15/93Jeff Pouzlney Esq.58m21024San Antonio, TXI want my teeth back 
69503/17/93Bryan Patrick1h25018Cleburne, TXMom will never believe it 
69513/18/93Chanse"Mad Sam"Slater59m18521Pilot Point, TXRun w/big dogs get off the porch 
69523/18/93John Shadis53m17025Marlboro, VTHand me a cold one! 
69533/27/93Buck Wilkins, Jr.41m37523Benton, LAI'm full 
69544/8/93Chris Maddalone53m22530Brooklyn, NYLike flintstones Yaba Daba Do! 
69554/10/93Darel J. Owens35m28233Albuquerque, NMMaybe Next Year! 
69564/12/93R. Brian West50m22537Albany, ORNever Again! 
69574/12/93Scott D. Barry1h26730Palmentom, PA1/2 bottle of ketchup to do it 
69584/15/93Rod Dawson55m35032Verona, MOI'll be back! 
69594/18/93B.F. Parr55m35035Phoeniz, AZYum Yum 
69604/24/93Cletus C. Dahl41m26729Fenton, MIEasy !! 
69614/24/93John Hanson1h25047Sedan, MNYou'll be full 
69624/24/93Jeffery J. Moore59m23532Buffalo, IAN/A 
69635/1/93Stephen Box56m48032Oklahoma City, OKWhere's dessert?! 
69645/2/93Bob Gregory40m20028Marshall, TXCan I come back and do it again? 
69655/7/93Jeff Taylor56m48032Breckenridge, TXNow my tapeworm'll let me sleep 
69665/16/93Dave Cunnigham59m26833Bridgeport, WVA Challenge 
69675/24/93Shelby E. Ball55m19522Blanco, NMOnce 
69685/26/93Sam Logan40m27042Ovilla, TXVery Full 
69695/28/93Andy Bates59m26038Longmont, COYou are what you eat 
69705/29/93Tony Knapp57m21033Amarillo, TXBest Beef Won 
69716/1/93Bob Vinson40m25563Orangefiled, TXGreat Service 
69726/5/93Dave Harmon58m17535Los Angeles, CAChewin hard part - bring blender 
69736/8/93Gordon Oeder59m19540Noridge, ILTasted Great! 
69746/12/93David Graham50m28044Baltimore, MDBest Steak Ever! 
69756/13/93G. "Sharpie" Sharp50m18035AustraliaGrouse Grub - think I'll chunder 
69766/13/93R. "Schmick" Patten55m19034AustraliaAnymore full I'd be a catholic school 
69776/16/93Sander SusterfuseUnder 1 HR17922New York City, NYMeat consumption - contact sport 
69786/17/93Chris Madean50m22533Mesa, AZWe'll be back 
69796/17/93Phil Hofmann57m20020Belleville, ILNever want to see another steak 
69806/17/93Rick Hallman50m23027Mesa, AZWe hear/We came/We conquered 
69816/19/93Clifton W. Panos45m33543Kirby, TXWon't do it twice 
69826/28/93Linda Garcia43m12039Denver, CONever Again! 
69836/28/93Rick Lewis40m22038Blytheville, ARWon't eat for a week! 
69846/30/93John Lanning45m23026Palms, CABigger than one on display 
69857/1/93Bob Santopadre40m22054Pass Christin, MSA lot of beef 
69867/1/93Paul Roebuck50m19618Bricktown, NJI'm still hungry 
69877/3/93Bill"Beefmaster"Huggins45m260N/AFt. Leavenworth, KSMy steak was 73 1/2 oz. 
69887/3/93Mike Wheeler43m27018Nebraska City, NETake me home 
69897/4/93Wayne Miller53m30025Frostburg, MDTurning inot a vegetarian 
69907/9/93Joseph Jojola37m29047Isleta, NMFinally answered my calling 
69917/10/93Thomas Cunningham58m20547Denver, COMore difficult 2nd time w/false teeth 
69927/12/93James R. McKinney59m32541Costa Mesa, CATastes Great 
69937/13/93John Tollenaer55m25045Birch Tree, MOVery Very Full 
69947/14/93Dan Clark59m32532Tulsa, OKWouldn't do it again! 
69957/16/93Jon Shirley47m31037Winnsboro, TXNever Again! 
69967/18/93Charles Khega55m25051Red Rock, OKGood Food 
69977/18/93James E. Tedder50m30036Grand Prairie, TxBest steak I ever ate! 
69987/18/93Jeff Marblen43m25032Columbus, OHDelicious 
69997/19/93Lee A. Beck59m31035Bakerfield, CAFeels like a whole cow! 
70007/21/93Bruce Mills40m25042Houston, TXWhere's the Lomotil? 
70017/21/93Cyrus M. Khani50m24049Chicago, ILWish it was the beginning 
70027/21/93John H. Zerbe57m28531Breauz Bridge, LAYes a Cajun Can 
70037/22/93Matthew J. Nichols59m 30s17022Reston, VaFeel like taking a No.2 
70047/24/93Patricia (no last name)55m16553N/AEasy since I have no teeth! 
70057/28/93Frank Sutherland49m 30s20539Abingdon, VALast bite was the best! 
70067/31/93Clint Phillips59m15027Vinta, OKEagles do it, too! 
70077/31/93Frederick C. Reichert59m19018Vinta, OKEagles do it, too! 
70087/31/93Michael Kaiser45m25019Raton, NMBest steak I ever ate! 
70098/1/93David Holdeman57m22052Clarksdale, MSOnce is great, but enough! 
70108/1/93Mark "Shamu" Toth36m32537Bellevue, OHStill amazing, 2nd time 
70118/3/93Ken Klingaman58m22530Winterset, IAWhat's for Dessert? 
70128/6/93Jessie S. Olmos50m26038Houston, TXNever Again! 
70138/12/93Daniel Daino39m27532Nobrans, NJThink I'll see this again 
70148/12/93Jim England59m 30s24542Pikeville, TNGreat, best steak in the world 
70158/13/93Neal Billingsley40m28039Senatoboo, MSGood 
70168/16/93Mohomad Moh55m28027New York City, NYNo Comment 
70178/19/93Dwight Smith55m24541Azle, TXI'm still hungry 
70188/19/93Joe Chitton (Garfield)57m29033Vincennes, INWhere's dessert?! 
70198/19/93Marcus Tretter59m18025GermanyGreat meal - Great Price 
70208/23/93"A-Team"1h20024Buffalo, NYEnough is enough 
70218/23/93David McDonyl30m23035Lomard, IL"Big" Steak 
70228/24/93Sigmund Cowan48m22649Baltimore, MDNeed Filet to do it quick! 
70238/27/93Scott Boyd40m18526Beavercreek, OHAll of it was great, dessert too 
70248/31/93Jerry Rowell Sr.55m29047Show Low, AZAlmost Quit 
70259/3/93Bill Ticho58m29039White Sands, NMGreat! 
70269/14/93Steve Hamann45m18244Garden City, KSGood snack 
70279/25/93Steven L. Hamlet55m15038Lajolla,CA"I knew I could do it1" 
702810/4/93Clayton Cooley40m22560Keller, TXGood steak! 
702910/5/93Jeff Madden (ATE 2 STEAKS)17m26532Columbus, OHDelicious. (Plus stuffed jalapenos & Strawberry shortcake) 
703010/5/93Thomas R. Balling20m30034Columbus, OHGood snack 
703110/6/93Roy A. Fowler30m30830Atlanta, GANo Comment 
703210/13/93Jesse Hamilton56m29041Ft. Worth, TXVery Good 
703310/14/93Charles Powell59m19040Hillsville, VAExcellent 
703410/16/93David McDonagh45m21035Lombard, ILTerrific 
703510/16/93Rene Zeller47m41734Yuma, AZI'll be back! 
703610/19/93Butch Duvall55m30040Pottsbville, ARI'm full 
703710/23/93William J. Yapp58m24046Park Forrest, ILOwe to my cibycle club! 
703810/25/93Michael L. Wiggins45m36535Oklahoma City, OKI'll be back! 
703911/7/93Philip Randall59m19531Carlton, MNGood to the last bite 
704011/14/93Woodrow J. West45m15537Mclean, CAExcellent 
704111/19/93Donald Anderson59m22044Lafayette, GAReal Texas Size 
704211/21/93David Russell35m26844Paw Paw, MIFantastic! 
704311/21/93Del Price46m19025GeorgiaWhere's the bathroom? 
704411/27/93Teil Plant54m16726Albuquerque, NMGrizzly Bear 
704511/28/93Steven Casale55m19523Arlington, TXWhere's the Beef? 
704611/30/93Adam Sellman38m20018Crawford, NEFantastic! 
704711/30/93Alan Stone52m35546Louisville, KYVery filling 
704811/30/93Wayne Hicks43m31539Smithland, KYWhat's for supper? 
70491/18/94Walter S. Cook III56m25237N/ANo Comment 
70501/22/94Sheldon Smith59m25025El Paso, TXWe Won 
70511/26/94David S. Drever40m25053Ottawa, CanadaGreat! 
70522/4/94Patrick A. Fortune59m23030Geneseo,ILI feel good! 
70532/26/94Lee Anderson57mN/AN/ASan Antonio, TXI feel even better 
70543/6/94Randy Weaver59m17532Clovis, NMWhen dream's big enough 
70553/7/94James D. Veitz50m27026Punxcutawney, PAOssem Steak! 
70563/18/94Chuck Wrobel55m24021Columbus, OHGo Bucks! 
70573/26/94Joe Roche45m19725St. Paul, MNJohn Candy....My inspiration! 
70583/27/94Steve Cronmiller52m21022Binghamtum, NY"S-T-E-V-E" 
70594/9/94Jim WydUnder 1 HRN/AN/ABeauport, SCNo Comment 
70604/12/94Sarah Rodgers50m13520Tiverton, RINever Again! 
70614/15/94Randy Jordon59m20022Portland, MAWhere's dessert?! 
70624/27/94Sloppy Joe1hN/A25On the roadI'll be back 
70634/28/94Miguel59m17035Witchita Falls, TXNo Comment 
70644/29/94G.R. Richardson47m20055Las Vegas, NVShould allow seconds! 
70654/30/94Dennis R. Thompson46m20126Wellington, KSGo head & try it-chickens! 
70665/3/94Robert Herdzik55m20045FayettevilleGreat! 
70675/5/94Hack Keoz42m24024Carlsbad, NMWorld series of beef! 
70685/6/94Quint Franzoy1h16817Hatch, NMCheck the toilet 
70695/10/94Steve Fortin37m18135Honolulu, HISee ya next trip 
70705/18/94Sam H. Childers58m25029Amarillo, TXNot bad, not again 
70715/25/94Pierre Gallix50m18031Marseille, FranceWorth the trip! 
70726/9/94Jim Hand59m16542Seminole, OKNever Again! 
70736/9/94Tony Goninet57m26026Honolulu, HIHang Loose! 
70746/17/94Jack O. Hakilila57m29053Fairbanks, AKEnjoyed background music 
70756/19/94Franco D'uvatries50m21029VenezuelaPiece of cake! 
70766/26/94Keith Dix54m19525Aurora, COWhere's the Beef? 
70776/27/94Steven D. Schnarr56m25540+Columbus, OHThe steak made me do it 
70786/28/94Gilles LePage45m14530Quebec, P.Q.I'm full 
70797/2/94Kirk Forest52m23033Orofino, IDAppetizers next time! 
70807/7/94Jesse Jalomo52m21025Lubbock, TXThe waitress is beautiful 
70817/10/94Marcia Richards58m15320Phoeniz, AZWhere's the dessert? 
70827/14/94Abudd Aly Sagd50m20543Tacoma, WAEgyptioans never learn! 
70837/18/94Rafael "R.J." Jorge43m21528New York City, NYCame, Saw & ate it 
70847/22/94Troy W. Cooper1h28435Dallas, TXNo Comment 
70857/22/94Wayne Berg22m20029Phoeniz, AZWhere's the dessert? 
70867/28/94Aaron L. Mason56m17522Tahlequah, OKPhi Lamb, by damn! 
70877/30/94Robert Murray45m15836El Paso, TX? No Dessert ? 
70888/2/94Gabriele Marcotti48m21021Milano, ItalySteak's great/shrimp sucks! 
70898/3/94John Nigreville55m27525Farwell, TX72 - How about you? 
70908/4/94Chris Allevo45m24025Enfield, CTDon't try this at home! 
70918/15/94Michael Dickstein59m24541State College, PAWhat?? No Lobster?! 
70928/24/94Rick Rodriquez59m24539Oroville, CAI'm sick 
70938/29/94Mark Howell59m15927Danielsville, PAFilled up 
70949/8/94Caroline Begay1hN/A30Farmington, NMI did it! 
70959/11/94Robert Harper57m30023Shreveport, LANeed Dessert! Good! 
70969/30/94Russ Thurston53m30029Olympia, WANot bad, not again 
709712/18/94Ted Buban48m22040Las Vegas, NVDid it with lost crown off molar - chewing only on one side. 
70981/1/95Joseph Feeney-RuizUnder 1 HR15514Martinsville, INN/A 
70993/22/95William Whetsel1hN/AN/AElk Horn City, KSBetter than the value meal 
71003/26/95John MutiouginUnder 1 HRN/A45Hurley, WSNo Comment 
71013/29/95Richard Garcia56mN/A43Springfield, OHWow 
71024/6/95Kenneth Smith54m21534Bellview, FLWhere's the dessert? 
71034/8/95Lynn Moorhead39m24531Littlefield, TXWould have been woth $50.00 
71044/8/95Shayne Washington57m24028New ZealandI feel sick! 
71054/10/95Jack Singleton29m17024AustraliaThose shrimp are small! 
71064/13/95Brian Aubel48m29029Socorro, NMDessert, Please! 
71074/14/95Maurice Metzgel59m31045Albuquerque, NMCalifornia Bear! 
71084/19/95Norm (Mouse)55m31023Tacoma, WANo Comment 
71094/20/95Gabe Hideg45m23535CanadaGood Stuff! 
71104/21/95Kelly Hughes58m18044Lake Havagu City, AZWhere's the potty?! 
71114/22/95Eric Schulte Nordholt55m17027Voorburg, HollandThanks for the support! 
71124/25/95Paul Frederick55m26029Kitchnener, OntarioBig Chew 
71134/28/95Mark Wetzel1h19545Fallbrook, CAI want, need bathroom 
71145/2/95David Gust1h20054Boerne, TXLots of chewing 
71155/3/95Keyvan Izadi1h13522Fairplay, COThanks for the support! 
71165/6/95G.L. Manea44m99kg27AustraliaI did it for team Contiki! 
71175/8/95John Cartwell54m27225Oklahoma City, OKHumble Okie! 
71185/10/95Leo ManciniUnder 1 HR28526Buffalo, NYI'm full 
71195/11/95Robert Olmar40m17221Portalaes, NMI did well - Aekab 
71205/13/95G. W. Snow40m30051Graham, TXWow 
71215/28/95Jason Kiselis58m29023AustraliaRed Wines Trick 
71225/30/95James E. Baack47m20027Plano, TX"Pedal for power" 
712306/08/95Robert CassianUnder 1HR19029Perth WesternN/A 
712406/23/95Matthew W. KenagyUnder 1HR20022Los Angeles, CAN/A 
712506/27/95Mark BridgesUnder 1HR23537Burlingame, CAN/A 
712607/01/95John "Surf" MeierUnder 1HR19333Vienna, VAN/A 
712707/05/95Carlene LeFevreUnder 1HR13550Daly City, CAN/A 
712807/05/95Richard J. LeFevreUnder 1HR13851Daly City, CAN/A 
712907/08/95Stephen GordyUnder 1HR24022New Mkt., TNN/A 
713007/10/95Ray SandersUnder 1HR  Bryan, TXN/A 
713107/11/95Larry RobertsUnder 1HR18544Ottumwa, IAN/A 
713207/15/95Michael ClarkUnder 1HR16535E. Corinth, MEN/A 
713307/17/95Harry EckleberryUnder 1HR22051Fairfield, ILN/A 
713407/18/97Richard JohnsonUnder 1HR  Clearwater, FLN/A 
713507/27/95Chard RileyUnder 1HR21521Round Rock, TXN/A 
713608/02/95L. B. "Bodie" Freeman IIIUnder 1HR19022Lake Worth, TXN/A 
713708/05/95Zbig LipowskiUnder 1HR18043Toronto, CanadaN/A 
713808/08/95Mark WhitleyUnder 1HR16524Dallas, TXN/A 
713908/08/95Scott NamethUnder 1HR22028Wistminsterm CON/A 
714008/10/95Jim JohnsonUnder 1HR20524Knoxville, TNN/A 
714108/11/95Zach PedersonUnder 1HR22524Portland, ORN/A 
714208/15/95Matt HaireUnder 1HR19518Missouri City, TXN/A 
714308/16/95Lonnie WillardsonUnder 1HR34541Tooele, UTN/A 
714408/16/95Mike EarlesUnder 1HR24038Norman, OKN/A 
714508/18/95Dean MitchellUnder 1HR21537Herlona, CAN/A 
714608/18/05Scott CaldwellUnder 1HR34930Bemus Pt., NYN/A 
714708/18/95Daniel N. HillUnder 1HR33448Jamestown, NYN/A 
714808/23/95Freddy PenhaUnder 1HR13520New York, NYN/A 
714908/31/95Charles E. KilpatrickUnder 1HR28033Atlanta, GAN/A 
715009/09/95Bryan SmithUnder 1HR23524Iron River, MIN/A 
715109/19/95C. E. Gene HempsteadUnder 1HR25058Quincy, FLN/A 
715209/23/95James GardnerUnder 1HR30423San Bernardino, CAN/A 
715310/16/95Billy BloomUnder 1HR17516Holdneville, OKN/A 
715410/17/95Bill HavenstriteUnder 1HR16536Russellville, ARN/A 
715510/27/95Jim MitchellUnder 1HR 55Soldier, KSN/A 
715611/01/95Simon RobsonUnder 1HR 26Laughlin, NVN/A 
715711/12/95Ben BlakeyUnder 1HR22022Lubbock, TXN/A 
715811/12/95Patrick SullivanUnder 1HR18519San Antiono,TXN/A 
715911/23/95Amos CollinsUnder 1HR20025New ZelandN/A 
716011/24/95John HenryUnder 1HR21015Belle Plaine, KSN/A 
716111/30/95Fernando OrtegaUnder 1HR22024Garza Garcia N.L., MexicoN/A 
716212/04/95Dale PierceUnder 1HR24044Dodson, TXN/A 
716312/17/95Matt BeauchampUnder 1HR22019Skandia, MIN/A 
716412/20/95Brian ThomasUnder 1HR24017Hereford, TXWhere is the dessert?!!! 
716512/21/95Dennis LanrdyUnder 1HR25044Boubonnais, RIN/A 
716612/23/95Kevin GrahamUnder 1HR30023Long Beach, MSN/A 
716701/04/96J. R. CowanUnder 1HR22618Ralston, OKN/A 
716801/08/96Bernd ScholzUnder 1HR72kg31Brookings, SDN/A 
716901/22/96Francis JanneyUnder 1HR6'29Fairborn, OHN/A 
717002/01/96Ross LefkowitzUnder 1HRN/AN/ABernardsville, NJThat was the biggest potatoe I ever saw. 
717102/02/96Cristian PizziUnder 1HR93kg49Buenos Aires, ArgentinaN/A 
717202/03/96Dave W. PorterUnder 1HR23536Portland, ORN/A 
717302/08/96J. L. ClarkUnder 1HR20040 N/A 
717402/09/96Ron Villone51m 30s24226Bergenfield, NJN/A 
717502/15/96Alexander LaggisUnder 1HR  Bozeman, MTN/A 
717602/16/96Scott WymanUnder 1HR20026Slidell, LAN/A 
717702/16/96Luke OmeyUnder 1HR19522Lawton, OKN/A 
717802/23/96Billy MartinUnder 1HR28050Wyatt, MON/A 
717902/25/96Alfredo GriegoUnder 1HR12450Albuquerque, NMN/A 
718003/10/96Mike MitchellUnder 1HR  Des Moines, IAN/A 
718103/10/96Brad JacobsUnder 1HR18523Dallas, TXN/A 
718203/15/96James C. LoydUnder 1HR31042Beaufert, SCN/A 
718303/16/96Matt HillUnder 1HR20018Richardson, TXN/A 
718403/18/96Ted FullerUnder 1HR22142Farmington, NMN/A 
718503/18/96Troy JamesUnder 1HR27024Azusa, CAN/A 
718603/24/96Jim LasenUnder 1HR23038 N/A 
718703/27/96Mike C. AndersonUnder 1HR27021Glendale, AZN/A 
718803/31/96Joseph MarshallUnder 1HR27537Atlanta, GAN/A 
718904/01/96Don DuffyUnder 1HR18558Wayeata, MNN/A 
71904/9/96B. Ashford40m15050Cottonwood, ARNo Comment 
71914/25/96Milton Boyle59m24036Bakerfiled, CAWhere's dessert?! 
71924/25/96Roger Whitaker56m22525Sunset, TXNever Again! 
71934/26/96Jay Tate50m30031Coldwater, MSNo Comment 
71944/28/96Chris Dulabone59m14532Belen, NMIt was easier the 1st time 
71954/28/96T. McCreal48m17832Peekskill, NYThe waitress won't marry me 
71964/29/96Alvin Shugo34m33030North Salem, INGood Steak! 
71975/1/96Clayton Darr55m20035Ft. Myers, FLCook's Ugly! 
71985/8/96Trey Hoffman50mN/A55Santa Barbara, CAOK 
71995/14/96Fred Ekmark28m25548Dallas, TXRode w/Mike Geddes 
72005/15/96Mark Grant55m22028Robens, OKWhere's the Beef? 
72015/18/96Dave Kunce58m18521Indianapolis, INI want ice cream! 
72025/20/96Scott Bridges33m19824San Diego, CANot bad for a california boy 
72035/20/96Steve"Boogie"Williams59m41021Fayetteville, ARGod, that's a lot 
72045/22/96Ron Bishof59m 30s22528Newtown, PANot bad for a yankee 
72055/26/96Guy Foster52m23528Westwood, CAExcellent Steak 
72065/27/96Bill Roepka54m23541Ft. Worth, TXWhere's the pie? 
72076/5/96Dan Vangosea48m30536Vinegrove, KYGood 
72086/17/96Bruce Koshkin59m22533Atlanta, GAGood 
72096/22/96Don Marshall40m26049Two River, WISuper Good 
72106/23/96Dmitry K.49m21027Temple, AZStill Hungry.... 
72116/23/96Name Unreadable59m200N/AGermanyI love it 
72127/1/96J.C. Carlson34m38044Deer Park, TXShould be bigger 
72137/4/96R.M. Russell33m23046Gainsville, TX"Ralph" 
72147/5/96Josh Kirklin59m19017Friendswood, TXNice Appetizer 
72157/9/96Bob Beauduy55m17852Tucson, AZWhere's my free pie?! 
72167/12/96David Talas56m24127Winsolow, AZToo much food 
72177/12/96H.E. Huebeher50m36046Port Arthur, TXThey gave me a little one 
72187/15/96Lance Haton41m22725Sweet Home, ORGood 
72197/20/96Dennis Thompson52m20029Wellington, KS"Me like, me ate" 
72207/21/96Tarey Kayzali49m22041CanfieldIt was good!! 
72217/26/96Carmine Didomenico55m24022Massapequa, NYBest Steak - Shaq fu 
72228/2/96Victor M. Suarez55m16025Miami, FL"Thank you pops" wt 
72238/3/96Joe Gavin57m16018Lancaster, OHStill thirsty! 
72248/8/96Alex Yarmolovich58m18028Meriden, CT"Piece of Steak!" 
72258/10/96Jim Herford48m21849Westlake, LANeed a glass of brandy 
72268/11/96Joseph Bonner III48:0021828Hansford, CA  
72278/13/96Hal Hart59m21851Redondo BeachPiece of cake! 
72288/14/96Alex Holtermann44m67kg28GermanySo-o-o Good 
72298/15/96Bryan A. Fleming59m21842Hobart, OKBetter than chicken 
72308/15/96Greg Cass45m20023New Orleans, LAFuture vegetarian 
72318/15/96Wayne Newton43m25151Clearlake, CAWorth the try 
72328/16/96Geoffrey Ackern59m15520New HampshireI need more T.P. 
72338/22/96Erich C. Kirkland56m22023Livenia, MIDessert menu please 
72348/22/96John M. Wilson56m19027NacogdochesStep for a stepper 
72358/22/96Matt Dejarnett59m19513Collinsville, OKDad said I couldn't do it 
72368/24/96Derek Swanson35m23519Comas, WAThanks for the steak! 
72378/24/96Paul D. Minsky59m22032Newfield, NJNever Again! 
72388/29/96Roger Schultz40m30055WisconsinSuper Great! 
72398/30/96Gary Loeper45m15542Perth, AustraliaThis is the biggest steak ever 
72408/30/96Gordon N. Hand52m26049St. Augustine, FLNever do it agan 
72419/1/96Cody Mosier55m30027Springdale, ArOldest cow in Texas 
72429/4/96Frank Ladin47m28039Hungtington Beach, CAVery Good! 
72439/5/96WAB(name unreadable)44m26757Pensacola, FLGreat 
72449/10/96Kenny Scarberry49m27533Pekin, INVery Good! 
72459/14/96Stanley Look50m16530Lilly, PABig things are in Texas 
72469/15/96Gary Sugart, Jr.52m22026Elm Grove, LABoy what a stupid idea! 
72479/17/96Mike Leighton58m22022New Hyde Park, NYIn N.Y. we call that lunch! 
72489/17/96Paul Alvard58m25022Bellingham, MAGood appetizer 
72499/24/96Paul Skinner50m25037Houston, TXJust like I make it at home! 
725010/2/96Jack Muraca58m21027Staten Island, NYNot bad for a yankee 
725110/11/96Darrell Worthington59m27029Wells, MaineOh! Dear! 
725210/11/96Ross McCallum50m23036Little Rock, AROh Baby! 
725310/13/96Phillip Cagle59m 30s23027Memphis, TNI'm not eating steak again! 
725410/29/96Mike North59m30040Sacremento, CANo Comment 
725510/30/96Gene Hempstead52m25059Quilvey, FLA fine steak dinner 
725610/31/96Tim Ourada59m25026Grant, NEBe back for the next one 
725711/5/96Karl Peters58m95kg30AustraliaOnly Just 
725812/20/96Brian Thomas1h24017Hereford, TXWhere's dessert?! 
72591/11/97Willie Osman50m23533Houston, TXIt's a big one...!! 
72601/15/97Bill Crosby54m30026San Diego, CABring it on 
72611/18/97Caleb Coppenger55m18820Auburn, ALWar Eagle! 
72621/25/97Steve Bates40m19047Amarillo, TXWhere's dessert?! 
72632/1/97Jeff Gentry54m25026Atchison, KSAte Strawberry Shortcake 
72642/3/97Casey Chitwood59m23022Amarillo, TXPretty Tough 
72652/4/97Reynaldo R. Lopez35m22038Corning, CA"Quiero" Mas 
72662/5/97Lee A. McKechnie58m29030Gulfront, MSNot Enough 
72672/22/97Carlene LeFevre42m12049Daly City, CAYum Yum 
72682/22/97John Meier59m19333San Diego, CA"Ditto" 
72692/22/97Mark Bridges59m23537Burlingame, CAWhat's for Dessert? 
72702/22/97Richard LeFevre42m12049Daly City, CAIce cream 
72712/22/97Wallace Crumlin40m23239Columbia, SCBig Steak 
72723/7/97Ray Sanders57m15031Bryan, TXGreat! 
72735/19/97Gary Biederer41m 18s25044Northbrook, ILWhat a meal! Thank You! 
72747/8/97Daniel Ruddick57m18015Alvord, TXWhere's dessert? 
72757/8/97Stephen Gordy49m24022New Market, TNTennessee boys can eat! 
72767/11/97Larry Roberts55m18544Ottumwa, IANo More 
72777/11/97Mike Clark1h16535E. Corinth, MENo Comment 
72787/15/97Harry Eckleberry30m22051Fairfield, ILIce cream for dessert 
72797/27/97Chad Riley40m21521Round Rock, TXParty 
72808/2/97Bodie Freeman55m19022Ft. Worth, TXAlka Seltzer! 
72818/5/97Mats Lipowski55m33526Toronto, CanadaNo Comment 
72828/8/97Mark Whitely59m16525Dallas, TXGood Night! 
72838/8/97Scott Nameth35m22028Denver, CONo Comment 
72848/10/97Jim Johnson59m20524Knoxville, TXBet on "Big Johnson" 
72858/11/97Zach Pederson45m22524PDX, ORWork on stair master undone 
72868/15/97Matt Haire59m19018Houston, TXOh my god - never again! 
72878/16/97Lonnie Kilwordson55m35041Toole, UTOuch! 
72888/18/97David Yell54m33448Jamestown, NYNed sugar free dessert 
72898/18/97Dean Mitchell55m21537Herlong, CAAll that & a diet coke 
72908/18/97Scott Caldwell59m35030Jamestown, NYLove the potato - can eat 2! 
72918/23/97Charles Kilpatrick35m28033ArgentinaI'm dead 
72929/2/97Bryan Smith55m23524Iron River, MIThat's breakfast in the U.K.! 
72939/12/97R. Garcia56m22543Springfield, OHVery good 
72949/19/97Gene Hempstead50m25058LK. Talquin, FLGreat! 
72959/22/97James Gardner52m30423San Bernadino, CAIt hurts really bad 
72969/30/97Ron Hiznay30m19525Tucson, AZBeef, it's whats for dinner! 
729710/7/97Dominique Kilcher60 mins.19025Allschwil, Switzerland"Just eat it ;-)" 
729810/16/97Billy Bloom55m17516Wewoka, OKI feel poorly 
729910/27/97Jim Mitchell40m18555Soldier, KSZero (o) 
730011/1/97Simon Robson59m18026Geelong, AustraliaDon't Do It! 
730111/10/97Greg Schorp40m24024San Antonio, TXMy son will be back in 20 yrs 
730211/12/97John Henry59m21015Belle Plains, GANo Fear 
730311/12/97Patrick Sullivan1h15020Lubbock, TXHellacious 
730411/12/97Rob Blakely1h22517San Antonio, TXI'm sheddin' clothes 
730511/30/97Fernando Barrero33m22024Garza, MexicoNo Problem 
730612/8/97Hank Whittenburg1h18024Boyd, TXCool hand luke 
730712/17/97Matt Beauchamp53m21819Skandia, MIFull to the bone 
730812/21/97Dennis Loudy55m25044Boubonnais, ILA little dry 
730912/22/97Fred Schreiber30m 30Albuquerque, NMThe shrimp was great! 
731012/23/97Kevin Graham40m30023Long Beach, MSIt's all good! 
731112/30/97Dale Peirce40m24044Dodson, TXOne is enough 
73121/??/98J.R. Cowan55m22618Ralston, OKStick a fork in me - I'm done! 
73131/6/98Jeff Nayer57 Mins16555Red Bank, NJN/A 
73142/10/98Robert Joubert40m30038Windsor, CTWhat's for Dessert? 
73152/13/98Jeremiah Hutchens49m24027Prescott, AZGood morning America 
73162/20/98Gary Guillory49m35036Westlake, LADon't Do It! 
73172/22/98Scott Alley59m 30s21020Flagstaff, AZ"KA" Mardi Gras '98 "KA" 
73182/23/98Shane Farley1h100 kg24Sydney, AustraliaB.T.S.R. rocks down under 
73193/3/98Gary Wright1h20525Holbrook, NYWhere's the bathroom? 
73203/6/98Xavier Cortez58m24525Dallas, TXBring on the next plate 
73213/9/98Leo Kittay40m18923Rye, NYI'm full 
73223/21/98Ken Young Jr.59m33538Nederland, TXBring on anther 
73233/23/98Ki Smith46m21037Ft. Worth, TXDon't Do It! 
73244/1/98Duck Roberston55m30542Big Springs, TXApril's fools 
73254/5/98Ottis Molina59m18529Naples, FLNo groceries for a week! 
73264/11/98Jerold Blumstein29m21026Miami Beach, FLGreat Food 
73274/24/98Dahjan Lin52m16022Newbury Park, CARangers lead the way 
73285/2/98Juan Ortiz35m22529Las Vegas, NVIt was good!! 
73295/6/98Art Luneau58m20531Santa Ana, CAI'll be back 
73305/8/98Patrick Martin52m23022Richardson, TXSimply Jesus! 
73315/14/98Ted Dilu40m27029N/AHaya 
73325/18/98Ari Aufgang32m24018New Hempstead, NYRepresent JTC - C4 
73335/24/98Marc Muterspaw56m24020Jackson, NJWhere's dessert?! 
73345/30/98Drew Mason59m 30s18522Amarillo, TXThe 9th beer did me in! 
73356/6/98Mark Bennett56m20531Chicago, ILWhere's the rest of the cow?! 
73366/7/98Steve Walters50m22248Dubuque, IAThis logger never ate better! 
73376/9/98J. Scott Gamber42m18535Winter Park, COScoops of ice cream - denied! 
73386/13/98Don Brumfield40m32550Springfield, MOGood 
73396/20/98Curtis Staley38m19517Keller, TXEasy 
73406/20/98David McDonald40m22539Chicago, ILShow up hungry 
73416/22/98Brian A. Shire59m16525Baltimore, MDGreat Waiter - Rudy! 
73426/29/98Philip P. Pernice36m18951Independence, MOVery Delicious! 
73437/3/98Jim Smith50m21040Southlake, TXFilling, yet filling! 
73447/9/98Billy Bryant58m27051Odessa, TXGood! 
73457/10/98Ryan Day40m21020Littleton, COM M M M....... 
73467/13/98Steve Hamilton56m23048Ft. Worth, TXInsane 
73477/17/98Elan Jones58m24017Boonesville, MSYee Haw 
73487/19/98James R. Elkins59m26525Pryor Creek, OKSee ya in 6 months! 
73497/20/98Steve Merritt57m27025Kaufman, TX"Dang" 
73507/24/98Matt Morris58m22023Lameroo, AustraliaYou texans sure can eat! 
73517/25/98Martin Kessler53mN/A39Coal Creek, COWhere's dessert?! 
73527/27/98Mike Boyce48m20548Jackson, NJGood Grub 
73537/31/98Marion Williams57m18037Aiken, SCOne big meal 
73548/25/98John C. Homesley58:0016524Winston-Salem, NC"To be the best, you must eat the best!" 
73559/26/98Rich SomrollUnder 1 HR17534Las Vegas, NV  
735611/12/98Alfredo Martinez57m22055Riverside, CANo Comment 
735712/10/98Z ManUnder 1 HR26059Bangor, MINo dessert?! 
735812/16/98Peter Nichols55m23544Fontana, CANo Comment 
735912/19/98Howard Lee50m24057Los Angeles, CAWow! 
736012/24/98William Whitener42m26058Channelview, TXLord have mercy! 
736112/28/98Shane Murphey58m17522Austin, TX  
736212/31/98Alvin Guidry Jr.26m25031Walker, LAWhere's the other half? 
73631/2/99Eddie Owens24m28059Magnolia, ARWhew! 
73641/8/99John Nerison33m24053Elmhurst, ILGet better shrimp! 
73651/9/99Nick Luthman37m21059Clovis, NMNice steak! Great! 
73661/16/99Charles Jones41m31044Dallas, TXFinally, steak big enough for me 
73671/17/99Jay Tucker40m28048Montpelier, INToo big 
73681/17/99Peter Zac26m85 kg56Sydney, AustraliaWhere's the outhouse?! 
73692/3/99Brad Swartoot23m18559Lansing, MILots of good food (phil 4:13) 
73702/3/99Ricardo Torrez31m35045Lansing, MIGreat pecan pie! 
73712/12/99Albert Powell31m22052Rome, NYHelp! 
73722/21/99Aaron Farley35m25056Pittsburg, TXVery Very Good 
73733/3/99Tim Pritchard37m18059New York City, NYTastes great, less filling! 
73744/10/99Robert McElhinney51m27058NevadaNo Comment 
73754/11/99Carlene LeFevre39m13555Henderson, NVLoved it! Yum Yum! 
73764/11/99Richard LeFevre32m13855Henderson, NVGreat Steak! 
73774/21/99Jeremy Iback54mN/A25Portland, NYGive me 3 hell ya's 
73784/30/99Daniel Wakeford24m18035Belt, MTGood steak, good eatin 
73795/6/99Sean Durkin57m17023Glen Rock, NJBeen training for this my whole life 
73805/29/99John Reagan59m29545Cypress, TXNever Again! 
73815/30/99Mel Healy59m26045Kearns, UTI'm just a hunka, hunka, burnin love! 
73826/4/99Jay DarlingUnder 1 HR29535Sherwood, OROink, Oink 
73836/5/99Edward V. Grandine59m18022Merrillan, WIEnough is enough 
73846/9/99Brad BurnsUnder 1 HR23033Noble, OKNo Comment 
73856/11/99Anthony Dorris59m20534Irving, TXNever again! Happy BD to wife 
73866/15/99Tom Power59m25022Elizabeth, NJThank you for a real good time1 
73876/16/99Jim Harris37m25024Rinard, ILStrawberry Shortcake was the best 
73886/18/99Laramie Richmond45m22021Meadow Bridge, WVNo Comment 
73896/22/99Mark Toth45m34043Bellevue, OHHe's back, Go Indians! 
73906/23/99Kirk Carter50m35031Danville, ARWhere's dessert?! 
73917/3/99Jeff Ambrosier49m19529Port Alsworth, AKEverthing is bigger in Alaska! 
73927/8/99Sean Reid58m27523Williamsburg, VAPorkins! 
73937/8/99Tom Taliaferro59m26522Center Cross, VAOh my ! 
73947/14/99Tena N. Andersen41m98 kg27CopenhagenI'm filled up! 
73957/17/99Kris Dewald51m14226Bristow, CAPeace 
73967/29/99Jason Miller53m28525Kansas City, KSFirst and last time! 
73978/1/99Jerome Eckert59m24555PlysmouthDidn't come w/dessert, still great 
73988/7/99Stephen FortsonUnder 1 HR24523Shreveport, LANo Comment 
73998/11/99Bill Barrett54m22537Carlsbad, NMReal hungry, man's meal 
74008/16/99Brian GreerUnder 1 HR25040Placentia, CANo Comment 
74018/19/99Josh Finberg30m16019Phoeniz, AZCould make a career out of this! 
74028/21/99Chavan Carter50m42323Denton, TXWhat's for Dessert? 
74038/31/99Rick Baumeister55m18047Aurora, CONo Mas! 
74049/4/99Logan Smith31m16520Plain City, UTLDS Missionary 
74059/6/99Brad Burns59m23033Noble, OKHungry! 
74069/6/99Paul M. Poole59m15024Norman, OKWhat's for Dessert? 
74079/10/99Jason S. Anderson53m31224White Bluff, TNAhhhhh! 
74082/10/00Orhan Gumus59m18039Baldwin, NYSteak was delicious, I almost couldn't do it! 
74093/4/00Ben Burnley28m25044Wildwood, NJUrp 
74103/10/00Bob Bohler53m23045St. Louis, MOA Challenge 
74113/10/00Ken Cabelka51m24047Lawton, OKGood 
74123/14/00Jason Taylor47m16018Mullin, TXIt was delicious 
74133/15/00Ilt Matttinew Begingi54m22025Ft. Hood, TXRangers lead the way 
74143/18/00Clark Baack28m22024Denton, TXWhere's dessert?! 
74153/22/00Rob Bronco44m22022San Francisco, CAHit the spot! 
74163/26/00Daryl Morellini58m19835AustraliaWashed down with beer 
74173/27/00John Foster52m33535Pensacola, FLVery filling 
74184/1/00Richard J. Hileman51m38036El Reno, OKDamn good steak! 
74194/16/00Jay Holt56m22526Vernon, TXNo Comment 
74204/20/00Richard Connor58m19835AustraliaBest steak I ever ate! 
74214/21/00Chris Jay59m15021Ventura, CA#2 
74224/25/00HughBeam45m22067Elivay, GASuper Great! 
74235/2/00Dennis Davis1h21544Arlington, VAOnce is enough 
74245/2/00Gordon Burkholder58m27527LaVernia, TXIf you can't w/fat boys - stay off the table! 
74255/2/00Steve Bowers58m26539Watauga, TXNo Comment 
74265/4/00Kyle Petersen53m18523Granada Hills, CANo Comment 
74275/6/00Shawn Baltz54m23527Omaha, NETry everything once - then do it twice! 
74285/7/00Paul Garrett49mN/A24Early, TXThe illustrious one has eaten 
74295/9/00John Griggs38m45040Wales, MAThat's a lot of bull! 
74305/10/00David Hale51m37533Claremore, OKThanks Julie & Brenda! 
74315/10/00Phillip Johnston51m27047Kansas City, KSOne full fool! 
74325/15/00Roger ScaliseUnder 1 HR16026Venice, CANo Comment 
74335/16/00Donovan Dearman54m16522Monahans, TXNo Comment 
74345/18/00Michael Caramillo47m32022Amarillo, TXWhere's dessert?! 
74356/3/00Carlene LefevreUnder 1 HR14552Henderson, NVNo Comment 
74366/3/00Richard LefevreUnder 1 HR13756Henderson, NVNo Comment 
74376/19/00Mike Kirkaldie29m30041Gooding, IDMere Morsals 
74386/23/00Hans - Peter Schmidt42m115k40GermanyNo Comment 
74396/23/00Peter Meyer55m140k43Stelle, GermanyNo Comment 
74406/24/00Chris Hughes51m 30s33026Cantonment, FLNo Comment 
74416/26/00Terry Folmar13m 30s25044Mesa, TXBetter medium rare than well done 
74427/2/00Louis Lacoursiere58m24549Quebec, CanadaNo Comment 
74437/3/00Scott StevensonUnder 1 HR20829W Covina, CANo Comment 
74447/4/00Ted Mcfall54m15820Jasper, TXJust full (no wit) 
74457/6/00Barney BrennerUnder 1 HR20048Tucson, AZNo Comment 
74467/6/00Kyle JacquesUnder 1 HR28037Irving, TXNo Comment 
74477/7/00K. Singh44m20055Lufkin, TXNo Comment 
74487/15/00J. Scott BurksUnder 1 HR30537Schulter, OKNo Comment 
74497/16/00Mike Cianciola52m23521W. Covina, CAThe steak is fantastic 
74507/17/00Ashley Emerick53m12529Ponder, TXJesus is Lord & God owns all the cattle 
74517/17/00David Dail44m 30s30044Norfork, ARFantastic 
74527/18/00Phillip PerniceUnder 1 HR18553Independence, MODelicious Steak 
74537/23/00James KochikUnder 1 HR24028Seffner, FLNo Comment 
74547/25/00Austin Brennan56m15516Amarillo, TXHa Ha Mitch 
74557/25/00Robert S. Fisher49m40057Dallas, TXNo Comment 
74568/2/00Tomas Jovanovic53m16022San Diego, CAJa Samkral; Sine! (I'm the king,son) 
74578/18/00Shawn JenkinsUnder 1 HR17220Canyon, TXNo Comment 
74588/20/00Bob RieckerdresUnder 1 HR30037Wantagh, NYNo Comment 
74598/21/00W.E. GunnellsUnder 1 HR22037Oaklahoma City, OKNo Comment 
74608/27/00Buddy ParishUnder 1 HR29037Amarillo, TXNo Comment 
74618/27/00Jimmy WallarUnder 1 HR21547Charleston, SCNo Comment 
74629/7/00Jim EddyUnder 1 HR17538Ripley, NYNo Comment 
74639/9/00Gye DeardorffUnder 1 HR52039Sweet Home, OrNo Comment 
74649/9/00Ingo GrobmannUnder 1 HR85 kg3Pforheim GermanyNo Comment 
74659/15/00Keiran Lynch55m90 kg25AustraliaThank God it's over! -Thanks 
74669/17/00Neil Smith57m31031Perth, W. AustraliaI didn't think I would, but I did! 
74679/18/00Jed Donahue58m 30s29027Arlington, TX"Threepeat!" 1997,1999,2000 
74689/19/00Mike Hadaway43m33032Cresson, TX"Whoo!" 
74699/28/00Norman Von Stenglin37m 30s16526Consrade GermanyWhere is the ice cream? 
747010/4/00Donald W. Davis35m32540Alpton, AlIt was great! 
747110/4/00Jim Harris47m30025Rinard, ILNo shortcake this time/second and last time 
747210/21/00Carl Deal53m32033Phoenix, AZKept it down! 
747310/27/00Karl Santa Maria49m17424New York City, NYNo Comment 
747410/29/00Zoran Coleski36m13036Kearney, NJNo Comment 
747511/9/00Jim Taylor55m23551Phoenix, AZGood Steak! 
747611/23/00Osama29m35038Alexandria, AZIt was good!! 
747711/30/00Dave Hazlett44m29039Beaver, PAGreat Meal! 
747812/3/00Dan HammUnder 1 HR27542Riverton, MNNo Comment 
747912/5/00Jeff Westbrook40m24036Omaha, NEExcellent! 
748012/7/00Donnie Sonnier35m17033Sylvangrove, KSOuch! 
748112/7/00Gerald RamosUnder 1 HR16051Bullhead City, AZNo Comment 
748212/7/00Gerald YoungUnder 1 HR30033Stockton, CANo Comment 
74831/1/01Martin Mc DonaldUnder 1 HR31024Fort Worth, TXNo Comment 
74841/5/01Cory KramerUnder 1 HR15521Overland, KSNo Comment 
74851/8/01Kevin Strobel55m30033Bland, MOIt was rough this time 
74861/10/01Sam McAmore49m38540Amarillo, TXNo More! 
74871/10/01Sammy MorrisUnder 1 HR41040Amarillo, TXNo Comment 
74881/11/01Mark Player55m17545Santa Rosa, CAStuffed! 
74891/13/01Brian Mead59m 30s28026Chico, CANo Free Dessert? - Darn 
74901/28/01David McDonald44m24042Moravia, IANo Comment 
74911/30/01Ronald Nemitz58m25256Oshkosh, WINo Comment 
74922/2/01Daniel Van Duser32m27045Nashville, TNNo Comment 
74932/11/01Michael Wester40m23528Garland, TXWhere's the Beef? Thank You 
74942/14/01Aundre Turner46m34028Oklahoma City, OKDone Deal 
74952/14/01Billy Wren42m 30s40038Duncan, TXWhere's the John? 
74963/1/01Rob Shepard50m20056Dunsmuir, CAGood Deal 
74973/2/01Big Daddy53m23037Pasadena, TXOne of the best times of my life 
74983/2/01Tony NolenUnder 1 HR27537Stockton, CANo Comment 
74993/3/01Joe Jackson54m27021Groveton, TXSo Stoked! 
75003/9/01Darrell Hodges57m25940Waco, TXGot Oxygen?! 
75013/9/01Spencer Woods46m30018Tyler, TXTasted Good! 
75023/12/01Colton Tillman House58m25015Colony, OKI got a little turtle head poking out 
75033/12/01Eric Fekih52m20036Bruges FranceTasted Good! 
75043/13/01Zane Farag52m19023Champaign, ILI wished I liked red meat 
75053/14/01Les DeWitt II58m22044Jacksonville, TXSteak last night good too! 
75063/15/01Matt Kodesh55m25031Broken Arrow, OKCraig Mann owes me a bottle 
75073/15/01Simon Goldfine49m21520Albuquerque, NMI'm full 
75083/16/01Brian ButlerUnder 1 HR30027Oaklahoma City, OKNo Comment 
75093/16/01Dan (Thunder) Russell57m26022Stillwater, OKGo Pokes! 
75103/18/01Gene Hardwick56m22522Santa Rosa, CABring me a beer 
75113/18/01Gene MendozaxUnder 1 HR22522Windsor, CANo Comment 
75123/21/01Charles Lowe42m24050Texas City, TXDon't mess with a Texan! 
75133/21/01Jim Bramanti59m14914Houston, TXThis is what makes vegetarians 
75143/21/01Saleh Wafa19m23835Columbus, OHJust Do It! 
75153/24/01Mo Tabatabai54m20023IranBurp! 
75163/24/01Ron Byron52m21031Britt, MNHungry! - Let's eat one more 
75173/25/01Billy Robertston55m30030Dallas, TXJust Do It! 
75183/27/01Adam Ashcroft1h19720Pittsburg, PAThis was for Bizzy Bomb 
75193/27/01Daniel Van Dusen28m27045Nashville, TNNo Comment 
75203/27/01Lucas Cherry57m16720Bluffton, OHPI -Pimpin (All for MW) 
75214/1/01Ron Brock55m26618Groom, TXI could eat 3 more 
75224/2/01Amie Almusawi59m15017Tulsa, OKThanks for the support! 
75234/3/01Ben Adrian57m16530Amarillo, TXThank you 
75244/13/01Brian Murphy51m21537League City, TXSee you in 6 months - NOT! 
75254/13/01Laki Kondylas53m23028AustraliaFeels like I swallowed a goat! 
75264/15/01Steve GrimesUnder 1 HR40527Phoenix City, ALNo Comment 
75274/19/01Jimmie MeltonUnder 1 HR24024Fort Worth, TXNo Comment 
75284/23/01Brad Davis59m19029Bronson, MII'll Be Back! 
75294/26/01Chris LewisUnder 1 HR30520Coahomo, TXNo Comment 
75304/26/01Matthew Fray44m36032New Market, TNDead man working! 
75314/28/01Kevin Mc Carley47m23036Sulpher, OKNo Comment 
75324/29/01Howard Nez IIIUnder 1 HR24024Waterflow, NMNo Comment 
75335/2/01Rafael FelixUnder 1 HR30030Peoria, AZNo Comment 
75345/8/01Raphael Felix29m30030Peoria, ALWhere's my free pie?! 
75355/19/01Dom Tomlind57m29535Canada1st 20 mins, nothin.Last 40 mins just fun 
75365/19/01Jeff Andrews46m22038Castalia, OHNo Comment 
75375/21/01John Zacherl57m24024Fond De Lac, WSOuch! 
75385/23/01Tom Rioux58m24053Aulfino, TxReally Full, Jaw tired 
75395/24/01Michael Bullock58m25049Urbana, ILNever Again! 
75405/26/01Terrence Smith58m29030Goodwell, OKMy mom will be so proud 
75415/29/01Nathan Butze57m23027Boston, MANever Again! 
75425/30/01Edward Fitzgerald51m21028Chicago, ILLet's do it again! 
75435/31/01Mark Miller59m18019Mustang, TXGood Steak! 
75446/1/01Chris Unsworth58m24526Segmour, INStuffed! 
75456/4/01Fred KelleyUnder 1 HR21054Atlanta, TXNo Comment 
75466/5/01Mike NulickUnder 1 HR19022Madera, CANo Comment 
75476/9/01Dave WellerUnder 1 HR24036Wasean, MNNo Comment 
75486/11/01Andrew WrobelUnder 1 HR22029Chicago, ILNo Comment 
75496/11/01Robert Godfrey52m30045Port Orange, FLOnce is enough 
75506/13/01Michael Thibodeaux45m25018Port Arthur, TXWhat no seconds? 
75516/14/01Ryan Janusick43m25018Springfield, ILJeez! 
75526/15/01Frank Armellini53m31043Sugarloaf, CAWow! 
75536/18/01Carlene LefevreUnder 1 HR145 Henderson, NVNo Comment 
75546/18/01Richard LefevreUnder 1 HR13757Henderson, NVNo Comment 
75556/18/01Robert Cartwright59m20133Blue Mountain, MSNo Comment 
75566/20/01Lue Oliver42m26021Tucson, AZWell Bully! 
75576/20/01Ralph Sorbara50m25557Ashboro, NCWant More! 
75586/23/01Christopher Russell58m19917Irvine, CAIt's no joke! 
75596/25/01Creighton EdingtonUnder 1 HR26834Tatum, NMNo Comment 
75606/26/01Stan Holder50m15039Cameron, MOOne Big Steak 
75616/27/01Edith Barrand55m14560Topeka, KSFull 
75626/27/01Justin Carlisle59m30018Livingston, TXDamn! 
75636/29/01Alistair Smith56m21236New ZealandWhere's dessert?! 
75647/1/01Jay Hall59m26035Houston, TXWhere's dessert?! 
75657/1/01Jim Graham III40m31046Asheville, NCNot a bad snack 
75667/3/01Lemoine McGeeUnder 1 HR33034Henderson, NENo Comment 
75677/3/01P.J. Viloski57m21031Philadelphia, PACan I wash that down with a cheesecake?! 
75687/4/01Aasmund UlevenUnder 1 HR100 kg37NorwayNo Comment 
75697/4/01Klevin Asmund59m100 kg37NorgeDid it for you, Emily1 
75707/10/01Robert Bailey53m29521College Station, TXDon't try it1 
75717/12/01Daniel Keen59m15523Golden, COGo Trek America! 
75727/12/01Gary Guggia50m22550Santa Maria, CAWhere's the John? 
75737/12/01Komar Singh54m20056Komar, INHoly Cow! 
75747/13/01Dave WellerUnder 1 HR29036Wasean, MNNo Comment 
75757/13/01Michael ThibodeauxUnder 1 HR31518Groves, TXNo Comment 
75767/22/01David Eden59m 30s24043Hale, MIWhere is the 2nd one? 
75777/24/01Chris Neal40m28516Durango, TXAnymore? 
75787/24/01David Ross57m27541Atlanta, GANo eats for a week! 
75797/26/01Wes Stewart59m 30s25016Cedar Park, TXTha Shortcake was GOOD! 
75807/30/01Allen Sanders1h30050Inkster, MIYes! 
75817/30/01Bobby Perez44m18947San Diego, CANo sweat! 
75828/1/01David Landry52m32029Rowlett, TXI waited 11 years to try. Great steak! 
75838/4/01Ryan Zimpleman27m 30s20522Rochester, INCan I have T-shirts for da kids? 
75848/4/01Stefano Zei57m16535Florence, ItalyGood Food! 
75858/5/01Mark Smithers52m25042Atlanta, TXI seen it, I ate it! 
75868/7/01Jeffery Hogan54m22025Mesquite, TXIt'll cramp ya! 
75878/8/01Connor Lonergan52m 30s27517Strongsville, OHDon't try! 
75888/11/01Richard Van Der Snel59m22032Clark, PAWow! 
75898/12/01Jerry Phillips59m31528Carson, CAI need a toilet! "Gutbuster" 
75908/16/01Jeremy Parmley35m21527Tempe, AZSeconds? 
75918/19/01Gregg Hansen55m 30s24045Richmond, CAGreat meal 
75928/21/01Lenny Westover21m 30s31042Tewksbury, MABring on seconds! 
75938/21/01Les Saddleson44m21049Panama City, FLA lot of meat 
75948/22/01Alex TarrandUnder 1 HR17519Albuquerque, NMNo Comment 
75958/22/01Darin PearsonUnder 1 HR26035Lake Jackson, TXNo Comment 
75968/24/01Michael MorganUnder 1 HR31041Seattle, WANo Comment 
75978/25/01Paul Washburn1h17919Palmyra, NYCan't believe I ate the whole thing! 
75988/27/01Buddy ParishUnder 1 HR24038Amarillo, TXNo Comment 
75998/31/01Joe Glendinning59m 30s20023East Langing, MIMSU for National Champs! 
76009/3/01Scott Pfister46m25025Bolingbrook, ILOn a mission 
76019/7/01Sage Seifert45m21022Zim, MNCow gone 
76029/12/01Tony Keene45m32033Jena, LAWhat a meal! 
76039/13/01George C. Picher39m 30s29034Albuquerque, NMThat's it!! 
76049/14/01Brandon Darby45m19029Sierra Vista, AZWhere's dessert?! 
76059/16/01Don Rhone59m30937Topeka, KSI need a bucket! 
76069/16/01Jeff Whisler56m 30s24038Topeka, KS560 miles for supper! 
76079/21/01Donald Burke45m 30s40042Longbeach, CAWhere's dessert?! 
76089/23/01Keith Clawson57m 30s21034Cleveland, TNNo, I can't go bungee jumping. 
76099/23/01Ryan Austin1h30127Sioux Falls, SDYummy! 
76109/25/01Mark Toth41m37545Bellevue, OH#5 still going! 
761110/4/01Larry Shaitelman59m 30s20031New Milford, NJGood eats 
761210/8/01Paul ParisiUnder 1 HR22725South AustraliaNo Comment 
761310/18/01Mariv Gauthier1h41039Ontario, CanadaOh! Canada BURP!! 
761410/19/01Stephen Hammond59m27546Maretta, OKTruckers Rule! 
761510/21/01Abraham Pinedo59m31021Chino, CAI didn't get any choc-o cake! 🙂 
761610/22/01Denis OnwualuUnder 1 HR19043Dulutha, GANo Comment 
761710/24/01Dale Eppard55m 30s20050Stanardsville, VAUnder pressure 
761810/28/01Charles Graham1h29048Amarillo, TXIt's a lot 
761911/1/01Tad Durrenberger57m21530Boston, MAYeeeee Haw! FDNY 
762011/6/01Brian Harris1h19026Pittsburgh, PACall 911 
762111/7/01Bryant Grizzel34m25038Trussville, ALGreat Steak, Great People! 
762211/8/01John Roderick27m19546Reeds, MOOne meal will get ya across Texas! 
762311/8/01Kelly Bertran49m25034Munchkin, VilleBurp! 
762411/9/01Jim TaylorUnder 1 HR23551Litchfield, AZNo Comment 
762511/9/01John Townsend57m 30s18024San Antonio, TXGuns Up! 
762611/11/01Rich Graff59m26050Huron, SDThe BEST! 
762711/15/01Steve Vdall59m20022Taylor, AZWhere's a toothpick?! 
762811/19/01Ken Kobes59m 30s24024Sumner, WADon't mess with Texas! 
762911/19/01Nathaniel Augustson55m17818Rio Rando, NMWhere's the dessert? Just bring it! 
763011/19/01Robert Merrill50m20052Temecuca, CAHow about some dessert? 
763111/21/01John Mascarenas55m 30s22533Albuquerque, NMGo Cowboys! 
763211/21/01Timothy Grant33m35037Muldrow, OKLot of steak! 
763311/23/01Daniel Van Duser29m 30s27546Miami, FLAnd it tastes good, too! 
763411/24/01Scott Wood54m27028Las Vegas, NVI'm a little sleepy now. 
763511/26/01Mark Player57m 30s16046Santa Rosa, CAI did it again! 
763611/29/01Ted Lee45m28033Zachary, LA2nd time! Somebody stop me! 
763712/2/01Joel Griffin1h15020Ft. Gratiot, MII puked in toilet 
763812/5/01Ben Pinnell1h18522Maryville, TNWhere's the beef? 
763912/9/01Rick Showalter40m22027Fairbanks, AKWhere's dessert?! 
764012/21/01Russell Bal53m40036Oak Forest, ILThat's why they call me big! 
764112/22/01Sam Douglass55m28951Corpus Christi, TXGreat appetizer! 
764212/23/01Bernardo Carrillo57m29528Weslaco, TXViva Mexico! 
764312/23/01Marcos N Martinez56m25527Mercedes, TXA Toda Madre! 
764412/24/01Bill Amacher50m32544Reedley, CANext time I'll have mushrooms too! 
764512/26/01Christopher Fabela59m25728San Antonio, TXWhen is dinner? Who's next? 
764612/26/01Kevin McKenna1h16022New Orleans, LANo Comment 
764712/28/01Dylan Toepfer42m24529Grand Terrace, CAI'm going to Dairy Queen now! 
764812/28/01Gary CumberlandUnder 1 HR19033Scottsdale, AZNo Comment 
764912/29/01Gary Van Vliet1h16020Newburgh, NYBLAH! 
76501/7/02Isaac Bullard47m28520Edgewood, TXBooYah! 
76511/10/02Jim Harden51m21540+Oakley, KSI'm still hungry! 
76521/11/02Jim Curran54m20018Monroe, WIGod Bless Texas! Beer on the house? 
76531/15/02Robert Golden1h17434Tulsa, OKNOT hungry anymore 
76541/21/02Anthony Schmidt1h22523Chicago, ILGood steak! 
76551/22/02Frank Crowe57m 30s21844Riverside, CATake the challenge 
76561/23/02Carlo DeMarco1h26554Coventry, RIVery good! 
76571/24/02Morris Davis39m 30s29030Chicago, ILBest on Board. Cheesecake was good. 
76581/25/02Kyle Parker54m24019Plainview, TXBig PAPA! 
76592/2/02Sage Seifert40m21023Zim, MNI'll be back! 
76602/4/02Michael Leggr48m27523New Orleans, LAIt hurts! 
76612/5/02Shane Mix1h26525Virginia Beach, VANot again! 
76622/10/02Ronnie Fronduto54m19228Boston, MAGo Pats! 
76632/16/02Layne Richins48m25022Malad, IDI'm full of it! 
76642/16/02Marcus Ojeda57m 30s29522Lubbock, TXI'm going to bust!! 
76652/16/02Phillip Poulos57m21028Milwaukee, WII came, I saw, I ate it! 
76662/20/02Bobby Cantu40m16519Lubbock, TX72oz...WHAT???!!! 
76672/21/02Sargon Shiba53m35032Chicago, ILGreat! 
76682/23/02Dan Daley45m24038Las Vegas, NVI had dessert 
76692/26/02Greg Wise50m21037Loo, KYWho ate who? 
76703/1/02David Webb57m21020Monroe, LAI'd like to thank my tapeworm, Bob. 
76713/1/02Joe Hickey54m24036Strunk, KYIt's good! 
76723/1/02Michael Finnerty59m23024Crown Point, INGreat service! 
76733/1/02Steve Bowers53m 30s26541Watanya, TXGreat Service! 
76743/3/02Jim Chapman59m24531Ontario, CanadaLoosen yer belt! 
76753/4/02Peter Canero40m28543NYC, NYSecond generation Breakfast of Champions 
76763/7/02David Martin58m31038Abilene, TXFull! 
76773/8/02Jason Tripplehorn1h18016Fort Worth, TXDamn! 
76783/9/02Asa Washines58m19019Wapato, WALike Woah! 
76793/9/02Spencer Woods55m25519Tyler, TXIt was better the 1st time! 
76803/10/02Dobbins Brown1h30056West Cola, SCVery Very Good 
76813/12/02Craig Rekerdres43m20847Dallas, TXNumber 18! 
76823/14/02Vladimir Radin52m25047Chicago, ILNumber 1 
76833/15/02Craig Hikes33m32049Gettysburg, PAExcellence, very good! 
76843/15/02Henry Starr58m27017Dallas, TXWhat's for Dessert? 
76853/15/02Nick Smith56m17528Denison, TXWhy? 
76863/17/02Thomas SeigmanUnder 1 HR18532Georgetown, TXNo Comment 
76873/18/02Tyler Morse56:3817025Boston, MAOh, what great things I learned at Harvard 
76883/20/02Charlene LeFevre32mN/AN/AHendersonLove it-as always!! 
76893/20/02Cory Hill58m 30s20517Comanche, OKYou gotta be bad to be good! 
76903/20/02Dominic DiMayo56m21021Thackville, OKDon't ever underestimate me! Ever! 
76913/21/02Paul Harvieux55m 30s23025St. Paul, MNI'll take a side of dessert! 
76923/25/02Ben LambersUnder 1 HR20522Springfield, OHAnd the cheesecake was good, too! 
76933/25/02Pat Jenkes58m 30s23032Boston, MANext time I'll keep my mouth shut!! 
76943/29/02Jason Aaron1h20529Amarillo, TX 2 words: Atkins Diet!
76953/30/02Brandon Taylor56m 30s20020Dallas, TX I want cheesecake!
76964/4/02Donn Montpetit1h19546Highland, MI Right on the edge!
76974/7/02Donovan Poe35m37019Ft. Worth, TX No Problem
76984/7/02Sean Hansen58m 30s24521Colorado Springs, CO USAFA Epsilon Alpha
76994/8/02Brendan Tedgle17m31132Hopkinton, MA I ate the grissle!
77004/12/02Ricardo Dukes34m27546n/a I'll be back.
77014/12/02Ricardo Gerken17m25048Ohio MeltonDrive
77024/13/02Jaty Leeson54m25023Slaton, TX Live to the hilt! Tucker!
77034/14/02John Allison35m23041Hobbs, NM I still had room for dessert!
77044/14/02Rob Rennard53m17522Franklin Square, NYAhh! 
77054/16/02Anthony Warrior24m 30s43024Talequah, OK Bigger is better!
77064/17/02Alexander Zasidatol24m34044Scotsdale, AZ Ohhh! Yaaha!
77074/19/02Brian French1h24527Perryton, TXI'm full! 
77084/21/02Tom Burson36m31553Dickson, TNStuffed! 
77094/25/02Clint Willis49m20036Florida Floating full
77104/27/02Mike Peake43m28039Brigeport, IL Awesome!
77114/30/02Joe DeJong53m20023Miles City, MT Cowboy up!
77125/2/02Rob Aldrich40m26044Tulsa, OK What's for dessert?
77135/3/02Denny Forchan53m36050Tampa, FL Ready for dessert!
77145/3/02John Zaubler46m28039Houston & NewYork Best steak ever!
77155/4/02Woods Underwood57m20041Ft. Worth, TX Never again
77165/5/02Bjorn Risa44m18028NorwayJibbiest! 
77175/14/02Art Rios59m30030West Union, Iowa Not good for a diet!
77185/14/02Terry Goforth58m27527Springfield, Missouri Schim "Bob"
77195/18/02Bill Terrell58m 30s27235Kingfiler, OK God is good!
77205/18/02Jimmy Wilson49m31032Florence, MS Real good!
77215/21/02David Embrey58ma lot49Barling, AK 1st half great!
77225/24/02Matt Malouf1h16524Riverdale, ID Ought to have a dessert!!
77235/26/02Ricky Poe37m20530Colorado Eat real fast!!
77245/29/02Andy Sarjaheni47m23518Russellvill, AR 500g of protein, 1000 g of fun!
77255/29/02John Kennedy55m24542Gambrills, MD go Cal Farley!
77266/1/02Tony Cordova57m15028Lockport, IL Steak was good!
77276/3/02Jim Rutt53m36548Purcellville, VA The strawberry shortcake was great!!
77286/7/02Danny Van Horn56m22541Dallas, TX Just Do It!
77296/7/02Van Haddoxs35m36540Jerome, ID Glad my wife didn't see this!!
77306/9/02Casey A. Smith54m36037Las Vegas, NV Thank you Dr. Atkins!
77316/9/02Ladislar Polak54m22025Jablonecnn, Czech Rep.Perfekt! 
77326/11/02DJ VanDuser33m 30s28046Miami, FL And Strawberry Shortcake, too!
77336/13/02Ken Henderson45m23347Colorado Springs, CO Jesus is coming soon!
77346/14/02Randy VanLehman57m26532Portales, NM God Bless!
77356/21/02Charley Rozos58m17218Cowen, WVI'm full! 
77366/22/02Craig Wisniewski1h19026Cincinnati, OH On Westward! Route 66
77376/22/02Huey Lowe18m26039Oklahoma City, OK Jesus luvs ya!
77386/28/02Xavier Gabe54m100kg46France Viande exhuadinaire!!!
77396/29/02Joshua Russell40m2515Midlothian "Bring it on!"
77407/1/02Adam Laikon55m22017Indianapolis, IN I don't feel so good.
77417/2/02Becky White57m11636Council Bluffs, IW Where's the beef?
77427/5/02Mike Villa40m18021Irving, TXYeeHaw! 
77437/6/02Jared Lay59m23530Canyon, TXDone! 
77447/6/02Jeremiah lay48m28022Melrose, NM Long ride home!
77457/6/02Jimmy Cipponeri47m21546Modesto, CA It was good!!
77467/11/02Donnie Whitt42m26518DeSoto, TXYippee!! 
77477/11/02Nick Balz57m24031Jessyville God is good!
77487/13/02Jason "Wally" Walkush59m19620Stevens Point, WI I will leave TX 7 pounds heavier!
77497/13/02Philip Pernice50m18755Independence, MO This is the 3rd time, and it was delicious!
77507/16/02Brandon Reatte48m20816Joliet, IL Should have been bigger!
77517/16/02Erik Billings55m28018Oak-Town, CA Frank Blotto destroys steaks. Blottos 02
77527/16/02Jason Strickland46m18023Oklahoma City, OK Not a bad steak for Texas!
77537/16/02Kurt L. Jensen58m15836Akron, OHNo More! 
77547/18/02Gerron Simms48m22517Clovis, NM A lot to chew!
77557/20/02Roger Hall57m18532Albuquerque, NMGo Navy! 
77567/22/02Brent Bergan57m22029Renton, CA Sloth Rulz
77577/22/02Butch Snyder57m30037Cortesville, PA How bout a tussle?
77587/24/02Aaron Clark51m28034Provo, UT Was it worth it?
77597/25/02C Reighton50m26534Tatum, NM Happy B-day Lyndel
77607/25/02Rey Ramos37m21043California What's for Dessert?
77617/26/02David Chavez59m20033TXNap time! 
77627/28/02Martin Steffenhagen40m24549Phoenix, AZI did it! 
77637/30/02Silvestie Torres43m26539Sanger, CA One mean eating machine!
77647/31/02Tim Elliott55m21524Mesa, AZFull!🙂
77658/3/02David (Huey) Lowe10m30029OKC, OK Seth, Huey, Jet We Love You Dad!
77668/4/02Vladimir59m24047Chicago, IL I enjoyed steak.
77678/9/02Joel Tapler29m21020Norman, OK OU National Champs! 2002
77688/10/02Darryl Ellison49m19536Lubbock, TX No big deal
77698/14/02Paolo Orsatti46m21030Italia, BresciaLittle! 
77708/14/02Tony Keene53m31034Jena, LAOooch! 
77718/16/02Jacob55m30031Stuark, OKBirthday Steak 
77728/16/02Waymore Callado59m25425Dulce, NMBring on another one! 
77738/17/02Lemmy Westover25m??43Azusa, AZNo Comment 
77748/21/02Greg Young50m17544Phoenix, AZWow! Great steak! 
77758/26/02Tony Dover50m23033Springfield, OHI'm Full! 
77768/28/02David Hanlam47m18040OKC, OKVery good! 
77778/31/02Christian54m18029Round Rock, TXWhat's for Dessert? 
77788/31/02Kended Cash59m16520Grants, NMAGHHH! 
77798/31/02Robert Shambach39m20053Austin, TXMmmm, meat! 
77809/2/02Manly Siefert56m19028Zim, MNOuch! 
77819/4/02Preston Eldridge53m27525Branson, MO"Who's your Daddy?" 
77829/7/02LeDina Cork59m 30s22027Albuquerque, NMThanks for the food! 
77839/10/02Roy Bagley46m37525Willits, CAWholly Cow! 
77849/11/02Dan Sears50m25040Rockford, ILAn Experience! 
77859/12/02Joshua Waters58m33323Six Mile, SCHave a nice day!! 
77869/13/02Alex Jack49m18520Albuquerque, NMOh what a night it was... 
77879/13/02Memphis Black52m24519Ashton, MD...and it really was such a night!! 
77889/28/02David duToit59m 30s18535Dallas, TXI'm full!! 
778910/6/02Larry O'Brien51m23565San Diego, CAWhere's the pie??!! 
779010/9/02Pete Bilardello59m 30s21531Atlanta, GAI'd like to thank all my fans!!! 
779110/10/02Tim Jay32m27043MichiganNo Comment 
779210/13/02Gerald Heck1h21524Del Norte, COBeef...It's whats for dinner 
779310/14/02Vernon Willis1h34545Tulsa, OKNot Again!!! 
779410/15/02Jeff Fatboy Honinsworth59m 30s26026Tuscon, AZI would do it again! 
779510/17/02James E Cooper42m31030Florence, ALHey Matt and Linda-Told ya I could! 
779610/19/02Ray Jameson42m36534Barstow, CAWhere's the my gut! 
779710/22/02Kevin Karwowski59m20526Phoenix, AZAll for a $1 bet! 
779810/29/02Jeff Stevens45m32543IndianaMy last record! 
779911/1/02Bill Swope57m18539Ft. Worth, TXI had to do it! 
780011/3/02Ron Dacus59m22036NMFor fun 
780111/4/02Clarence (??)58m20525AZBet for it! 
780211/6/02Reynaldo Ramos31m22043CAPlease give me more! 
780311/6/02William Hoskins57m30021KYI Got it! 
780411/7/02Kevin Roberts38m23836Waterfall, GAGood Steak! 
780511/7/02Roland Garza59m27135Austin, TXGood Food! 
780611/9/02Michael Martin41m 30s20520Ponca City, OKHow big a boy are ya? 
780711/12/02Bailey Liipfert1h25041Winston-Salem, NCGreat Snack! 
780811/12/02Gustavo Fleites28m 30s42534Miami, FLSooo Good! 
780911/16/02Ed Montana40m 30s28545Amarillo, TXI ate the Texas King!! 
781011/19/02Kevin Roberts38m23836Waterfall, GAGood Steak! 
781111/20/02Greg Wise45m21038Louisville, KYMore Please? 
781211/22/02Patrick Mahaffey46m18922Lubbock, TXWho wants a moustache ride? 
781311/23/02Renee Menczes52m 30s22021BrasilIt's Hard! 
781411/24/02Maston Brown59m26520OklahomaI gotta poop! 
781511/29/02George "Bubba" Harrison56m36028Mc Kinney, TXGood Food! 
781611/30/02Sean Cole59m 30s19521HaynesvilleDon't try it! 
781712/2/02Jackson Z.57m15224Framingham, MAHow's the plumbing? 
781812/8/02Pavel Vitha46m23031Henderson, NVThe ladies were great...the steak too! 
781912/12/02William Hathaway52m25046Kansas City, MOGood Steak 
782012/14/02Daryl Thomas54m18032OKC, OKMay I have another? 
782112/14/02Rick Graff59m25051Huron, SDThe best! 
782212/15/02Mark Stemler35m18846Park City, UTWhere is dessert? 
782312/23/02John Warden51m24023Montevideo, MNI'm not moving for 10 minutes. 
782412/26/02Jeff Miner57m28044Arcadia, FLCome one Gastric Bypass 
782512/30/02Blane Reeves52m 30s20831Galena, KSThank you Doug&Brad forCoaching!POOP! 
782612/31/02Ken Sassaman35m 30s45040Mieflintown, PANo Problem! 
78271/1/03Derek Linder59m21025Ketchikan, AKWow! 
78281/3/03Glen Boatner51m18044Trophy Club, TXWhere's the ice cream? 
78291/5/03Daniel Harvey59m20026Chatanooga, TNIt was good!! 
78301/5/03Devid Weidmeier1h20023Dallas, TXI like it Rare! 
78311/8/03Jantiago Olebran28m26036Perth Amboy, NJI even had Ice Cream! 
78321/8/03Zac McCoy57m21020Edmond, OKBest steak I ever ate! 
78331/9/03Stretch51m31522Marche, ARBiggest meal I ever had! 
78341/10/03Russell (unreadable)59m 30s15525McLean, VAOy! Now I am full! 
78351/12/03Tony Shannon35m25035Kaokauna, WIBeth is Fine 
78361/15/03James Christensen55m 18s30041Orem, UTDo this only once! 
78371/17/03Phil Johnson56m25022Independence, MOProudest moment will be the turd! 
78381/18/03Aaron Moon27m28025Tiptow, MOWe raised $4435 for Cancer. Thank you! 
78391/25/03James Stickler55m18533IndianaDessert would be nice! 
78401/26/03Ken McCabe35m17528Dallas, TXGreat service! 
78411/28/03Cliff Foskett31m26055Harvard, ILI ate the whole thing! 
78421/31/03Jesus Aguirre56m38047Bakersfield, CAGood Food! 
78432/7/03Tony Keivak59m26030Brookfield, IllI'll be back! 
78442/24/03Carlene Lefevre33mslim?Las Vegas, NVTENDER! 
78452/24/03Rich Lefevre21m13258Henderson, NVGreat! 
78463/1/03James Rosel57m 30s17542USAFAim High...A.F. 
78473/3/03Mark Knake57m25039Wilmar, MN254 1/2 now! 
78483/4/03Irfan Sukkari37m 30s35043Salt Lake City, UTYum! 
78493/7/03Robert Replogle53m17536Dallas, TXUgh! 
78503/8/03Dave B.59m28022Benson, VTDone! 
78513/9/03Joseph Lake59m21540Chicago, IlLet's do it again! Thanks be to God! 
78523/12/03Rich Lefevre13m 12s13558Henderson, NVYum Yum! 
78533/18/03Ed Emmons42m22548Lincoln, MaineI feel just fine...1 1/2 days with no food. 
78543/18/03Josh Drew47m15520Lindale,TXGlad I did it One time is more than enough 
78553/19/03Dennis Allen37m27053Ft. Worth, TXPlenty of time. Dig in 
78563/21/03Craig Hikes32m30050Gardners, PAI'm gaining on it! 
78573/21/03Don Peyton59m21047Enid, OKIt Hurt! 
78583/21/03Theodore Helgert Jr.50m 9s27019Moreno Valley, CAWhat about dessert!!! 
78593/25/03Victor F. Lopez54m 23s 400ms22517Albuquerque, NM  
78603/28/03Jarrod Wiggins48m 30s26016Huffman, TXWhat about dessert!!! 
78613/29/03Jaqies P. Pucheu54m25038Saucier, MS  
78624/3/03Joey Mure51m 16s 200ms17522Montevallo, ALThat's ridiculous! Amen 
78634/6/03Don Williams49m 22s 800ms48022Whittier, CAThe King James Bible is God's Word. 
78644/13/03Branden Bowden59m 33s25416Harrisburg, PABest Steak I ever Ate!! 
78654/17/03David D.Stump59m 33s 600ms15048Iberia, MOSize Does Not Matter! 
78664/19/03Brian Hightower46m16336Cushing, OKSize Does Matter. Ask T 
78674/20/03Matthew Glover55m19029Moroya/N.S.W., AustraliaAnd I'm Spent! 
78684/22/03Clifton Fletcher Jr.41m31526Pampa, TXAin't nothing but a thing 
78694/22/03Willie Martinez31m 9s 600ms20046Phoenix, AZ  
78705/21/03John A Shupe52m17519Itasca, NYWhere's Dessert? 
78715/21/03Kenneth Knutsen45m 28s 800ms18046Karmoy, NorwayGoood! 
78725/23/03Cory D. Smith52m26530Memphis, TN  
78735/23/03Delbert Sharp Jr.32m 27s 0ms12320Bakersfield, CA"Good" 
78745/24/03Howard Bell56m 3s22040Jackson, TN  
78755/27/03Ed Montelli57m 28s 200ms19263Rancho Mirage, CARough Going 
78765/30/03Charles Ray Anderson40m 27s 600ms29046Flint, MISmooth Sailing 
78776/14/03David Chapman58m20819Desoto, TXI wanna throw up 
78786/14/03Donnie Whitt52m28019Desoto, TXEasy 
78796/14/03Jeremiah Dyson57m24028Los Alamos, NMI can't do this anymore 
78806/14/03Richard Morris59m22530Willow Park, TXWhere's my cheesecake? 
78816/18/03Ronnie E. Norton26m 9s30042Toccoa, GAFat Ronnie You ate the Whole Thing 
78826/19/03Steven Shelton1h16519Midwest City, OKHomer Simpson failed and his friend died attempting this. 
78836/21/03Austin Lavick46m 24s21217Chualos, CAOooohhh Yeah 
78846/21/03Paul B.Thacker59m 30s36535Port Arthur, TXYou define the moment and the moment defines you 
78856/24/03Ray Prophet58m18531Williamsburg, NMDon't try it, You will be sorry. Never again 
78866/27/03Vince Salt39m 9s30543Salt Lake City, UT2nd Times a Charm! 
78876/28/03Mark J. Leding47m24133Ozark, ARExcellent Steak!! 
78886/29/03Shane Vanisi28m 21s 600ms21023Bountiful, UTThanx for the weight. 
78897/3/03Paul Ochoa44m19035Vernon, TXI'll Never do it again. 
78907/5/03Brock Lewis54m23432Casa Grande, AZDo the Do! 
78917/7/03Andres C. Gomez Jr.50m 8s 400ms25025Barksdale AFB, CAYou don't even know!!! 
78927/13/03Barry Moffitt59m 15s25041Lubbock, TXExcellent 
78937/13/03George A. Basar49m23538Round Rock, TXCheese Cake 
78947/13/03James Clemmer40m 7s 800ms30616Pauls Valley, OKGood 
78957/13/03Marco Marquez37m20023Englewood, COCake! 
78967/19/03LeRoy Hajman45m24035Prinsburg, MNWhere's the dessert? 
78977/19/03Thomas N. Kovacevich IV33m 28s 200ms29019Strongville, OHHail to the King, Baby! 
78987/22/03Manly Seifert57m 18s21029Zim, NMAnother Steak Bites the Dust 
78997/23/03Josh Stocket54m 33s20022Houston, TXWoW!! 
79007/23/03Ronnie Joe Barnes48m 12s23050Fayetteville, GAThird Time 
79017/23/03Scott Phillipsen54m 26s 400ms31040Porter, TXToo Big 
79027/24/03Wade Seyfried53m 32s 400ms52047Joshua, TXCouldn't Do It Again 
79037/27/03Will Frazier51m 24s24032Coolidge, TXOn the Atkins Diet 
79047/31/03Douglas Adams27m 18s36540Ft. Worth, TX  
79058/1/03Michael K. Greer59m23033Marysville, OHDamb!! 
79068/2/03James Graham39m 3s 600ms31048Skagway, AKWhat's for dessert? 
79078/3/03Kelly Adams40m31521Trinidad, COGive me a Beer! 
79088/3/03Jim Cipponeri20m19247Madera,CAThe Steak was Great. 
79098/6/03Russ Collins43m 29s 400ms17523Tucson, AZSmoke Please! 
79108/8/03Jon Allen Broadworth1h24552Davison, MII only forgot the beer 
79118/9/03Abdallah Al-Anazi34m 14s 400ms31036Southfield, MII thank the cow for the steak! 
79128/9/03Daniel Van Duser50m 18s28047Nashville, TNCan't have your steak and eat it 2. 
79138/15/03Daniel Fangman59m 34s 200ms30022Hereford, TXNot Bad !! 
79148/16/03Fred Schramm56m 6s23529Krum, TXBring another roll! 
79158/17/03Dan Cory59m21021South Bend, INNo Potato! 
79168/20/03Tony Kovacs59m 31s 800ms23024Chicago, 
79178/21/03David Soldinger59m 29s 400ms16021Las Vegas, NVNow What? 
79188/29/03Robert Porter45m30037Coca, FLThat's All ?? 
79198/30/03Peter R. Santell42m 0s 600ms28047Riverside, CAGreat! 
79209/1/03Ben Decker53m 7s 800ms18027Salt Lake City, UTI am in pain. 
79219/5/03Jimmy Herauk45m 3s 600ms18022Venice Beach, CAFun 
79229/15/03Bohdan Tyszka1h29047Chicago, ILI'm Pregnant 
79239/15/03Fred Bear59m 21s23837Tulsa, OKGo Sooners 
79249/15/03Gunter Rosenbaum59m 34s 200ms97 kg47Bernaum, GermanyBRD Germany 
79259/17/03Mike DeCoursey48m 21s20024Mahwah, NJGet me out of here 
79269/19/03Brian Phillips34m 24s44039Timonom, MDThanks for the meal. 
79279/21/03Paul Sechrist54m21024Sunset, TXNever Again 
79289/21/03Ron Williams50m18560Fort Worth, TXOuch! 
79299/22/03Samuel Grady Bowers1h23026Moreno Valley, CAGood Looking 
79309/27/03Roger Knuths59m 18s23037Dayton, IAWay to go Bull 
79319/28/03Robert A. Mills59m 18s23043Bismark, NDOH Baby! 
79329/30/03Alex Swanson54m 20s 400ms26516East Ridge, TNDid you get the license plate # 
793310/4/03Andy Tworek51m 15s 600ms30031Duluth, GARob made me!!! 
793410/9/03Michael Rylee59m 35s 400ms25022Odessa, TXDamn near puked. 
793510/11/03Arthur R. Jones49m26527Houston, TXEat! 
793610/14/03Peter Voormeeren41m 18s25034Terwolde, NetherlandI had enough!! Great! 
793710/18/03Ricardo Matthews57m 9s21535Petal, MSCheap Meal for next 2 days 
793810/23/03Greg Winnen58m 8s 400ms28025Clinton, ARDamm I'm Full 
793910/27/03Charles Isleib43m 13s 200ms19053Alamogordo, NMFinger Lickin' Good 
794011/6/03David Lowe13m 30s34041El Reno, OKBaby Huey Stikes Again 
794111/8/03Gregg Hansen58m 1s 200ms26547Richmond, CAGreat Meal 
794211/8/03Ronnie Barcak58m 8s 400ms19538Santa Fe, TXDessert ? 
794311/8/03Stephen Watson31m 12s43526Las Vegas, NVGo Rebels 
794411/9/03Phil Symons51m 31s 200ms19022Perryton, TXDa Gumm! 
794511/12/03A. Matthew Roayaee1h20024Houston, TXOh Boy! 
794611/13/03Bill Baker1h30038Hillsdale, MIWoW!! 
794711/18/03Gary P. Eurek59m 1s 200ms23540Omaha, NECan't Wait for Number 2. 
794811/22/03Fernando Davalos38m 27s49027San Benito, TXPlentiful!! 
794911/30/03Blaine Stribilng40m20532Dallas, TXAwsome! 
795012/4/03James Chalupsky57m 18s19526Annapolis, MDWithout Julie this wouldn't have happened 
795112/4/03Jim Carmack57m17548Pueblo, COGo Hogs! Beat Texas Again 
795212/5/03Greg Boatwright53m 21s18543Linwood, NCGo NCS Wolfepacks 
795312/12/03Cody Mosier48m30034Huntsville, ARGo Hogs 
795412/12/03Patrick B. Brown59m 0s 600ms28034Waldron, AR  
795512/16/03Lawrence Breecher59m 1s 800ms19341Fort Worth, TXGo Irish 
795612/20/03Randy Lee55m25040Los Angeles, CAI'm Full 
795712/20/03Royden Jeffries 21518Ennis, TX  
795812/22/03Dan Schnur42m17040Sacramento, CAI think I'll skip dinner 
795912/24/03Octavio Galley51m17531Burbank, CAI'm full Thanks 
796012/27/03Dylan Toepfer57m26027Grand Terrace, CAI'm a bad mutha' 
796112/29/03Dan Conover56m 27s23524Las Vegas, NVI ate the whole thing withhout whining!! 
796212/29/03Ed Emmons47m22049Lincoln, METraining is Everything. 
796312/30/03Tom Schmiegel56m22045Napa, CAWhat's for dessert? 
79641/3/04Gye Deardorff34m44543Llano, CAA lot of Food. 
79651/4/04Matt Warzecha50m 21s29841Albuquerque, NMWhat's for Dinner? 
79661/7/04Mike Theisen53m 18s21029Wheat Ridge, COI am a BMF 
79671/9/04Scott N. Maybew44m 31s 800ms30522Kingwood, TXGo Rice 
79681/12/04Seumaninoa Puaina44m 17s 400ms36030Wilmington, CADon't try this!!!! 
79691/16/04Jason Sansone45m 13s 200ms18033Myrtle Beach, SCHope there's no Mad Cow in it! 
79701/17/04Tom Grubbs59m 34s 800ms25027Torrington, WYLast bite was tuff ! 
79711/17/04Wes Lehman1h19520Vernon, TXDad, You get your money back. 
79721/24/04Harry Hitt53m 17s 400ms26618Houston, TX. . . And we are stopping for Ice Cream 
79731/25/04Jeremiyah Johnson55m 18s31444Mankato,MNGood 
79741/27/04David Bascombe24m 2s 400ms24844Fayetteville,NCI was Hungry 
79752/13/04Douglass Wygal58m 21s30533Amarillo, TXIt was fun but it will be the last time. 
79762/15/04Brent Barn46m 13s 200ms24029Amarillo, TXNever Again 
79772/19/04Skull Fabio57m20523Montreal, CanadaOur a avake en Tabomoule!!! 
79782/20/04David Bennight37m 4s 200ms22545Seattle, WAFull 
79792/21/04Dutch Sweat51m 3s38046Colorado Springs,CODamn Straight!!! 
79803/1/04Benjamin R. Fuchs59m 24s24027Heber City, UTThey let me keep the Boot 
79813/4/04Jim Graham III45m 33s 600ms32049Skagway, AK3rd & Probably last! Too full to spell 
79823/7/04Michael Chmura58m 27s 600ms18122West Covima, CAFull !! 
79833/8/04Stephen Hardin II45m 10s 200ms29032Bowie, MDStuffed x2 
79843/9/04James J. McBride 348m 9s21057Brighton Beach, NJThe Greatest Steak House in the World! 
79853/11/04Ricky A. Rollo 18620Amarillo, TX  
79863/12/04Ken Abeyta41m400+23Mora, NMFor Vegas and Show Candy 
79873/12/04Richard Tuberville30m32035Wellston, OK  
79883/13/04Doug Smith55m22021Melbourne, AustraliaNot Easy But Worth, Aplug, Cheers Mate! 
79893/15/04Carlene Lefevre36m 21s 600ms14521+Henderson, NVWoW! Loved it! 
79903/15/04Richard J. Lefevre25m 27s 600ms13459Henderson, NVGreat as Always. 
79913/19/04Earl Robbins42m 15s 600ms25029Fontana, CAA lot of Food. Thanx 
79923/20/04Angelo Della Ragione36m 25s 200ms40028Staten Island, NY  
79933/20/04Brett Ferguson 32030Ingram, TXGood! 
79943/20/04Warren Williams49m25038Ballmin, MO  
79953/21/04Jim Williams55m39060Reno, NVDon't try this at home. 
79963/23/04Leo Villiger57m 4s 800ms  Amarillo, TX  
79973/30/04David R. Alley43m29030Winchester, VAWhat's for dessert? 
79984/2/04Jeffrey Stuart Katz54m 9s 600ms25051Irving, TXIt was Goooood. Thank you, I'll be back. 
79994/3/04Richard N. Modesti1h20522Ft. Colllins, COI'm such a fat kid. 
80004/4/04Robert D. Leach59m 27s29048Rexford, KSEskamo Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
80014/6/04Jim Cipponeri45m 18s20548Madera, CAHad dessert after the 72 oz. 
80024/7/04Joe Dominez54m27531Laredo, TXThat's a lot of meat. 
80034/10/04Charles Mosqueda48m30030Henderson, NVM M Good. 
80044/29/04Reynaldo L.Ramos32m21545Corning, CAI want a piece of pecan pie! 
80055/3/04Roger Beatty59m 2s 400ms19843Independence, MOTake a power dump tonight. 
80065/4/04John Riggs59m 3s28552Payson, UTGood Food. 
80075/7/04Michael T. Smith34m35044N. Little Rock, ARTaste Good 
80085/9/04Ben Beffrey47m 12s 600ms32020Kansas City, MOClean 
80095/15/04Richard Johnson45m24032Sylvan Lake, Alberta, CanadaExcellent Steak for the 1st 2 pounds. 
80105/15/04Ronald Rovig40m 30s 600ms29846Apopka, FLI live for this 
80115/18/04Paul Pepper40m31028Garden Grove, CAF----- this shit 
80125/20/04David Anderson43m25054Branford, Ontario, CanadaGreat Steak 
80135/22/04Pawel Kawa 18038Chicago, IL  
80145/30/04Ben Collins59m28522Bellflower, CAChew, Chew, Chew 
80155/31/04Cimarron A. Briscoe52m38041Darrell, MOVery Fool 
80166/5/04Daniel VanDuser54m28048Nashville, TNTry the Low-Carb Special 
80176/9/04Ronald Owens58m 1s 200ms25048Roland, OKSteaks are great, but vegetables are easier to chew! 
80186/13/04Joel Lemoine38m 30s32526Plaucheville, LANo Problem! 
80196/14/04Matthew Hill58m25426Denver, CO"The steak tasted good from start to finish" 
80206/20/04Omar Lozoyu48m 9s20022Odessa, TXGood Steak!! 
80216/21/04James Bliss 28037Hubbard, OR  
80226/21/04Joe Mar 26528Tulsa, OKAnd Dessert too! 
80236/24/04Jimmy Rehfopf34m 6s20017New Orleans, LAMmmmmmmmmmmm! 
80246/27/04Mark49m19022Tulsa, OKGood! 
80256/29/04Brian Powers44m23029Lebanon, PASweet! 
80266/29/04Donovan Drew44m27514Carleton, MI  
80276/30/04Mitah Bertalan57m21524Tampa, FL  
80287/1/04Daniel L Small Jr.35m35035Floresville, TXWhere's Dessert? 
80297/1/04Ryan Nagele48m17520Bartlesville, OKYou call that a steak? 
80307/3/04Jim Burks58m27545Springfield, MONo Comment 
80317/4/04Gary Seale53m 18s31036Nacodgoches, TXNap Time!! 
80327/7/04David McCain48m20038Leonard, TXI'm stuffed. Erp! 
80337/8/04Tim Garrett58m26047Statham, GAFilling 
80347/9/04Terje Nordmark53m95KG40Klepp, NorwayNow can have beer. 
80357/10/04Mike Srobel59m19530Torentum, PABomb!!! 
80367/15/04Matthew Q. Wilson 20427Wakefield, MA  
80377/15/04Tim Martinez48m24027Flint, MIYA Good 🙂 
80387/24/04Lester Durett53m30029Banning, CAIncredible Very Good Steak 
80397/26/04Brian Sammons49m22016St. Louis, MOIt's Easier than it looks 
80407/28/04Bill Whispell59m29041Postdam, NYWhere's the dessert? 
80417/28/04David Wisnia53m 15s23524Tallahassee, FLYou can do it. 
80427/28/04Peter Muhl 25545Sunnyvale, CA  
80438/1/04Ronald A. McConnell II58m 12s20032Nashville, TNToo Much to eat 
80448/1/04Stan Erwin56m 27s29059Nashville, TNOnly in Texas!!! 
80458/3/04Christian Wellisch37m23528Seaside, CAThat Steak Never had a Chance... 
80468/7/04Mike Edmonds28m40836Gould, OKYou got any cheese cake 
80478/7/04Thomas C. Nelson III59m31024Connellsville, PAJeremy, Nadia, Nick, Shroyer Sturgis "04" 
80488/10/04Ed Mahaffey52m24036Marion, OHGrandPuPa! 
80498/10/04Philip Talamo53m24040Las Vegas, NV"What? No Dessert" 
80508/11/04Bo Price53m13520Atlanta, TXI almost threw up 
80518/11/04Peter Lukes59m16039Portland, ORRidiculous 
80528/12/04John Napoli50m 30s27541Orlando, FLTwern't Nothing! 
80538/15/04Gregory L. Momenr54m30048Sacramento, CAThe Moose was Loose 
80548/16/04Anthony Corrao-Clements55m23519Nashville, TNWoW! And last year I was a vegetarian 
80558/18/04Jake Rasmussen57m23027Tekamah, NEGet er done 
80568/??/2004Keith Burgess51m 28s 200ms25052Hooker, OKStrawberry Shortcake for Dessert! 
80578/24/04Hahn Yang59m23524Carlsbad, CAFor my Buddies in Afgahan USMC 
80588/27/04Ilya Kogan47m28045Mishawaka, INNo Dessert - too bad 
80599/2/04Ted53m28050Noawalk, CTTempt me with pie. 
80609/3/04Manfred Chemek53m 18s28344Houston, TX3rd time is a charm 
80619/4/04Stacy Strother59m 35s 400ms30032Batesville, ARGood Stuff 
80629/8/04Daniel Kahapea46mBig33Hanakuli, HIWhere's Dessert? 
80639/10/04Matt Cavendon57m20426Manchester, MAWicked Pissa 
80649/13/04Russell Plowick31m19019Wichita Falls, TXI'm Finally Full 
80659/22/04Rolando Novoa55m26038Salt Lake City, UTVery Very Good 
80669/24/04Carlene Lefevre46m102veryHenderson, NVWoW! 🙂 
80679/24/04Daniel Streety53m21524Tulsa, OKNo Prob. 
80689/24/04Landon Briscoe52m19028Oklahoma City, OKIt was great! Try it. 
80699/24/04Richard Lefevre30m13260Henderson, NVGreat Steak! 
80709/29/04Terry Jennings35m25055Newton, KSIt was Great 
807110/1/04Max Robinson41m22026New South Wales, AustraliaVery Good 
807210/5/04Ronalda Kobialka38m19043Louisa, VAExcellent 
807310/6/04Ali Sahin52m92kg26Esslingen, GermanyWhere's the next restroom? 
807410/6/04Dennis Lee Tarazon48m30019Phoenix, AZVery Big Steak 
807510/6/04Paatz Gehard58m22024Esslingen, GermanyHardest fight, but I survived!!! 
807610/11/04James Spradling53m 30s22542Austin, TXI tried it once and learned my lesson 
807710/22/04Vladimir Radin47m26349Chicago, IL  
807810/26/04Lynwood A. Wade Jr.48m26056Muskogee, OKGood 
807910/26/04Tim Martin55m27026Granger, WANot Again 
808010/30/04Eric Gates56m24027Las Vegas, NVGreat 
808111/3/04Mike Thompson1h20028Conway, ARGreat 
808211/4/04Ty Makosky50m24340Bedford, TXIt was Great 
808311/6/04Alberto Bernal27m23727Wheaton, MDFantastic 100% 
808411/7/04Ahmet Ozbek43m31040Baton Rouge, LAGreat Place ! 
808511/7/04Ramin Badkoobeh48m 18s27523Baton Rouge, LAGreat Food! 
808611/7/04Stail Senter52m19535Tucson, AZGood Food 
808711/8/04Scott Rawson51m33530Fresno, CA  
808811/10/04David McDonagh38m27046Chicago, ILLot of Food 
808911/19/04Gary Colman47m 30s25050Yoakum, TXLots of Food 
809011/19/04Walt Ellis Hairell47m 28s 800ms30037Yoakum, TXProof !!! 
809111/20/04Nicoloe Radoi45m38064Norwalk, CAVery Good . 
809211/21/04Dan Dobesh59m 35s 400ms17518North Platte, NEAte a milkshake after. 
809311/28/04Fred Gaspard53m31040Sheboysan, WI  
809412/2/04Harlan Martin30m38042Mcloud, OKA Job Well Done !! 
809512/7/04Steven Holt1h26030Cimarron, KSBe cocky but not too much 
809612/12/04Jonathan Arroyo56m 25s 200ms23042Tucson, AZBIG 
809712/13/04Mark Lester57m 9s25025Amarillo, TXNasty 
809812/31/04David McDonagh49m 13s 200ms27546Chicago, ILVery Good!! 
80991/5/05Chadwick Morrison45m18535Dunwoody, GABest Steak in Texas 
81001/6/05Rob Shepard58m 11s 400ms20060Roanoke, VA2nd time, Never again Thanks! 
81011/7/05Alain Leclair59m 21s25544Rawdon Quebec, CanadaGlad to be over. 
81021/16/05Collin Curry54m 34s 200ms19020Overland Park, KSTake one 2 go 
81031/21/05Matthew Paul Warzecha52m 3s29142Ocala, FLGo for It !! 
81042/1/05Sean McPherson49m 6s35023Minneapolis, MNFun Patrol 
81052/3/05Bob Bolt II59m 35s 400ms24529Springfield, ILNap Time!! 
81062/5/05Don Blanchard59m 35s 400ms20049Sulphur, LAGreat Steak 
81072/5/05Patrick Houlihan58m 30s20032Albuquerque, NMConquered but never again 
81082/5/05Zacharah Pedersen34m22034Milwaukie, OR"Nitro and Coumadin Stat!" 
81092/11/05Jeff Mayden59m30032Santa Fe Springs, CADONE. . . 
81102/15/05Vladimir Radin11:00:0025049Chicago, ILAlmost lost it. 
81112/17/05Jeremy Macgadi53m21021Freemont, CANo Room for Dessert! 
81122/18/05Randal Lehmeier41m 22s 800ms24045Indian Harbor Beach, PAIt was Free!! Go Steelers 
81132/18/05Robert Burgess53m 28s 800ms26061Kalamazoo, MINo Room for Seconds. 
81142/19/05Zach HensrudeUnder 1 HR31020Monroe, WA  
81152/22/05David Lowe35m32543El Reno, OKIt's Easy! 🙂 
81162/28/05Lucas P. Williams53m45024Sherman, TXNever Again ! 
81173/5/05Josh Dale1h22019Sealy, TXGo Toppers!!! 
81183/5/05Matt Tinney54m36037West Vally City, UTTrail Iner 
81193/7/05Joshua Pennel1h22025Warrensburg, MOMy Heart Hurts 
81203/13/05Mario Vassallo59m27029Mackay Old, AustraliaDone like a roast dinner 
81213/18/05Michael Stanford47m24041Austin, TX  
81223/22/05Joe MaMa59m 9s20522San Diego, CAFor the Boys Shiball 
81233/23/05Big Mike53m 22s 200ms32529San Marcus, TX29 yrs. In the making 
81243/25/05Elias Jackson50m15025Amarillo, TXThis is how the true state of Texas is being proven 
81253/26/05Michael Marron59m 18s24023San Antonio, TXDunka Dunk 
81263/29/05James Phelps28m18825Amarillo, TXPop Belly 
81273/29/05John L. Huey54m28037Murrieta, CAWhat? No Dessert 
81284/2/05Ben Gaither59m 35s 400ms33023Ft. Colllins, COI bent my fork aka The House 
81294/4/05Sage Seifert52m21026Fairmont, WVSeconds Anyone 
81304/11/05Christopher Bates59m 35s 400ms26042Valencia, CAThe last few bites are a killer 
81314/15/05Matt Riggin47m30342Boston, MACan only eat Texas beans longer 
81324/25/05Chad Vanderlaan41m30025Linden, MIOB-BC Road Trip 2005 
81334/27/05John Drazek59m 5s 400ms20538Athol, MAI used everything I had Sly Stallone - 'COBRA' 
81345/10/05Houtan Kargar27m18522San Diego, CAEasy! 
81355/28/05Darin Booher59m 35s 400ms22022Indian Springs, NVI'm Full 
81365/30/05Christopher Kent59m 34s 200ms26518Kimberling City, MOToo full to write 
81375/30/05William Hughes55m 13s 800ms22022Elmira, NY  
81386/1/05Kevin Pruitt44m20542Plainfield, INSingle, need a cook 
81396/5/05James Lee Salyer41m25030Kingsport, TNI won't try it again 
81406/6/05Thomas A. Rey55m23544San Francisco, CANever Again! 
81416/9/05Joshua Copeland34m31022Louisville, KYPsm 73:25-28 There is no greater than serving God Jer. 20:9 
81426/9/05Neil Zutz55m26040Twin Falls, IDGo Air Force! 
81436/21/05David Sharrah38m 21s17419Broken Arrow, OKThat Steak knows what I mean!, I guess everythings bigger in OK 
81446/23/05Corey Donaldson59m 18s18719Moon Twp., PAGo Steelers! 
81456/26/05Robert Anderson58m 22s 800ms21047Irving, TXGreat Steak 
81466/29/05Chris Remsen55m 20s 400ms17520Rockport, MEWhat it do? 
81477/4/05Glen Aaron IV51m33531Midland, TXOuch! 
81487/4/05Spencer Stefko58m21028Pittsborgh, PAYou know Bruins 
81497/15/05Bryon Warls58m 19s 800ms18525Bartlesville, OKThank You 
81507/17/05Carl Barlow45m22529Hammond, INOk Cheaters 
81517/24/05Jerry White57m23756Indepencence, IAGood Food! I only wish I didn't have to go now or I'd have another one. 
81527/25/05Tony Krolecyk57m21528Solomon, MONothin but a thing! 
81537/26/05Tucker Lienhop57m 31s 800ms13522Kansas City, MOWorth the Drive 
81547/28/05Ellery S Actor58m17021Monte Sereno, CANothing Worse than a big ego. 
81557/28/05Joseph E Koslow59m 18s22055Pittsburgh, PAThat's a meal. 
81567/29/05Tobias Harding55m18730Takoma Park, MDThat's a meal. 
81577/30/05Fred Luminoso57m21025Saratoga, CAGood Lord. 
81587/30/05Jeff Kleemeyer59m 30s26529Fort Worth, TXOy Vay 
81598/3/05Tony Keene47m32037Jena, LALast Time. 
81608/4/05Robert Walker1h28046San Breno, CANever Again! 
81618/5/05Dylan Mattina45m36242Hamburg, NYWhat's for Dessert ?? 
81628/6/05Cole Cappel59m 35s 400ms17015Dallas, TXI did it (I'm going to puke) 
81638/6/05James Cox59m 27s38725Justin, TXGood Luck I'll be back 
81648/7/05Brent Kutlsea52m18522Purcell, OKBig d--- steak 
81658/9/05Johanna Hickey32m 24s11022Las Vegas, NV  
81668/9/05Phillip Barrios58m 20s 400ms22332Santee, CABest Cooked Steak I have ever had. 
81678/13/05D. W. Jones59m 27s35028Austin, TXSame Time Tomorrow Then? 
81688/14/05Bryan Richardson54m19536Bradenton, FLAwesome 
81698/14/05Rich Georgas58m28055Phoenix, AZWaiting 30 years to try & did 
81708/16/05Christopher Cavins59m 18s31418Oklahoma City, OKI can't believe I almost didn't eat the whole thing 
81718/16/05Jeffrey Margolis38m 18s26353Ocean Grove, NJThank you Amarillo Big T Steak Ranch for your hospitality 
81728/19/05Ronnie White47m 9s24627Denver, COOnly 72 oz? Come on now! 
81738/21/05Ben Fuchs49m24522Fort Mohove , AZ3.5 more oz. Thanks Mary 
81748/23/05Colin Chang49m 6s21034Hardin, MOI no mas! 
81758/26/05Stephen Kent35m 22s 800ms34035San Marcos, TXBest Steak I ever had 
81768/27/05Gary Skaggs28m37530Prague, OKGood! 
81778/27/05Pedro Quinones, Jr50m29627Milwaukee, WII did It! 
81788/30/05Robert A. Sheets45m34043Hesperia, MII'm full now 
81799/5/05Boris Tkacenko59m22536Milwaukee, WIHad Room 4 Cake 
818010/3/05Jordan Heimer59m 0s 600ms16523Los Angeles, CANever eat steak again 
818110/6/05Dylon Whyte57m30031Gore Bay, OntarioNext time I'll do two 
818210/19/05J. Michael Rota38m 45s 600ms21528Newton, NJI love cows. They taste so good. 
818310/20/05John Cronly59m 35s 400ms19020Springfield, MOCame all the way from England!! 
818411/1/05Craig Butt55m24031Nuneaton, EnglandDo I get dessert with that 
818511/5/05Harlan Martin47m38040Mcloud, OKThanks for the #2 free meal 
818611/20/05Peter Bell59m 35s 400m12225Elermore Vale, AustraliaGo Aussies! 
818711/20/05Ryan Sutherland59m 35s 400m22026Calgary, AB CanadaWOW! 
818811/27/05Anthony Warrior27m43029Shawnee, OK"400 lbs of Heavenly Joy" 
818912/12/05Jeff Oringer35m26053Las Vegas, NVCan't Believe It 
819012/18/05Douglas Chan53m20045Tuen Mum, Hong KongI'm Still Hungry! 
819112/22/05Derek Ong30m24038Phoenix, AZ  
819212/25/05Blake Tilton59m 34s 800m18521Mesquite, TXShrimp is Puke 
819312/25/05Graham Cole59m 18s22017Garland, TXIt's bigger than you think ( I lost a tater) 
819412/26/05Seth Douglas Osburn I59m 27s27018Searcy, ARThank goodness I'm a country boy 
819512/26/05Toby Leslie59m 35s 400m21531Converse, TXBeef, It's what for dinner 
819612/27/05Tyler Smith39m 18s 600m18516Mission, TXWhoop!!! 
81971/2/06Ziad Abawi45m25043Northport, ALGood 
81981/3/06Michael C Porzio57m16025Buffalo, NYI hate steak 
81991/4/06George H. Duggins II54m33041Fallon, NVI am full and ready to take a nap. 
82001/6/06Osef Ali52m17535Conyers, GAGood Eatin!! 
82011/24/06Mike Caldwell55m41043Sevierville, TN"Here's the Beef"! 
82021/26/06Jason Goulet53m24522Norman, OKGo Blazers 
82032/5/06Edward Zellem32m 18s 0ms25042Arlington, VAOutstanding Steak! Go Steelers Win Super Bowl 
82042/9/06Chris Kagran59m 35s 400m30025Castroville, CAGreat Steak 
82052/9/06Chris Relgar59m 35s 400m30025Kassor, GermanyGreat Steak 
82062/15/06Bruce Gabel59m 17s 400m19253VT  
82072/23/06John Briggs Becton55m28033West Lake, LAThe 1st Half Tasted Great 
82083/3/06Norah Gonzalez45m11817El Paso, TXSi Se Pude !!!!!!!! 
82093/4/06Daniel Garding 21518Dallas, TX  
82103/4/06David Brown56m24042Oluster, OKGo Me! 
82113/8/06Randy Robbins59m 35s 400m19547Fort Worth, TXIn MS we call that an appetizer 
82123/9/06Joshua Kirby30m24018Fort Worth, TXFull 
82133/9/06Moez Bensaad59m 23s 400m19035Eureka, CAWho turned the lights off!! 
82143/13/06Robert Williamson45m35545Troutman, NCRoll Tide 
82153/29/06Mark Richardson56m19533Kewanee, ILFat Boy 
82164/1/06Steven Ray Bortee Jr.58m 12s28021Huber Heights, OHJim's not mad he paid 
82174/2/06Anton Topf42m 31s 200m23020DeSoto, KSI'm Full 
82184/14/06Sako Asatryan50m17547N. Hollywood, CAVery Good 🙂 
82194/15/06Lazarus Fetty59m 35s 400m22016Kemls, OKI'm Still Walking 
82204/15/06Ronald C. Pugh54m40029Adrian, MOKeep on eat'n 
82214/16/06Mike Michaelis59m 35s 400m16959Alexandria, VAWhat's for Dessert? 
82224/20/06Michael J. Wheeler59m 35s 400m20531Aberdeen, NCU. S. MC 
82234/21/06John Humphrey54m 35s 400m36525Grantsville, MDNever Again 
82244/21/06Samuel Goeddler40m 0s 600ms24029El Paso, TXNo Problem! 
82254/22/06Charles Samples47m 25s 200m26020Amarillo, TXMMM Good! 
82265/8/06Tim Canterbury55m 18s24045San Diego, CA  
82275/13/06Michael Spencer42m33039Gallipolis Ferry, W VA  
82285/13/06Sejin Gm36m16519Seoul KoreaGo Duke! 
82295/21/06Jose Rada54m 18s23756Sarasota, FLGreat Food! 
82305/22/06Matt Dietsche59m 35s 400m19030Superior, WIWhoa! 
82315/27/06Zack Pelphrey59m 35s 400m23524Lubbock, TXNo more 
82325/28/06Keith Rice51m26533Cincinnati, OHGit R Done 
82336/2/06Chad Arnold59m 25s 800m20025Oklahoma City, OKNever Again 
82346/2/06J. D. Case53m21023Ada, OKBring me one more 
82356/14/06Mike Durbin57m36033Grover Beach, CAFor Uncle Gene 
82366/14/06Randy Pullin49m34045Pleasant Plains, ARI'll be back! 
82376/17/06Marion L. Ellis 20063Billings, MT  
82386/17/06Moses Petrea58m20556Fremont, CAFeel Good 
82397/2/06Armand P. Piondi 24047West Babylon, NY  
82407/9/06Erik L. Smith55m23525Richardson, TXThe shortcake is good for dessert 
82417/16/06Pascal Brisson59m 35s 400m27029Montreal, QuebecPoker God!!! 
82427/19/06Erik Hinderliter59m 22s 800m30025ILBig Love 
82437/21/06Daniel Rodriguez59m 18s27534Mountain View, CAI'm like totally full 
82447/21/06Matthew Warzcha39m 31s 800m29143Phoenix, AZWhat's for Dessert? 
82457/28/06Clarence45m16923Sydney, AustraliaDamn That's Big!!! 
82467/28/06Kevin Pierce38m32529Marshfield, WI  
82477/28/06Shawn Schlaiss51m 21s 600m20033Kent, ILNeed Bigger Pants 
82488/1/06Austen Knowles58m19519Houston, TXOne good hunk of meat 
82498/7/06Justin Wells53m25022Louisville, KYI want to go back to Philmont 
82508/24/06Jason Yousif58m19522Norman, OKYummy 
82518/25/06Miguel Martinez51m 16s 800m28028Canyon, TXCheck Stall One I'm a vegetarian now! 
82529/1/06Thomas Alexander49m20061Austin, TXVery Good But need Chocolate Cake 
82539/24/06Anton Momazaspyan47m 16s 800m28526Burbank, CAYahoo 
82549/24/06Carlene Lefevre34m 14s 400m140youngHenderson, NVYum-O 15th time 
82559/24/06Richard Lefevre25m 15s13062Henderson, NVExcellent as always (#20) 
825610/4/06Raymond Puchot42m23539MAThis was good. 
825710/5/06Manly Seifert59m19032Fairmont, WVAMan wins again 
825810/7/06Randy Gouard, Jr.44m40024Odessa, TXBig & Nasty 
825910/8/06James Presley59m22568Auburn, CABest Steak in the World 
826010/28/06Ran J. Marek59m 35s 400m34032Woodward, OKIt's Big !! 
826111/23/06Michael J. Hume45m26047Leesburg, FLI Love Steak 
826211/23/06Terry Carson59m24642New Boston, TXNo More Steak Today 
826311/27/06Lester Fairchild 24049Lufkin, TX  
826412/1/06Amadi Ding BA59m 35s 400m19326USAF Academy, COTasty as Ever 
826512/5/06Joshua Harrelson53.10 mind19818Terlton, OKI Like Dessert 
826612/7/06Brian Phillips43m40042Cockeysville, MD2nd Times easier 
826712/17/06Andy LaCombe55m 3s 600ms28043Plymouth, MNThanks for the fun 
826812/19/06Shane Hurst58m23039Kansas City, MOI Did it. 
82691/2/07Luis Lozoya54m21029Tuolumne, CAPlans on doing it again!! 
82701/12/07Isaias Hernandez 28524Downey, CA  
82711/27/07Todd Jackson56m35029Coweta, OKI'm Full 
82721/28/07Chris Clyne59m 35s 400m21033Brigham City, UTNever Give Up 
82732/3/07Daniel Atanasoae  28Chicago, IL  
82742/3/07Ghislain Laquerre46m 24s 600m22035Victoriaville, QuebecI'm Full for the rest of the year 
82752/3/07Robert Jordan46m 31s 200m23536Chanutte, KSRight to the airport Look out below 
82762/3/07Shane Cannon57m19228Childress, TXI Hate Steak !!! 
82772/27/07David Lowe, Jr.44m17528Reeda, CAMy Dad did it, my brothers, then me, one day my son. 
82782/27/07David "Huey" Lowe21m33544El Reno, OKWith God all things are possible 
82792/28/07James Capone57m 13s 800ms23549New Kensington, PAWould do it again 
82802/28/07Zig Grigalis53m 29s 400ms24046Lexington, KY  
82813/5/07Harley Harmon59m30038Walterboro, SCHELP 
82823/8/07Jason D. Fields50m42040Mason, WVAGreat Steak! Fields for President @ 
82833/10/07Brian Phillips33m42042LockyWills, MD3 Times and Counting 
82843/11/07Chad Reno54m28027Tomball, TXThat's some good eatin 
82853/11/07Julia Schmitz59m 35s 400ms13027Grevenbroich, GermanyFor Contiki 
82863/14/07Louis Bennett56m 30s20044Pearland, TXNever Again ! ! 
82873/16/07Peter Jonathon(Jon) Roberts58m 12s27030Amarillo, TXHeck Ya! 
82883/19/07Charles R. Stieger49m30030Midwest City, OKI did it all for my wife & kids & for everyone at H&E Equipment Services 
82893/22/07Nicholas Orwig57m 18s26017Carbondale, KSHolly Crap 
82903/28/07Kevin Davis56m26519Rock Springs, WYI did it for My Bro & the boys @Cudd Energy 
82913/29/07Tabor Morris59m 35s 400ms26018Electra, TXTo the Electra Energy FFA Chapter! Love Ya 
82923/31/07Dennis Hall34m34136Bethel, OHN/A 
82933/31/07Filimon Gonzale Jr.59m 18s37523Freeport, TXIt was fun!!! 
82944/4/07Ed Emmons46m23052Portsmouth, NHTraining is Everything. 
82954/5/07Adam Von Zuiden38m 16s 800ms21020Presidio of Monterey, CA🙂 
82964/7/07John Rodrigues47m 30s42525Lexington Park, MDMind over Matter 
82974/11/07John Charles Breen1h31362Las Vegas, NVGreat Steak and Service, Thanks 
82984/13/07Bil Mattern59m 25s 800ms21038Knoxville, TNThe eyes of the Big Texan are upon you 
82994/13/07Philip Smith59m 35s 400ms93Kg26NSW, AusGo the Warriors 
83004/14/07Joe Daoai41m 35s 400ms20058Mesa, AZI'm a Texan now! 
83014/18/07David Carlton52m 6s 600ms18524Little Rock, ARIf you believe in yourself, you can do anything 
83024/19/07David Kousky57m 7s 200ms24537Parsons, TNDefinitely Filling 
83034/21/07Clifton Fletcher Jr.59m 18s31530Pampa, TXDone 
83044/21/07Sam Guerrero59m 35s 400ms25030El Paso, TXNever Again !! 
83055/6/07Sam Storrick54m17020Elkins, WVAI'm Sick 
83065/12/07Brian Phillips35m42542Cockeysville, MDGreat!! 
83075/12/07Lawrence Jenkins59m 35s 400ms23028Lawton, OKThat's Army Strong 
83085/14/07Tim Stearns59m 32s 400ms23025Chino Valley, AZFund! 
83095/19/07Steven Barksdale59m 35s 400ms31619Springfield, MOTime 4 Ice Cream 
83105/21/07Ron Jenson50m15323Buckeye, AZI did it for the waitress 
83115/21/07Tim Doud45m16019Merrimac, MAEasy, Stuffed for a week 
83125/23/07Stanley Ellis55m24021Harrah, OKBest Server Ever - Great Steak 
83135/23/07Chris Monteo53m 27s20522Milwaukee, WIGo Brewers! 
83145/26/07Alphonso Malone56m 13s 200ms30038Rolla, MOBig Belly Full house eating 
83155/31/07William Jeff Brown59m 35s 400ms40019Spanish Fort, AL"I don't feel well" 
83166/2/07Daryl Thomas55m18036Edmond, OK  
83176/2/07Dylan Ward58m 18s18018Little Rock, ARScrew Steak 
83186/2/07Wesley Brockway58m 18s16020Westfield, NJJersey Pride, Baby! 
83196/3/07Brian Phillips40m42042Lockeysvill, MD5's A Charm 
83206/7/07Jalko Arenas59m 33s23032Miami, FLThank you all for the kindness and the good time! 
83216/8/07Richard Lake II58m24032Baxter, TN  
83226/8/07Graham WarnerUnder 1 Hr.20519Katy, TX  
83236/11/07Joseph Kadris49m27557Rosharon, TXLots of Fun! 
83246/15/07Terry Kilpatrick51m 18s48051Seratobia, MS  
83256/16/07Jeff Trusty56m26040Riddleton, TNTry It 
83266/17/07Scott Winning59m 35s 400ms95kg34Rouse Hill, Aus.Very Full 
83276/18/07Chris Sandoval59m 35s 400ms22018Pasatere, TX1 Hr. of Hell ...... 
83286/20/07Jim Harris44m25032Nantoul, IL  
83296/21/07Randy Korencky58m 11s 400ms20053Pineville, LAWasted 
83306/24/07Tim Hola47m 18s16832Highlands Ranch, CAI'm Still Hungry! 
83316/28/07Aaron M. Bonachea47m 25s 800ms27530Lomha, CAWhat's for Dessert? 
83326/29/07Wesley WilliamsUnder 1 Hr.35017Farmers Branch, TX  
83337/3/07Stephanie Pollice48m 13s 200ms12528Albuquerque, NMGirl's Game! 
83347/9/07Omar Ayala56m?35Phoenix, AZShould give a bigger steak 
83357/16/07Jesse Leavitt44m 18s30030Willamina, ORA good thing to do once 
83367/25/07Kevin Carr51m 9s27535Columbus, OHWhat's for dessert? 
83377/30/07Mike Waskowitz56m 27s18050Spring, TX"Coach W from the Woodlands" 
83388/7/07Arturo Rodriguez39m19637Albuquerque, NMI'll be back! 
83398/9/07Aaron Williams31m 25s 200ms28528Riverton, WYNice Snack 
83408/14/07Marc Luyten57m 31s 800ms100kg39Nylen, BelgiumFull as Hell 
83418/17/07Mike Manasewitsch57m16525Sherman Oaks, CANow I'm Fat 2007 '()' 
83428/25/07C. E. Hempstead53m 12s25070 How did Stephanie do it? 
83438/26/07Stephen Williams53m 34s 800ms21047Wagoner, OKVery Good Meal 
83448/31/07Aaron M. Bonachea47m 16s 800ms27030Lomita, CADid it for the 2nd time 
83459/15/07Mathieu58m83 kg32FranceI love Texas 
83469/15/07Brett Easton48m67 kg25Weetangera Canberra, AusBeautiful !! Thanks Guys 
834710/2/07Tim Meinecke54m 30s26042Bethany, MOWhere's the Fat Lady Now! TNT Transport Best Free Steak Ever 
834810/2/07Chris Dye45m 18s28537Trenton, KYNever Again! 
834910/2/07Lindsay Williamson59m 35s 400ms12025Jasper, TXMy husband calls me "warrior" and I came and I conquered the biggest meal in Texas 
835010/3/07Elliot Eiche41m16224Goolidge, AZWorth the Trip 
835110/6/07James Gray57m 25s 800ms70 kg20Adelaide, AusAre We Jalapeno! Thanks 
835210/9/07Nick Wolf53m29530Claremore, OKTo World Hunger you can do your part 
835310/10/07Geremy Sandifer59m23019North Richland Hills, TXIs Dessert Free too? 
835410/10/07Michael Keith54m  Clearlake Oaks, CAYea Baby 
835510/10/07William Robert Hataway Jr.55m25061Rusk, TXGreat 
835610/11/07Don Herode49m 22s 800ms31038Racine, WIVery Hard 
835710/11/07Joe Barchuk51m 27s23038Racine, WII will never do it again 
835810/16/07Chris Markey59m 35s 400ms19624Chico, CAWhat are we doing tomorrow? 
835910/20/07Daniel Vanduser56m32052Nashville, TN"Yummy" 
836010/25/07Robert S. Gray59m 16s 200ms15529Raleigh, NCI don't want to see a cow or I'll pass out 
836110/25/07Danny Shihadah56m20049Glendora, CADelicious! 
836210/25/07Georg R.Hixon59m 35s 400ms38035Carmichaels, PAHad fun Truck on 
836310/25/07Steven Vander Zeeuw59m 35s 400ms20419Albuquerque, NMGimme another one 
836410/30/07Terry Collins51m 18s29041Jasper, ARNext year I'll do it again 
836511/9/07Mansur Gilmetdinov59m 13s 800ms30031Rockville, MDIt was not so hard for me. I wish good luck to everyone next. 
836611/10/07Joseph Taramillo40m28021Reseda, CABest 5 lbs. I ever gained 
836711/11/07Tim Halter58m20058Orah, MOIt was tough 
836811/16/07Rick Madigan54m 14s 400ms30048Bowling Green, MOYo 
836911/17/07Shawn Thomas38m 28s 800ms33536Fort Worth, TXThat Just Happened !!! 
837011/22/07Paul Coleman30m 16s 200ms40050Topeka, KSWhat for Dinner 
837111/22/07Anthony Kalos55m 18s32040Blountsville, ALWhere's the Beef??? 
837211/23/07Christopher Matonti59m23029Oklahoma City, OKMy Wife Could have eaten it too 
837311/25/07Sean Donohoe45m 22s 200ms20024Fort Worth, TXWhat's for dessert? 
837411/30/07Manly SeifertUnder 1 HR19533Fairmont, WVA  
837512/1/07Andy Hudgens59m 33s 600ms20023Portales, NMNuevo Mexico Por Vlda (Eastern Boys!!) 
837612/12/07Eric Stwtzman1h23523Son Jose, CATasted good, Need Dessert 
837712/16/07Mark Kolenda55m 13s 800ms21035Cedar Springs, MIIt can be done 
837812/18/07Marc Staupoch59m 35s 400ms26727Casselberry, FLeauhhhwweeewuggh! 
837912/18/07Jason Krakowiak49m 35s 400ms19526Holly Hill, FLI can't feel my legs 
838012/29/07Henry Quattlebaum55m25044Shiloh, GAGood Steak!! 
838112/30/07Paul Mathews59m 35s 400ms40025Slauthter, LAI win 
83821/3/08Glenn Stndeford51m 22s 800ms21032Kapolie, HIWhere is dessert? 
83831/6/08James Ferguson58m 18s27524Rosemead, CAThank Megan Wow! 
83841/11/08Curtis Brown59m 35s 400ms25028Fargo, NDEasy Should have gave me 2 good food 
83851/13/08Scott Cameron59m 35s 400ms18730Paradise, Adelaide, AusLiving the Dream. 
83861/13/08Andrew Beauchamp59m 35s 400ms28037Ontario, CanApple Pie Please !! 
83871/16/08Joseph Atterberg59m 18s31544Kahoka, MOI ate the hole thing 
83882/7/08Arturo Rodriguez58m19037Albuquerque, NM2nd Time !!! 
83892/8/08Michael Scott44m 7s 800ms25047Babbitt, MNLets Eat 
83902/13/08Gloria Williams59m 35s 400ms 22Fairmont, WVAI am the Queen! 
83912/24/08Franklin Smith42m25030Ft. Supply, OKReady to Go!!! 
83922/25/08John Nemec59m 35s 400ms31539Rockford, TNDon't be afraid to try. I did even though I was sick. 
83932/28/08Chris Connon22m22028Alpena, MIDessert!!! 
83942/28/08Edward Kehoe59m 35s 400ms21013Denver, COJ.C.O.S. 
83953/12/08Mickey Dollens59m 35s 400ms26020Dallas, TX.SMU Mustangs #95 
83963/16/08Stephen Abrams59m 35s 400ms22026Medford, OR.I don't want another steak for a while. 
83973/21/08Thomas Boles58m 30s26542Cleveland, TN.Wish I had got a chicken. 
83983/21/08Tim Hartpence49m 29s 400ms32536Carrollton, TX.I wish I had time for 2 of them. Get Mashed Potatoes instead. 
83993/22/08Brian Luna59m 15s21020Lubbock, TX.Loved the Sauce 
84003/23/08Joe Shin Woo54m 24s23028Easton, MDDo not order medium well. It's too hard. 
84013/24/08Joey Chestnut8:52 mins22024Vellejo, CA.There is a new champ in town! 
84023/26/08John Fortune55m 31s 800ms300 Hazel Park, MI.Ouch! 
84034/1/08Robert Kuczer53m 21s 600ms28035Pulaski, WI.Don't need dessert. 
84044/3/08Mike Szramek58m18544Glen Ellyn, IL.It's over. 
84054/6/08Doug Robertson II56m 48s27527Jericho, NYPraise God 
84064/8/08Eric Musshorn45m 32s 400ms21024Sheppard AFB, TX.B-Flight 09-02, F-Flight sucks 
84074/13/08John Gerrish59m21522Spring, TXI am all that is man 
84084/17/08Reid W Chambers59m 24s37047Neches, TX.Not as tough as before 
84094/18/08Richard DavisUnder 1 HR23549Phoenix, AZ.  
84104/20/08Steven D. Wiener35m 22s 200ms25045Cleveland, OH.Not as hard as it looks 
84114/22/08Matt Hult47m 14s 400ms25030Overland Park, KS.Going Vegetarian 
84124/27/08Jared Preston52m 28s 800ms21022Springfield, NJWhat's for dessert? 
84135/3/08Stephen Pradon58m 59s 400ms24032Reading, PA.Thank God It's Over!! Never Again 
84145/6/08Darrin Peters53m 8s 400ms17025Hollywood, CA.Model to Competitive Eater: Where's the Ice Cream? 
84155/6/08Jon Hamisteries58m29524Alberta, CanadaI could go for a piece of carrot cake. 
84165/23/08Ralph E. Walton58m 18s35037Rainelle, WVAGood Steak!! 
84175/24/08Ivan HargreavedUnder 1 HR16549Barrowford, England  
84185/25/08Juan Gaytan59m 4s 800ms24030Phoenix, AZ.Good Steak!! 
84195/25/08Frank Blanud59m 33s32034Pamona, SpainBest Steak Ever 
84205/30/08Andrew Dalton57m27534Topeka, KS.Fabulous 
84216/4/08Shaun Scott59m 34s 800ms26026Scottsdale, AZGo Devils! ASU! 
84226/7/08Jonathan Saeger39m28032Bloomington, FL.Wow! Thank you! 
84236/12/08Adam Stovall59m 35s 400ms23528Big Spring, TX.  
84246/12/08Denny Grossman59m 35s 400ms23070Burbank, CA.  
84256/14/08Justin Chevng58m 27s19021San Marino, CA.Great Steak 
84266/16/08Billy 'Bubba' Pingleton59m 33s29025Atoka, OK.Where's the apple pie? 
84276/17/08Ron Stafford52m 22s 200ms25058Phoenix, AZ.Great Steak 
84286/21/08John M Burk50m 18s29030Ft Worth, TX.Where's the trash can? 
84296/29/08Alex Witherspoon46m 18s28719Clinton, TN.Son, Ya'll should have got a bigger steak. 
84307/3/08Jose Naranjo59m 35s 400ms28519Amarillo, TX.Did what Papi couldn't do 
84317/4/08Greg Eslinger59m 35s 400ms28525Parker, CO.Buzzer Beater! 
84327/5/08Michael Fenske57m30049Purdy. MO.Good Steak. My jaws hurt. 
84337/11/08Jake Phillips50m 18s18026Lubbock, TX.Still Hungry 
84347/31/08Philip Chauvin31m 16s 800ms33030San Antonio, TX.Come Hungry 
84358/3/08Bobby Krantz59m 35s 400ms25525Lewisville, TX.I'm Full 
84368/6/08Guy K Duerbeck59m14058PA.Thanks for the Memories! 
84378/7/08Dominico Carriera59m 35s 400ms25039Borger, TX.O.M.G.! 
84388/22/08Nicholas Sidelnik50m 1s 200ms22026New York, NY.Yum 
84398/19/08Jose Oliva45m 42s35022Miami, FL.Anything for Money 
84408/29/08Gray Flores56m 1s 800ms26034Indianapolis, IL.A dream come true 
84418/31/08Brent Inkelaar44m 18s23524Wichita, KS.Wow 
84429/1/08Sinad Merdete57m 30s30028St. Louis, MO.No Dessert Please 
84439/18/08Matthew Smith59m 35s 400ms 80 KG 26Sydney NSW, AustraliaHard thing to dominate. I'm a weap 
84449/18/08Carl Zapata41m 22s 800ms25024Plainview, TX.It's my birthday 
84459/28/08Mitchell Pollaire53m 30s16030Chandler, AZ.I could eat two big steaks. 
84469/28/08Jesse Smith40m 34s 800ms23025Coronado, CA.I play water polo baby. 
84479/28/08Patrick VaudamUnder 1 Hr.15524Eagan, MN.  
84489/29/08Adam Richman29m 34Brooklyn, NY.I came I saw I conquered. Man vs. Food Travel Channel 
844910/2/08William Sheets53m 8s 400ms27047Watkinsville, GAI can't believe I ate the whole thing. 
845010/7/08J Zach Downing41m 14s 400ms22824Ft Defiance, AZ.This is for the underdog. 
845110/15/08Greg Parker58m15824St. Louis, MO.I need some pie! 
845210/17/08Joe Alberti49m30032Albuquerque, NM.Blah 
845310/19/08Lance Bla30m 18s30025Navajo, NM.Ready for another one! 
845410/23/08Charles Noga37m38034Ozark, MO.Never Again 
845510/25/08James Anderson45m 9s29542Chickamauga, GA."I'll do it once" 
845611/6/08Karl M. Cruz54m21532Albuquerque, NM."Get er Done!" 
845711/7/08Hunter Lewis40m25523OKGo Pokes 
845811/7/08Ryan Gartner59m 35s 400ms18021OKSmaller bites help......seriously 
845911/8/08Gilberto Zych32m23046 Steak very good 
846011/9/08Alejandro Martinez28m 13s 800ms13033Valencia, SpainDes De Valencia Spain to Amarillo, Texas 
846111/16/08Martin Munoz59m 35s 400ms21539Ontario, CanadaNever Again! 
846211/17/08Charles Smith59m 35s 400ms20521Walsh, CO.I wanna puke 
846311/18/08Robert Drelich49m22525Wallington, NJ.Deliciousness 
846411/23/08Robert Nesheiwat51m 30s 600ms32532Wasco, CA.I DID IT! 
846511/25/08Shel Winkley51m 30s 600ms21523Amarillo, TX.  
846611/27/08EdgarUnder 1 Hr.29250Pahrump, NV.  
846712/7/08Ed "Animal" Jones54m 31s 200ms29249Pahrump, NV.Two times in two weeks maybe filet milnon next time. 
846812/7/08William Robert Hataway Jr.48m26062Rusk, TX.Need More Potato! 
846912/13/08Bob McGregor46m27028Mustang, OK.Great Steak Easy Meal 
847012/13/08Cody LaCombe Jr43m22024Port Neches, TX.It wasn't nothing. 
847112/16/08Gye Doardore38m 27s46048Sweek Home Dr, OR.Great Food! 
84721/1/09Justin Strood59m 35s 400ms25031League City, TX.It Hurt Like Hell !! 
84731/6/09Nathan Patterson59m 35s 400ms21019Anchorage, AK.Delicious Meal!! 
84741/13/09Theodore A Rosenblum58m 18s15025New York, NY.The last bites are the best! 
84751/15/09Marco Steezker58m 18s19020Fruitland Park, FL.Good to the last bite! 
84761/17/09Stevan Alcon47m 33s19030Tulsa, OK.I came, I ate, I conquered! 
84771/17/09Jacques Cavasoz57m 12s34026Van, TX.Definitely worth driving 400 miles !! 
84781/21/09Bart Wiley49m 6s19522Corrigan, TX.No step for a stepper! 
84791/25/09Lance Lusk56m 1s 800ms35025Lubbock, TX.What's for dessert. 
84801/27/09Mark Evans33m 21s14034Smith Falls,Ontario, CanadaFantabulous!! 
84811/30/09Jeremy Ogden59m 30s23533Spring Lake, MI.I don't even like steak! 
84821/31/09David Trier17m 20s 400ms16527San Angelo, TX.Meat comes first! 
84831/31/09Benjamin Song59m 18s19522San Angelo, TX.I Love Meat!! 
84841/31/09Jonny Reynolds59m 35s 400ms17523San Angelo, TX.Didn't even make it to the bathroom! 
84852/1/09Donovan "Scott" Elkins34m 4s 200ms29535Denver, CO.Good Eatin!! 
84862/9/09Jason Navik52m33033Amarillo, TX.WOW!!! 
84872/12/09Mathews M. Gilmer33m 10s 800ms37554Rowlett, TX.I've wanted to do this for 34 years 
84882/28/09Siji Munoz43m 10s 200ms25021Perryton, TX.FULL! 
84893/8/09Lance L. Witherow45m19225Oceanside, CA.Is it possible to go blind from beef? 
84903/9/09Dusty Kobs57m23033Hockey, TX.If I ever eat again, it'll be too soon! 
84913/13/09Roy E. Stone52m 30s17524Crossville, TN.  
84923/14/09Tony Shannon47m24641Kcaukauna, WI.My wife Betty is fine. 
84933/15/09Antonio Gomez46m 13s 200ms25025LeHigh Acres, FL.Viva Mexico 
84943/18/09Jesus Arellano51m 6s 600ms25036La Crosse, WI.Go Badgers!!! 
84953/21/09Peter Figuccio54m 24s27550Toronto, CanadaWhats for dessert? 
84963/22/09Bobby Venturiello58m 7s 800ms34022Schenectady, NY.Best & Worst Day In My Life 
84973/23/09Aaron Willams50m31030Shoshoni, WY.Two times now, Nice Snack! 
84983/25/09Travor S. Clark53m25223Duport, CO.Challenge anyone today; Rite of Passage Tomorrow 
84994/6/09Ignacio M. Alvarez58m 24s24025Chicago, ILEeesh, I did it!!! 
85004/14/09Dimitor Savatinov58m 26s 400ms27529Polmetto, FL.Whats for dessert? 
85014/18/09Cameron Rosser53m 16s 800ms27029Amarillo, TX.GO EAGLES!! (CHS) 
85024/21/09Ben Chen54m 12s23033Las Vegas, NVNeed a drink and a nap. 
85034/25/09Randy Mize49:0822046Cache, OK.WOW!!! 
850404/13/09Robert Mink49:0819556Nokomis, ILNO LEMON PIE 
850505/04/09David Leigh59:5916530Memphis, TNThank you... Thank you very much 
850605/04/09Ronald Cole Jr50:0122044East Brookfield, MAAwesome 
850704/13/09Robert Mink49:0819556Nokomis, ILNO LEMON PIE 
850805/11/09Ian Cameron58:1122830London, EngI COME, I SAW, I ATE YOU STEAK 
850905/12/09Bob Freeman55:0016565Georgetown, TXI ate the whole thing! What's for dessert?? 
851005/14/09Brant LeClair48:4230037Garden City, KSGOT A TOOTH PICK? 
851105/19/09Luis Silva57:4018524Glendale, AZ"I HATE SALAD" 
851205/28/09Grant Mestnik59:5815525Eagan, MNI GOT TO FLY AFTER THIS!!! 
851305/30/09Cody Lowe58:5228032Aubrey, TXI gotta poop! 
851406/01/09Aaron Riedl56:0017826ABQ, NMIGOTTA POOP! 
851506/01/09Arturo Rodriguez57:5021038ABQ, NM3RD & FINAL TIME 
851606/01/09Geide Mohammed59:4821518Stone Mountain, GAI'm done wirh beef. 
851706/03/09Frank Catalano59:5985kg22Melbourne, VICFeel my love handles!! 
851806/04/09Aaron Yaris40:4037029Santa Rosa, CASo Full! 
851906/04/09Sean Graham35:4429035Parksville, CanadaThis was for momma 
852006/07/09John E. Cayer50:0018130Beeville, TXNEED ORANGE CREAM FUDGE 
852106/08/09Hamp Terry54:5238047Lufkin, TXGreat Food! 
852206/08/09Chad Stuart59:5916030Albuquerque, NMI am "the big beefer" 
852306/10/09Tyler Bannerman46:5224515Yukon, OKI AM SICK!!! 
852406/12/09Andrew Hardman29:5519021Riverton, UTOne Bite AT A Tome 
852506/12/09Scott Miles50:1519834Irving, TXI Rocked The Steak.......... 
852606/12/09Dale Cochran58:4324537Limon, COI Want Dessert 
852706/14/09Brian Bass59:5917520Longview, TXGig 'Em Ags 2011 Whoop! Stuffed 
852806/14/09Martin Peace49:3330040N/AProper Job 
852906/14/09Danny Brown53:4533536Rock Round, TXWhat's Hungry Got To Do With Eating? 
853006/15/09Richard Meraz52:0918527Katy, TXBring on Dessert!!! 
853106/13/09Issac Lutz54:0018024Boulder, COWhat A Steak!!!!! 
853206/16/09Angel Perez26:3120539Kissimore, FLVery Good !!!!!!! 
853306/17/09Aaron C. Morgan54:4025022Bartlett, TNGet-R- Done- Can We Have Seconds 
853406/19/09Ron Polland Jr. 33041Shiatook, OK  
853506/27/09Ivan Wolanski59:4020927Edmond, OKIF IT AIN'T HALF, IT AIN'T NOTHING! 
853606/28/09Thomas Bender56:3030046Cedar Bluff, ALI NOW WEIGH 304 LBS., GREAT FOOD!!!! 
853706/30/09Zach Yenser30:0023525Moultric, GABallin 
853807/01/09Andrea Pegoretti57:5626028Rome, ItalyFacile 
853907/02/09Joshua Green45:0022532San Diego, CAYAHTZEE!! 
854007/02/09Joe Corbelt59:3019028San Diego, CAI'm not eating again for at least a few hours! 
854107/03/09Steve Nutt59:0036542Webster, TXUhhhhh..... 
854207/04/09Matt Gomez37:3023525Albuquerque, NMFor Lil' G 
854307/07/09Nicholas McCoy24:2927526Las Vegas, NVGo Big or Go Home 
854407/08/09Gerald Viguurs60:0019030NetherlandsKUBO's Rule 
854507/08/09Greg Mathurin60:0017025Alexandria, VA......and Alexandria VA 
854607/09/09Eric Martin59:5927032Hewitt, TXNever Again 
854707/14/09Terry Morgan59:5927055Clearfield, PAGreat 
854807/15/09Kyle Meissner59:5923520Fort Worth,TXDo Work Son! 
854907/25/09Logan Williams58:0017519Mountain Grove, MODamn! 
855007/25/09Michael Hayes48:5942543Houston, TXNO COMMENT 
855107/25/09Matthew Pilling59:5919532South Jordan, UTTAKE OFF, EH! 
855207/25/09Joseph D. Atlas59:5923025Cleveland, OHGOING TO GET SICK 
855307/28/09Stuart O. Ayala59:5914855Palmetto, FLFOR DAUGHTER JESTINE WORTH IT!!! 
855407/31/09Tom Gilbert13:1520028Las Vegas, NV  
855508/03/09Mark Frost36:1021044Nederland, TX"I'M ABOUT TO DIE!" 
855608/05/09Chris Kite53:3027525Decatur, ILHappy B-day 2 Me 
855708/05/09Carin Grant60:0016822Los Angelos, CAMore Please 
855808/08/09Doug Fischer59:5823846Collierville, TNNever Again! 
855908/14/09Will Hutcherson47:1034024Amarillo, TXPhillippians 4:13 
856008/12/09Paul Roberts58:0090kg29Adelaide, AustraliaGood but Suffering 
856108/15/09Brain Evans51:4220527Santa Fe, NMIt was easy . . . Suckers! ! 
856208/15/09Chad Williams54:2522035Mansfield, OHOne Time Only, Never Again 
856308/22/09Paul Dominquez58:4834036San Antonio, TXVery Good 
856408/22/09Daniel Gund46:4730423Amherst, NYThat was fun, let's not do it again. Is this ok? 
856508/23/09Jorn KrogedalUnder 1 Hr.78kg32Norway  
856608/23/09Halvard HovdaUnder 1 Hr.82kg40Norway  
856708/21/09Harlan Sugars59:5335070Wever, IaWonderful steak enjoyed every bite but my teeth got tired! 
856808/26/09Benjamin Monson9:4024022Twin Peaks, CADawas Good Steak 
856908/29/09Keith Stroud31:2630052Moore, OKGreat Steak 
857008/28/09Gery Feigenbaum52:4029558Garland, TXWhat about dessert? 
857109/07/09Roy Prestenback57:1524849Woodland Park, COI'm Full! 
857209/17/09Steven Forfia46:4528518Akron, OHNever Again! 
857309/20/09Tim Rothfoss59:4628029Columbus, OHI ate it all! 
857409/20/09Garland Mustain33:5626540Beltan, MONo Problem! 
857509/21/09Gill Santana58:2019750Little Elm, TXKnow that it's done! 
857609/26/09Jim Fedor54:5526548McKinney, TXWhat a t_rd! 
857709/27/09Mark Robinson57:33N/A52Raton, NMWhat an appetite! 
857809/28/09Pevecchi Manuel57:00N/A28Verona, ItalyNever again!! A nightmare! 
857909/28/09Ed Allen44:0025043Springfield, MOGood steak. Too Much! 
858009/29/09John Leatherbarrow59:0028063Angola, NYMy dream come true, YEAH! 
858109/29/09Hunter Albany58:0220029Birmingham, ALRoll Tide! 
858210/02/09Michael Archer59:4032536Elgaton, CACame. Saw. Conquered. 
858310/03/09H Kobi Bauer40:2117523Albuquerque, NMI am awesome! 
858410/03/09Kris White47:2320528Toronto, CanadaI have never felt this full and never again! 
858510/10/09Ed Legatt46:5726056Perham, MNGood steak. 
858610/11/09Curt Farris45:0022032Midland, TXFiber anyone? 
858710/12/09Patrick Stewart58:2226036Norman, OKGo Sooners!!! 
858810/12/09Jamers Shaddy38:2628030Alta Loma, CADomainate 
858910/13/09Michael R. Bigler47:0338161Clay Center, KSBEST MEAL I EVER HAD!!! 
859010/19/09Kenny Ashford50:3132536Canyon, TXDear Lord, that is a lot of meat! 
859110/26/09Josh Derington47:1221022Andrews, TXDon't do it! 
859210/31/09Kevin Brown58:2222057South Hampton, NJI did it in Sept.of '76 & today I did it again 
859311/01/09Chris Ohman54:1033033Mira Loma, CATell 'em lumpy sent ya! 
859411/09/09Andy Martin48:1526041Houston , TXMy wife didn't believe me! 
859511/11/09Rick Mittasch59:3630035New York, NY.Good Food - 
859611/13/09James Clement IV57:0018525Dallas, TX  
859711/15/09Michael Harris59:4622058Oklahoma CIty, OKLots of steak - would liked to have seen the cow. 
859811/15/09Raif Engelberg52:23103kg Pforzheim, GermanyThe German Fressmachine! 
859911/21/09Anthony M Talley58:5238553Tinley Pork, ILGreat Steak! Could have fed a whole village in Africa. 
860011/29/09Raymond Jornd59:5933040Denver, CO/Douglas. NYI knew I could do it!!!! 
860111/30/09Cody Lowe49:5428533Aubrey, TXI did a cartwheel! 
860212/02/09Steven Pereira58:0231525San Francisco, CAI'm moving cross country! 
860312/03/09Rob Gouger60:00-38Shillington, PAThat was a good steak!! 
860412/05/09Lance Vinson55:5824631Amarillo, TXI am the winner! 
860512/06/09Mike DesLonde, Jr.59:0222526Hatfield, PAYou got all that? Team Jensen 
860612/18/09Stephanie Torres55:4910523Anaheim, CAWhat's for Dessert?! 
860712/19/09Schuyler Wilson33:2124024Shasta Lake, CAWhere's my T.V. Show Andrew Z. 
860812/24/09Joe Jacobs59:0024519Ames. IAGo Cyclones "all in" 
860912/30/09Michael Crockett40:0022042Lamar, MOThat was Big! 
861001/06/10Ryan Blaszczak59:5423025Millersville, MDThe fastest gets paid. The fastest gets laid. 
861101/07/10Abdurahman Alzaid58:5816027Los Angeles, CATotally worth it!! 
861201/07/10Ben Patzner59:5227031Marion, IAHoly Hell!! 
861301/08/10Matt Teifke57:2317518Round Rock, TXI am the REAL BIG TEXAN. 
861401/14/10Robert J. Cach57:3429023Dearborn, MIFat kid time 
861502/03/10Michael Ferrans44:5124527S. Rockwood, MIDrove a hell of a long way to eat this steak. 
861602/09/10Erik Taylor50:0031044Palrump, NVI made it on the wall! Better than the Post Office wall. 
861702/14/10Digger Davis58:2229039Normangee, TXJesus Christ is Lord. 
861802/16/10Jason Beeman59:0021024Las Angeles, CAEat it bi#ch# 
861902/19/10Charles V. Spratt59:5118546Huachcca,AZDad - I did it! Love & miss you! 
862002/20/10J. B. Mathews24:2215024Molden, MissouriI've never seen one quite that big before!! 
862102/23/10Eugene Reimann51:1528545Reno, NVCome hungry. Leave fuller than you've ever been before. 
862202/25/10Zeljko Rediakavic24:1029545Kitchener, OntarioCPҔИA! 
862302/25/10Charles Crews58:0042528Dike, TXFor the Ol' Man 
862402/27/10Cody Craig34:2434526Ft. Smith, ARI love you Bull 
862503/05/10Roger Ray57:4019537Ft. Worth, TXRepresenting Jason Boland & the Stragglers. 
862603/05/10Ricky Ho59:5923519Arlington, TX"Thou shall not live by bread alone..." Matthew 4:4 
862703/06/10Jan Liska42:2524018PlazeńThe Czech Republic. Small Country. Big appetite. 
862803/06/10David Thompson33:2538023Mesquite, TX" Y sigu siendo el Ray" ("and I am still the king") 
862903/12/10Tareq Kavyali21:3925054El Paso, TXIt was good. I'd like to have another one. 
863003/12/10Tom Arrington56:3324046Kingfisher, OKI'm going into a meat coma!! 
863103/13/10Zac Lindahl52:2035027Arlington, TXWHY!!! 
863203/16/10Larry Burns59:0014031Las Angeles, CAJesus helped me eat it... 
863303/16/10Warren Aubrey48:0020518Celina, TXIf you put your mind to it. By God! You can do it! 
863403/18/10Brady Boyd59:4920022Fulshear, TX$72 is a lot of money, but FREE dinner is awesome!! 
863503/19/10Bradley Jennings43:0220023Weatherford, OKPhillippians 4:13 
863603/20/10Dennis A. Telas56:0629434El Paso, TXRepresenting from El Paso, TX. I ate it ALL! 
863703/22/10Tony Alan Judge24:5523524Knoxville, TNI love meat... 
863803/24/10Bill Noren49:1535030Devore, CADon't think nasty thoughts... 
863903/25/10Chase Cervenka33:5020020Cove, ARSometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants. 
864003/27/10Douglas Stewart50:3820049Wilmette, ILYou never know 
864103/27/10Valeriy Prokofchuk59:3021629Sacramento, CA  
864203/28/10Stu Gage40:1245037Indepedence, MOThat was awesome. 
864303/28/10Rey Venegas39:1530537Pasadena, TX  
864403/30/10Eric Geniesse44:3020520Madison, WIVery good steak...Now for desert. 
864504/06/10Nick Marcos47:0028040Lions, ICIncrease size to 80oz. Good quality, but too small. 
86464/?/10Adam Mercer54:0020020Ruston, LAIt's very good! 
864704/09/10Victor McKelvy46:0019020Hobbs, NMEASY! 
864804/10/10Marlin Jachynvak59:5928026Palosky Hills, ILO Kaswa. It was good. 
864904/10/10Sean Thompson59:4031737Hot Springs, ARPop-A-Top 6000 Park Ave. 5¢ Hot Springs AR Beer 
865004/14/10John Edgington48:0724522Indeo, CAAwesome Steak. Won't be doing that again. 
865104/17/10Harold Brown58:0432037Middleburg, FLPimpn ain't easy 
865204/17/10Dusty Herring36:0028044Dodge City, KAOMG Good. Can I do it again? 
865304/25/10Robert Pechia51:3027522Sonoma, CANever again! 
865405/01/10Brad Brown58:1528032Tulsa, OKBoomer Sooner! 
865505/01/10Marlk Cornell59:5923053Johnston, COwhere's the BEEF!!! 
865605/01/10Tim Burge51:2037038Broken Arrow, OKIt's in my belly!!! 
865705/01/10Bernd Tornede42:0018219Padarborn, GermanyWhere's the dessert! Kampfkoloss, stayor 
865805/06/10Justin Griffin36:4320019Tiftin, GAFeels gooood! 
865905/06/10Emam Fatah54:0623530Knoxville, TNGod Bless my Egyptian stomach! 
866005/08/10Aaron Charbonnet59:0617519Woodlands, TXDouble-headed DRAGON! 
866105/09/10Sean Weston59:5227034Spokane, WAKeep Pavin' & Slavin"!! 
866205/18/10Luke Poehmann47:0028520Brenham, TXPhil. 4:13 
866305/20/10Steven Blumenfeld40:2921552St. Simons Island, GA"Got it DONE!" 
866405/21/10Ron Stafford26:1025560Phoenix, AZGood to the last bite! 
866505/27/10Mendy Valenzuela59:3530034Los Angeles, CAKeep it comin'!! 
866605/29/10Chris Rogers59:0118031Tulsa, OKI Have boldly gone where 8000 others have gone before 
866705/29/10William "The Colonel" Barrow59:5318523Denton, TX- Air Fork One - all the way to the wire. 
866805/31/10Jonathan Andujar59:5925021Colorado Springs, COTastes like AMERICA!! 
866906/03/10Sorin Jacoban36:2027543Livonia, MIFinally ate GOOD After 20yrs. of marriage. 
867006/09/10Preston Lum47:2016864Acameda, CACan't believe I ate the whole thimg! 
867106/12/10Vincent "Vinne" Gerardi43:5030043Raleigh,NCI thank you great place. See you soon. 
867206/13/10Jeffrey Mathis58:3727518Cibolo, TXBetter on the way down! 
867306/13/10Tommy Pokemore47:0025537Sanfor, NCNeed a bigger steak! 
867406/19/10Dantel McPherson35:4045028Forsyth, MOFREE always tastes better1 
867506/19/10Rene Collazo56:3520543Lubbock, TXI love 72 ounce steak! 
867606/23/10Donald eberle43:5026040Bowling Green, OHI thought steaks in Texas were supposed to be big. 
867706/24/10Paul Wetzel38:2124539Fayetteville, NCNothin' to it. See you next year! 
867806/25/10Tony "Savage" Kampling55:5230050Clovis, CANEED A BEER! 
867906/29/10Christopher James Markham55:2917024Orlando, FLOAAAAAHHH!!! 
868007/01/10Nelson Jamenez Mediher59:5919525ArizonaAW!!! 
868107/11/10James T. Stephens59:5926047Columbus, KYI'm glad I ate all if it. I didn't have the $72 anyway!! 
868207/12/10Sanjhar Akhunov54:2618525Roswell, GAFor Mommy!!! 
868307/13/10Jamey Haynes59:0134529Oldfort, TNSWEEET! 
868407/17/10Jimmy Clover55:3424035Sherman, TXWhat's for dessert?! 
868507/18/10Kevin Glaser59:4221035Cincinnati, OHWHO DEY! 
868607/20/10Steve Paxton47:0028038Las Cruces, NMGood stuff! 
868707/21/10Steve Cartright51:1832549Darrow, LAFine Food! 
868807/28/10Gary Klucken34:2726065Woodway, TXCompliments to the chef! 
868907/31/10Justin Crawler54:0032036Ivanhoe, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. 
869008/01/10James Wilkerson46:1836039Cartersville, GAI Did it!!!! 
869108/03/10Brad McKenzie59:40241.532Moody, TXEAT UM UP! 
869208/03/10Cameron Cox29:3717518Roscoe, TX  
869308/07/10Adam Guerrero36:2124031El Paso, TXGorilla Skinz STRIKES AGAIN! 
869408/07/10Adam Mires 32525Kalamazoo, MIWaste Not! Want Not! 
869508/08/10Mathew Hengin59:4319432Monument, COJust passin' through 
869608/10/10Michael Jones58:0024539Wabash, INI can do all things with J.C. 
869708/11/10Chris Harrell57:0050036Denton, TXiOW! 
869808/12/10David Smith59:5921048Arnandukle, LANever Again! 
869908/12/10Nichole Thormond59:5915024OregonEye of the Tiger!! 
870008/14/10Luca von Awieck54:0020024Berlin, GermanyNice meal! 
870108/18/10James Rohrer52:3029040Amarillo, TXThank God my wife didn't have to shove it down my throat! 
870208/18/10Timothy Crawford58:4326038Justin, TXI'm a Vegetarian now!! 
870308/19/10Gordy Bunch59:5219038The Woodlands, TXOnce is enough! 
870408/21/10Jim Collis35:4022050Altures, CAIt was good. 
870508/21/10Mike Acevedo56:0027029Dumas, TXThat's how we do it in Texas! 
870608/24/10John Szymankiewicz53:3623534Raleigh, NCDon't tell Weight Watchers!!! 
870708/28/10Adam Dawson52:0625027Lamesa, TXSorry Mom! 
870809/05/10Bruce Rogers55:0029054Dallas, TXTexas Beef. Delicious. 
870909/12/10Ken Molnar52:5620026Cincinnati, OHAdam Richman doesn't have sh•t on me! 
871009/17/10Lane Delhaven46:4025030Winchester, VAWhere is dessert?!?! 
871109/17/10Steve Fuchs44:4118055St. Cloud, MNTHANKS! I couldn't afford to pay $72. No JOB. 
871209/18/10Nicole Marie Doty41:5513028Contoe, TXI sure do love me some meat.(^_-) 
871309/21/10Sambo McWhifter26:3024826Norman, OKMighty Tasty! 
871410/01/10Michael Kilgor39:4525839Home grown Amarillo, TXI DID IT!! "pookie" 
871510/01/10Quentin Willard44:4923025Van Buren, AREat big steaks for the Lord's sake! 
871610/02/10Pat Bertoletti16:0119525Chicago, ILI'll be back to break the record. 
871710/02/10Stewart Gibon48:5022532Alberto, CanadaThank you Big Texan Steak Ranch 
871810/03/10Alan Macon58:4632024Ft. Worth, TXNever Again! 
871910/06/10Mario Licciardi41:3035045Schenectady, NYGOD BLESS AMERICA! 
872010/08/10Luigi Cossu59:1518024Arlington, TXAm I'm flying back to Arlington! 
872110/08/10Josh Leddy56:3022125Abilene, TXYou're welcome Marla! 
872210/09/10Sam Rios59:5923020Clovis, NMGet Er Done! 
872310/09/10Steven Zarian59:5916020Superior, COWhere's dessert?! 
872410/12/10Jacob Williams59:5923527Nashville, TNPoor, poor cow! and poor, poor toilet! 
872510/15/10Paul Minsky59:3225046Newfield, NJWhat as I thinking? I'm so glad it's over! 
872610/16/10Clares Felix57:3625040+Inwood, WVLoved it! 
872710/17/10Seth Biby51:2020026Winfield, KSMade Stephen sing "I'm a little teapot." 
8728101 4/5Randall Olson57:3725055WashGreat meat! Tastes good! 
872910/20/10James Yeh59:5926038Ontario, CAVeni, Vidi, Vici. 
873010/21/10Richard Alvarez59:4528041Hialeah, FLGimmie my money. 
873111/01/10Moises Rivas36:0422524Lawton, OKI want another. 
873211/03/10Chad Perdue59:5915530Wilmington, NCDon't sleep on the skinny kid. 
873312/01/10Dave Craft59:5819030Las Vegas, NVA benchmark in my Life! A lifetime accomplishment! 
873412/07/10MarcusTrautschold58:0017524Mayer, AZ(Aogaku) 07-08 is gonna live forever. 
873512/13/10Joshua Radloff57:2221535Shiloh, GAWhere's the main course? 
873612/13/10Julia Webb39:5928027Petersburg, MII could of ate 2 more...Try me. 
873712/19/10Ryan Lester53:0321519Muskogee, OKI named it Rhiana and I beat it like I was Chris Brown. 
873812/20/10Dillon McCollum59:5920116Albuquerque, NMI got it for Free, so joke's on you! 
873912/21/10Josh Muckerman58:3018025West Chester, OHI had to finish. I'm really cheap! 
874012/22/10David Zhang45:0920028Boston, MAThis one's going on my resume! 
874112/26/10Casey Bell59:4822530Lombard, IL"That Casey Bell Guy is so Awesome!" 
874201/01/11Jon Boody36:0515039Greeley, COI finished it all! 
874301/01/11Nic Mahoy51:1016520Colorado Springs, COI'll just run it off! 
874401/03/11Tim Serbus49:0023519Zimmerman, MNI hate Steak! 
874501/07/11Jim Harden58:5521052Cypress, TXmmHmm. You know that's right girlfriend1 
874601/12/11Terrence Peppler50:3818024Gainsville, FLI'LL TAKE TWO. 
874701/12/11Eric St.Amour59:5223531Parishville, NYI did it!!!! 
874801/23/11John Harris39:0916533Lake Worth, FLIt's true...I'm a total Pile. 
874901/27/11Karl Dollmeyer37:1222026Layton, VTHot Karl Strikes Again!! 
875002/05/11Jason Apodaca53:4514039Los Lunas, NMVedi, Vidi, Vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered.) 
875102/07/11Trent Benson42:0030531Longview, TX  
875202/19/11William Arnold51:0533435Augusta, KSGreat food. Thank You All! 
875302/20/11Ryan Satter41:5123536Alpine, UTTakin' care of business in a flash. 
875402/21/11Dan Merchant30:2317224Austin, TXBoulder to Austin. Dan, Lindsey & Nanook 
875502/24/11Shawn Westerfield59:5920038Owen Shore, KYIt's Done. 
875602/25/11Manly Seifert58:3019536Salt Lake City, UTMan wins again. 
875703/07/11Danny Riley53:3029538Glencoe, ALI'm full! WAR EAGLE!! 
875802/27/11Bill Green50:00 58Burbank, CAWhere is dessert?? 
87593/8/11?Nick Washburn54:4519525San Diego, CAWhere's the main course? 
876003/10/11Mario Vasquez59:4518029Amarillo, TXWhat's for Dessert? 
876103/12/11Michael Santelli56:3016036Joliet, ILThanks for making me feel @ home. 
876203/16/11Stephan King-Monroe59:5924033Tracy, CA  
876303/23/11Martin Held57:0025643Alamogordo, NMJust an appetizer for a German guy called "Baerchen". 
876404/11/11Seon Lahghom59:4427828Gilbert, AZI can't believe I ate the whole thing! 
876504/13/11James Young58:0030022Marion, INTime for a shot of Jack and Bed. 
876604/14/11David Limberates56:5014548Cupertine, CAHoly Cow! 
876704/23/11Drew Springstead59:0022033Clovis, NMNow I can say "I did this." & I spent 8 hours in a bathroom. 
876804/23/11Jeff "Boom Boom" DellaVolpe59:5920529New Orleans, LAA cow ate my Father, now we're even! 
876904/23/11Shannon Slape59:5918534Guymon, OKFirst contest ever then biggest dump of my life. 
877004/27/11Steven Westdahl59:5926033Alameda, CAI can't believe I ate the whole thing! 
877105/10/11Fred Hanbery57:2522533St. Charles, MOI smashed it! 
877205/10/11Mike Mclaughlin54:0119531San Diego, CAI'm Full! 
877305/13/11Raymundo Huerta55:1126028Huninton Park, CADamn I'm Full 
877405/16/11Jesse Huebner51:0021023Belle Vernon, PAFirst one in history of Cal U of PA meteorology depart. to eat the 72 oz steak-I'm immortalized. 
877505/17/11Like Poehlman53:3329021Brenham, TXFor Christ, Cobra & Earl. 
877605/20/11Andy Valvaneda59:5524535Houston, TXTOLD YA! 
877705/23/11Kisu Kang58:0035433Orange, CAand hear the lamentations of their women. 
877805/29/11Raul Rodrigues59:3024024Tic-townVini, Vidi, Vici. (I cam I saw, I conquered.) 
877905/30/11Matt & Sarah Salvatoriello26:3018536Austin, TXMy wife drove 8 hours so I could live my dream. I Love my wife!! 
878005/30/11Ricardo Casillas45:1035034Austin, TXHook 'em. Bero was yummy! 
878105/30/11Sage Seifert54:3020032Fairmont, WV3rd time's the charm! 
878206/03/11Jim Rumsey47:0028033White Oak, TXI DID IT! 
878306/03/11Jerry Lombardo58:3118027Statten Island, NYI need beer!! 
878406/05/11Adam oberg44:30-32Kochesto, MNThere is no place like Nebraska. 
878506/05/11Darren Walsh59:5921522Dallas, TXIt was a piece of steak! 
878606/10/11Paul Jackse59:3020027Lubbock, TX All washed down with a diet cola!
878706/14/11Daniel M. Sholar41:5427549Huntington Beach, CA Will never try this again. It hurts!
878806/15/11Alex Rubio59:5923030Lakeside, OHProved it! USCG 
878906/16/11Michael Markowski59:5926532Las Vegas, NVEat Meat!! 
879006/17/11David Persinger47:0238058Troup, TXWhere's the beef? 
879106/22/11Andrew Albamy42:00183kg25Sidney, AustrailiaI'm bloody FULL!! 
879206/23/11Green Bear55:3026041Bowling Green, OHThat was Fun!! 
879306/23/11Bobby Meza54:3533032Kearny, AZ For the men & women of The United Steel Workers of America!
879406/25/11Chris Dunsworth59:5928040Longview, TXI came. I ate. I puked! 
879506/27/11Cory Przybylski52:3026523Ramona, CAThe greatest Roadie Ever 
879606/28/11T.W. Cargile51:3740039MT. Juliet, TN Dessert was not free. Great steak.
879706/29/11Fazio Murillo55:0019024Cullinsville, IL My wife would have killed me if I failed!!!
879807/01/11David Marullo50:3018026Pittsburgh, PA "Come at the King, you best not miss."
879907/04/11Amir Chitsezen53:5224036Grapevine, TX I was on a diet. Today was my cheat day.
880007/07/11Jake "the Great Lake" Larry58:2024522Grand RapThat is one good steak! 
880107/10/11OLEG54:4323034Skokie, IL  
880207/11/11Jessica Jones59:5913220Lubbock, TX I'm going back to being a vegetarian.
880307/12/11Aaron Bolding52:3027033Austin, TX I think that was enough STEAK!!!
880407/16/11Adam Barber51:4024023Covington, GA I was a vegetarian until yesterday!
880507/19/11Stephen Gatlin57:0024020Ft. Collins, CO I'm going to Disney World!
880607/20/11Brian Hamilton48:4825534Concord, GABrock & Br? (Coment Smudged)
880707/23/11Andrew Shaw59:4616522The Woodlands, TX Don't throw up on stage! Me, Morgan & Mitch PWN this!
880807/25/11Michael Bray45:4521933Owasso, OK Steak NInja, I'm kinda a big deal.
880907/25/11Shawn McLaughlin59:5720527Farmington, CT"Go Hard or Go Home!" 
881007/29/11David Thomas59:5938048Norwich, NY Best FREE STEAK I ever had!!!
881107/31/11Roberto De Vivo54:5915049Treviso. ItalyNO MORE, Please! 
881208/01/11Andrew Evatt59:1525525Springfield, VA Had to!! LaSalle (LAG) (DREW Paybill)
881308/04/11Benjamin Vasquez25:0939029Lubbock, TXI Beat the Meat! 
881408/06/11Bret McIver49:4628529New Orleans, LAWOW! 
881508/10/11Ben Conlay35:3921029Norwich, EnglandPudding, please. 
881608/18/11Jack Barnes59:3021061Amarillo, TXGO NAVY!! 
881708/21/11Terry Vipperman58:3720544Amarillo, TX Great Steak & Lots of Fun!!!
881808/23/11Nehemiah Squire56:1140034Batania, OH I can't believe he ate the hold thing!
881908/27/11Ben Houghton49:0023028Portsmouth, englandThis is for Big Dave! 
882008/27/11Travis Scribner45:3023831Las Vegas, NVBe a "G" today 
882108/28/11Dan Spain59:3035041Tempe, AZ  
882208/31/11Chris Symo-Oline Symington59:0225047Pueblo, CO YAAAAA - That is a lot of FOOD!!
882309/08/11John Lopez59:5936024Amarillo, TXIt's for the Eastside! 
882409/10/11Erik Carlson47:0020027Superior, COThis one"s for the Family!! 
882509/12/11Nicholas McNaughton29:4320022Woodway, WA Order me up another one!!
882609/18/11Nicholas McKee57:0015133Austin, TXNever Again!!!!!! 
882709/20/11Leo Pearlman25:2724532London EnglandThis one was for woman. 
882809/20/11Tudor Clee55:2717831New Zealand Don't mess with Texas or New Zealand.
882909/30/11Chevy McClellan48:5420021Lincolnville, MEWOW!! 
883010/05/11Mirit Ohana45:5511536Hollywood, FLI'd like to try 1 more : ) 
883110/09/11Joe Williams38:4142544Odessa, TX Very good steak. My last one.
883210/12/11Matthew Anscher55:1717528Monterey, CA I'm full of accomplishment and cows.
883310/22/11Israel Garza59:0720525San Antonio, TXGood steak, but big!!! 
883410/29/11Timothy Schramm59:3016531Sunset, LA WOW! That was one Great Meal!
883510/29/11Levi Hall53:0620622Berthold, NDNever. Ever. Again. 
883611/04/11Jeff Hung43:2620027Fullerton, CAI did it for love!! 
883711/05/11Gary Weiss53:1427552Herria, IL I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!!
883811/21/11Dustin Bryan53:3022526Marysville, OH That cow didn't stand a chance!
883912/09/11Charles Baily, Jr.45:2318041Covetney, NCNo comment. I'm dying. 
884012/09/11Jacob Jones41:0616529Ft. Collins, CORed Neck Steak Eater 
884112/14/11Eric Peterson59:0231533Oconto, WI E.P. has left the building with the 72oz!!!
884212/14/11Mark Hinachen59:5919423Sydney, AustraliaDid it to prove I could! 
884312/14/11Zack Tesch55:0026518Columbus, TXO.M.G!!! I win!!! 
884412/20/11Robert Gonzales55:5428032Corpus Christi, TXI won't do that again!!! 
884512/26/12Owen Robertson48:34100kg64Northland, New ZealandFirst in a kilt? 
884612/27/11Billy Chedsey59:5918534Austin, TX I came, I saw, I BLAAAAAAAH!!!!!
884712/31/11West Jorden59:1522021West Bend, WIAll glory to God! 
884801/03/12Stefan Cox54:1323021Abilene, TXFirst of 2012! Get some! 
884901/13/12Joe "Lefty" Miller59:4614822College Station, TX Thanks & GIG 'EM!! Texas A & M!
885001/17/12Ryan Fitzpatrick49:5022529Gilbert, AZGo Bills! #14 
885101/22/12Chris Beason57:3631025Wichita Falls, TXEating steak on the Reg!!! 
885201/24/12Troy Young59:5928630Victoria, AustraliaAUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE. Oi,Oi,Oi. 
885301/27/12Prince42:1031027Norman, OK19.6.6.19 
885401/28/12Brandon Carter58:3928532Albuquerque, NMWho Dat! Go Saints. 
885501/29/12Oleg Batter53:4917528San Antonio, TXThanks for the support! I will never do that again! 
885602/05/12Alexey Kuznetsoy48:40N/A39RussiaI've done it!!! 
885702/05/12Andrew J Recter48:3035024Bunn, NC1500 miles, halfway to Cali. & I feel like DEATH. 
885802/11/12Stephen Foote32:0022044Canyon, TXFather like son. 
885902/11/12Mykenzie Foote30:3018520Midland, TXYOlO 
886002/14/12Adam Schitter53:5123528Jasper, INTOO MUCH!! 
886102/24/12Ben Paglivso59:0517526Los Angeles, CANever Again! 
886202/28/12Jacob Ikin56:4030024Tasmania, AustraliaJake the Steak! 
886303/02/12Jimmy Minzora51:5220745Spring Hill, FLNever Again! 
886403/03/12Rick Streeter59:5940052Victoria, TXI'm now a vegetarian 
886503/03/12Daniel Greenbeg47:3021521Plano, TXBucket List 
886603/09/12Bill Yates27:1935035Carbondale, ILHow 'bout 1 more? 
886703/09/12Eric Garcia44:5930028Abilene, TXDID WORK SON!!! 
886803/14/12Dario Pino Valmori57:1418025Olbia, Italy" X l'Osteria n 13 da Valmos " 
886903/16/12Josef Pacowsky39:2714516Prague, Chech RepublicThe potatoe is killer. 
887003/31/12Saman Azecz45:2231223Austin, TX  
887103/31/12Franco56:3126538Lamesa, TXOuch!!! 
887204/07/12Jesus A. Hinojos59:1132027Fort Worth, TXGO COWBOYS!!! PIECE OF STEAK! 
887304/13/12Andrew C. Etehison33:4537935Flower Mound, TXMay The Force be with you. What's for dessert? 
887404/17/12Hugo Castrejon57:4621024Plainview, TXOfficially a Big Texan NOW 
887504/18/12Masaaki Yoshino58:38100kg26Hiroshimo, Japan  
887604/20/12David Cline50:0220051Valley Springs, CAWhere's the Beef "Joe Dirt" SEE MEE! 
887704/21/12Joshua Webb58:5023526Oklahoma City, OKWinning 
887804/21/12Jared Boyer59:5922527Oklahoma City, OKI'm now vegetarian! 
887904/21/12David Knox36:2919559Orange, CAWhat is for dessert? 
888004/23/12Slava46:1020050LeningradWhat's the deal with shrimps? In Texas you don't have shrimps! 
888104/27/12Michael Goodson53:4024024New Castle, PAShoulda been Texas-size roll & potatoe! 
888204/30/12Brian Ellis35:2117033Tucson, ARNo BigDeal... 
888305/08/12Jeff Schroeder56:2419033Chicago, ILJeff & Jordan "Do America" Texas Style! 
888405/08/12Jordan Lloyd56:2413625Waxhaw, NCBig Brother II & 13 in Texas. 
888505/09/12Len Placek59:5919847FloridaBig Steak. YUM. 
888605/12/12BaBa Sniffen28:31400+41Honolulu, HIRight on. 
888705/12/12Drew Genitenpo57:0517528Austin, TXBOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!! 
888805/20/12Daniel Loudon53:1620021Canterra, AustraliaSorry for the table manners. 
888905/22/12Andy Rosen59:5978kg33Lenggries, GermanyGREAT PEOPLE, GREAT STUFF, VERY MUCH FOOD... 
889005/27/12Jacob Jones33:2116529Ft. Collins, CORedneck Steak Eater Round 2. I will return to beat my time 
889106/01/12Marc Mayfield56:0435039LaGrange, GAWe Demn Eagle! 
889206/01/12Erick Jorgeson48:1825539Austin, TXI drove through for this...?? 
889306/04/12Barry Martindale48:0327563Palm City, FLSmall Bites with sides. Along the way - this was Fun. 
889406/04/12David Carlsen59:5921042Anthem, AZAir Force HOOYAH! Retired 1 July 2012. 
889506/04/12Mark Houseman59:59260+4.537Springfield, OHI step over steaks like this to get to the buffet! 
889606/04/12Nathan Gill55:15235+4.540Austin, TXI am the Steak Whisperer! - Tsun Zu 
889706/08/12Laurent Pelissob51:2990kg58France VARVery Good Steak Yeah! 
889806/08/12Josua Martinez59:5827524Donna, TXGood Steak! 
889906/09/12Ray Estrada59:0436031Dallas, TXGreat Steak! 
890006/10/12Danny Carter52:33N/A53Santa Fe, NMSee y'all next time I'm in Amarillo. 
890106/12/12Jeromy Hunt56:3630031San Diego, CADo work Son!!! Nemo-One 
890206/15/12Chris Archie46:3941535Tulsa, OKI LOVE IT!! 
890306/17/12Richard MacCormick58:5117521Caberra, Australiafor the AUSSIES 
890406/18/12Carlos Quiles59:3128023Albany, NYJust because I could! 
890506/21/12Hagen Magcuso45:0019018FL.DON'T GET STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE 
890606/21/12Ryan Magcuso59:5216516FLI feel like POOP. 
890706/21/12Oliver Sirden32:0019027Bude Cornwall, U.K.God Save The Queen. 
890806/30/12Barrry Ritter46:4135035Coweta, OKI'm Full! 
890906/30/12Jesse Daniels23:4718018Rowena, TXIS THERE NO MORE STEAK!!! 
891007/01/12Craig Rekerdres57:1720058Dallas, TXJust like the good ol' days! 
891107/01/12Chris McLaughlan59:4422039Oxford, U.K.Jesus, I chewed & chewed. My jaw hurts!!! COOL!!! 
891207/11/12Christian Teague58:0022525North Richland Hills, TXMade it! 
891307/11/12Brad Skotko54:4418520Brunswick, OHThanks to the guys for cheering me on! OORAH! 
891407/13/12Barry Willmatt57:3216154EnglandGreat steak. The au jus helped! Thanks. 
891507/15/12Pino Barecchia37:3078kg29South AfricaAmazing tasting steak! Best I had in the USA! Can I have another?? 
891607/17/12Kyle Hurlbut59:5924533Spring, TXGreat steak. I'm a pig. 
891707/18/12Steven Guilfoile35:2915524West Fargo, NDYeahhhhhh buddy! 
891807/18/12Mike Lowery43:4723024Phoeniz, AZ"If you ain"t first, you're last." - Ricky Bobby 
891907/20/12Christian Wellisch31:2223536Campbell, CAA big steak for a big dog - Promotodog! 
892007/21/12Jason Pettie59:4536536Louisville, MSI'm going to my truck to SLEEP1 
892107/22/12Justin Williams35:0044023Garland, TX6'10" 440...2 EASY! J/E 
892207/22/12Evan Offutt53:1827217Rio Rancho, NMBELIEVE - Columbus 
892307/24/12Jake Sturgill59:5918019Livermore, CATry a chocolate cake after!...I DID! 
892407/31/12Troy Payne59:5925036San Antonio, TXI'm stuffed!!! 
892508/04/12Jassen "Juiaj J" Maldonado55:3028017Guymon, OKDo work son!! Easy! Be back next Year!! 
892608/05/12Blake BeaufordUnder 1 HR     
892708/06/12Roy Knyrim49:1525045Van Nuys, CABest steak ever! 
892808/08/12Gerardo Calva Logrono55:1225528Córdoba, SpainTodavia queda hombres 
892908/09/12Daniel W. Randall39:1936439Lillian, ALWhat is for dessert? Enjoyed! 
893008/13/12Tom Bijos57:1216539Des Plaines, ILI ate it because I wanted 
893108/17/12Dan Betell53:4024030Pueblo, COCan I get fries with that? 
893208/24/12Daniel Luthi59:3027029Buffalo, NYSeconds, please? 
893308/25/12Mike Turner31:1531051Arlington, TXMan won another round! 
893408/30/12Marek Sosnouski53:2024048Chicago, ILProud to be pousa 
893508/31/12Joseph Arders50:5835028Lakeland, FLL-Town 
893609/13/12Merritt Bailey55:08265045Burbank, CAIf youare going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear! 
893709/15/12Cody Craig38:0039929Van Buren, ARJerry!! Jerry!!! Jerry!! 
893809/22/12Thomas Pasky36:2041033Eerie, PA9-1-5 From Keystone ONE HELL OF A MAN'S CHALLENGE 
893909/22/12Joseph Jimenez59:1450127Welton, AZThen he ate cake!! 
894009/22/12Ethan Stroud42:5719523The Colony, TXThank you sir, can I have another!!?! 
894109/22/12Andy Kiepe55:4429023Farmington, MOWhat's for dessert?! 
894209/24/12Charles Ashley Norris56:0822231TasmaniaI guess everyone ain't from Molesworth. 
894309/29/12Craig Brandon41:5138040Hoffman Estates, ILGood Times 
894409/29/12Jason Lowery32:5331631Southmayd, TXThe world is full of stupid people! 
894510/03/12Jason Cwach35:0235034Yankton, SDYou have to try at least once. It's unTexan to not. 
894610/10/12Allen Freedman56:3773kg26Riverside, CAThis meal is dedicated to little S.3 Lyn and bro. Dave. 
894710/18/12Ettore De Vegna40:5615718Milan, ItalyGotta do it once, and it's easier than you think. 
894810/18/12Marco De Vegna45:0022250Milan, ItalyYou have to try it. The meal is awesome. 
894910/26/12David Pearson59:5347028Hiram, GASee YA!! Next week!! THE MAN 
895010/29/12Tom Fitzgerald37:3335039Aurora, COStick a fork in me cuz I'm DONE! 
895110/31/12Andrew Price59:3216521Dallas, TXWhether you eat, or drink, or whatever; do it for the Glory of GOD. 
895210/31/12Volker Ziesel59:0025047Urbach, GermanyNext time some cheesecake as dessert ?? 
895311/03/12Harry Mugelly42:3235037Inwood, WVWhat is for dinner? 
895411/08/12Felipe Negron40:3027534Grand Rapids, MIYippy Cy Ya YaY! Me Fe's 
895511/08/12Federico Lastra59:5524025Dover, NJAbandon all hope he who tries. 
895611/14/12Jeff Ferrara59:3078kg25Sydney NSW, AustraliaToo full to think! 
895711/19/12Michael Green59:593540Richwood, TXToo much food! 
895811/19/12Robert Cordova36:0421827Hollister, MOFeed my Belly! 
895911/24/12Tim Heatpence45:4532040Carrollton, TX.Please sir, may I have some more!!! 
896011/29/12Antonio DeBernardis53:43115kg42Busto Arsizio ItallyHEY...Can I have that Dessert Menu PLS??? 
896112/01/12Jeremy Burkett59:5926531Casper, WYCrushed it!! GO CC! 
896212/05/12Waylon Coleman32:2823537Bemidji, MNFantastic Steak! 
896312/15/12Judd Seaburn36:4428548Amboy, WABam! Bam! The Destroyer! 
896412/27/12Jan Beikiufuer50:5190 kg28Diepholz, GermanyDessert ? 
896512/28/12H Joseph Acosta59:5921540Dallas, TXVery Lean & Mean! 
896612/28/12Clyde (Eddie) Vasquez55:5521335Houston, TXGetter Done!! 
896712/28/12Dean Woods32:1723026Springdale, UTI'm so cheap, Had to finish! 
896812/28/12Larry Brown58:4925538Whitehouse, TXBOOYAH!!! 
896912/29/12Gary Bittner39:0722551Oklahoma City, OKGreat food - An Okie comes and Bests The Big Texan. 
897012/31/12Thomas Watts35:0528053Prescott, AZSteak was delicious. 
897112/31/12Hugo Montes50:0022034Gridley, CALocal 118. Man Won. 
897201/01/13James DiCarlo37:1221022Richardson, TXWaHa Fat 
897301/05/13Wabusk Ragged Robe56:0234034Bozeman, MTGo Griz!! 
897401/06/13J.R. Gutierrez48:1517532Orange, CAHere is one for the small Asian man. 
897501/12/13Nate Smith48:3030029Atwater, CANuff said! 
897601/16/13Travis Swafford41:4922023Morgantown, INToo Easy!! 
897701/21/13Bryan Michael40:4527254Hollis, OKGood steak. I wanted cake too, but had to pay. 
897801/26/13Darin Ferguson41:4243525Fredonia, KSNo 2nds! 
897901/29/13David Edgley35:4980 kg21Berwick Victoria AustraliaGreat Steak. Only once. 
898001/29/13Jonno Edgley53:5285 kg22Berwick Victoria AustraliaSteak was great but a little too big! So full. 
898101/30/13Eddie Kiena54:3529053Las Vegas, NVYEEAH!! 
898202/02/13Redolfo Flores30:4227329Albuquerque, NMMexican Power!! 
898302/07/13Michael Gerber45:1826024Alamogordo, NMWhere's My Pie?! 
898402/08/13Adam Doorg(?)49:4347534Rochester, MNThere is no place like Nebraska.!! 
898502/09/13David Lee Bridges26:1723046Carson, TXJohnny Cash: one piece@a time 
898602/09/13Josh Brown57:41185+4.529Red Bluff, CAUgh... 
898702/13/13David Wilkerson50:4521523Wichita, KSWhat's for Dessert?1 
898803/02/13Marcos Morales59:5935523Riverside, CAMomma said, "Knock you Out!" 
898903/02/13Alejandro Meraz49:0130032CAOH, my GOD! 
899003/11/13Donald Bacon58:2321018Riverside, CAGreat Time...OMG...NMHU...CAL'Swaggin 
899103/14/13Kevin Strahle32:4224529Santa Monica, CATHE L.A. BEAST CONQUERED!!! 
899203/14/13James "Big J" Nitse56:3220024Washington, DCNever stop EATING! 
899303/15/13Cutter Clinton49:5732521Carthage, TXRemember The Alamo! 
899403/17/13Carson Stanley59:5914521The Woodlands, TXKing of KRONK 
899503/19/13Gregory Hall47:1029029Lawton, OKWVU 
899603/19/13Luke58:4590 kg25N/AAre we Jalapenos? Thanks 
899703/21/13Joseph Sciortino57:3722552Utica, NYWOW, now that's a steak! 
899803/26/13Jalal Muslen53:5718020Baton Rouge, LAOne word...VICTORY! 
899903/29/13Alessanoro Paoli41:4419025Rome, ItalyVeni, Vidi, Vici! 
900003/29/13Leonardo Leo Ortuno56:4550036Wiggins, COGod Bless Texas! 
900103/30/13Julian S. Gonzales48:0017017Littleton, COI did it! 
900204/09/13Michael Sage56:1024565Herman, MOWhere the dessert?!?! 
900304/10/13Charles G. Cross51:0222032Olive Branch MSFor Mary, Reba, Ewin, & Raylyn. 
900404/14/13Julian Vazquez60:0022027San Benito, TXWhere's Dessert?! 
900504/15/13Jesus Blanco Soto31:5240035Lakeland, FLFailure was not an option... 
900604/16/13Ross Jacobs41:2422534Denver, COYum... 
900704/17/13Michael Dickert58:1918023Kansas City. MODon't let fear of striking out keep you from playing game. 
900804/24/13Paul Johnston58:3035427Anaheim, CAAMERICA!!!! 
900904/27/13Einar Hart50:2020042Harten, NorwayGreat meal. Taste Marvellous! 
901004/30/13Mathew Eldridge50:5428027Bethesda, MDSpeak Victory 
901105/04/13Jonathen Calvo49:4915224Wichita, KSWhat's for Dessert?! 
901205/08/13Andre Mochado51:0622046Winter Springs, FLAlmost Impossible 
901305/09/13Steve Smith56:0014kg50West Sossex, U.K.Only in Texas!!! 
901405/12/13Shaine Artis39:5429524Durham, MEWicked Good Bub 
901505/14/13Lesley Nemzoff49:5913744Leesburg, VAWhat's for Dessert? 
901605/18/13Joel Lemoine46:0132535Plaucheville, LASupport Beef Farmers. 
901705/23/13J.D. Brantner59:4722043Friendswood, TXI'm Full!! 
901805/25/13Michael Chapman51:4216230Los Catos, CANot all Californians are dirty vecan hippies! 
901905/25/13Roy White51:1828031Carlsbad, NMWhat? No Brownies? 
902005/25/13Bryan Robinson57:4816027Lubbock, TXKobe!!! It don't matter... 
902105/25/13Richard Sample46:3625051St. Joseph, MOToday... MAN WON! 
902206/01/13William McGover51:4128545Center, COCOLORADO PROUD! 
902306/06/13Paul Chamberlain50:5721527CATaking care of business in a flash. 
902406/08/13Ramsey Hilton40:5718526Columbia, MONow that's a good steak. 
902506/08/13Brandon Henderson53:4129034East Prairie, MOGreat Steak. 
902606/08/13Mario Aranda47:4430024Albuquerque, NMIt's all Good. 
902706/14/13Todd Hort53:4622540Gesing, NEBest steak I ever had!! 
902806/15/13Carmen Caputo53:4720567Midwest City, OKJust a snack. SEMPER FI! USMC 63-69 
902906/21/13Clint Leonard59:5920042Austin, TXFor my baby brother. WADF - LOVE YA! 
903006/24/13Tere Egeberg59:3118750NorwayWhere is the dessert? 
903106/25/13Drake Woodrow38:4923023GeorgiaI shot JR! 
903206/26/13Gabino Martinez47:1527029Odessa, TXGood Ol' Steak! 
903306/30/13Riman Galuydis53:5618037Brookfield, ILlExcelent!!! 
903407/01/13Daniel Carpenter14:4588kg21Langwarrin AusrtraliaDaniel, Kyle & I Rocked the USA. 
903507/03/13Chris Bavarich31:30104kg23New Castle, AUMum's is bigger. 
903607/07/13Anthony Ferrer54:5518318Santa Cruz, CAAwesome Steak!!! Hi Mom!! 
903707/10/13Zak Ross57:3575kg21Oxford, EnglandI HATE STEAK! 
903807/15/13Edmunds Sondors44:1520046Ventura, CAI'LL BE BACK! 
903907/19/13Stephen Cain58:5120022Las Angeles, CACalifornia here I come. FLH Dwn Crew 
904007/22/13Benjamin Childers59:4016031Aztec, NMBare made it! 
904107/22/13Valentin Cordova56:0020029CaliforniaFrom L.A. to Texas 
904207/22/13Peter Christiana54:1522022Easton, CTIf you ain't first, you're last! 
904307/23/13Charles B. Reaves49:5621563Chula Vista, CAThat was a really good steak. 
904407/26/13Blair Bruffett59:5140042Barstow, CAGood but hard to do! 
904507/27/13David Reyes46:5937531Plano, TXACTION!! 
904607/29/13Christian Estrada59:0318029Tampa, FLThank you Big Texan, Route 66, to the Atomic West & Mom!! 
904707/31/13Lance Witherow39:5118330Fortstill, OKYou can go blind. 
904808/01/13Paul Copty58:1131036Lumberton, TXWhat was I thinking? 
904908/06/13Miguel Chaves54:4933037Lompoc, CABeef . It's what's for lunch. 
905008/06/13Lee Ibrahim59:5022024Rancho CordovaYou're welcome! 
905108/08/13Joseph Anders59:5235029Lakeland, FLL-Town 
905208/11/13Jim Zellner58:0018559Norman, OKOklahoma just showed Texas how to eat a steak. Boomer Sooner 
905308/11/13William Bohm56:1719030Westminister, COWe build Champions! 
905408/12/13Calvin Mack57:1528042Jenks, OKIt can be done! 
905508/13/13Adam Boeckman41:2727533Mayetta, KSGreat Steak. Great Times. 
905608/26/13Jesse Allen32:3222560Custer, SDWhere's the Beef? In my belly! Allen 
905709/03/13Joe Callian58:5420055Irvine, CAFun! I enjoyed it! 
905809/05/13Johnathan Barr40:3221224Penn Hills, PAPlease have mercy on my soul! 
905909/14/13Michael Peele26:4614327Baltimore, MDVery Delicious Steak! 
906009/14/13Melanie Cruzman59:0024032Amarillo, TXDelicious! Can I have seconds? 
906109/28/13Johnathan Williams56:2819030Rockwall, TXGood Steak! 
906209/29/13Nick Naimo53:3719122Leeton, AustrailiaBig Dog Gotta Eat!! 
906310/06/13Thomas Bosch54:4321923Santa Rosa, CAI need a raise, Trek America. That was Zues! 
906410/14/13Ryan Hershey41:1233032Tarpon Springs, FLWhoop! Whoop! 
906510/17/13Robert Pettersson52:3123035UddeValla, SwedenI only drive. 
906610/19/13John Zosel59:5927027Ocoee, FLWOW! 
906710/24/13John Amador43:0626054Lemon Grove, CAI never met a steak I couldn"t EAT! 
906810/30/13Bodhi Simpson59:4319333AustraliaTop Notch Grub!! 
906911/02/13Jason Gray42:4640033Amarillo, TXPiece of Cake. 
907011/08/13Matthew McFarlandUnder 1 Hr19038Selden, NYI even had room for desert! 
907111/09/13Aldo Pillitteri56:5326025Lakewood, COTODAY...MAN WON. YES SIR! 
907211/12/13Magwus IwhI Magwuss52:58135kg50IcelandWhere my chocolate cake? 
907311/15/13Justin Taylor56:2823024Norridgewock, MEJust put it all in your mouth. 
907411/15/13Terry Ratcliff59:2024557Iowa Park, TXONLY ATE 1/2 (Cow). 
907511/23/13Joseph Cannon49:2030028Lusby, MOO GOD!!! 
907611/28/13Timothy Millar5020527Scarborough, ONI've absolutely done something... 
907711/29/13Abed Asghar59:5917325Pueblo, COFor Home!! Pueblo, Colorado 
907811/30/13C. Sage Gabriel59:5926040Broken Arrow, OKI Did it ALL!! 
907911/30/13Josh Miller27:4720030Aurora, CONow I want Ice Cream. 
908012/02/13David Herscovici59:1019537New York, NYPain is temporary. Glory is Forever!! 
908112/05/13Chris Stolkos59:4220525Los Angeles, CAFTB 
908212/06/13Deven Delap, Jr.58:4528835Fort Collins, IOSo full. I have No Comment. 
908312/10/13Nathan Burns46:4823026Glendale, AZNot sure what to say. A nap Sounds great now. Thanks !! 
908412/17/13Justin Alderis59:4818025Ozark, MOMore is not enough 
908512/19/13Jeff "The Beagl man" Butler26:4821531Phoenix, AZBest Steak in Texas! 
908612/21/13Thomas Pasky37:3740034Erie, PABig Mac ATTACK AT IT Again. "Taste Great." 
908712/27/13Bryan Szaeewski57:4732036Henderson, NVThank you Sir, may I have another.... 
908801/03/14Sebastian Puente56:5419525Norman, OKI'm dying. 
908901/08/14Mark Howell52:0528028Paragould, ARPaid Anyway. 
909001/10/14Josh Weekly58:5027033Sherman Oaks, 
909101/10/14Chris Shockley59:5935039Tunica, MSShould not have had the 2nd Potato! 
909201/16/14Arnie Depinct37:5125053Republic, OHWhere's the beef. 
909301/18/14Benjamin Minyard5332031Pampa, TXWhat's for Dessert? 
909401/25/14Miguel Casillas57:0829023El Paso, TXI want something to go? 
909501/25/14George Torres58:4523032El Paso, TXMore soda please? 
909601/28/14Walt Irwin32:3123543Longview, TXPOW! 
909701/30/14Adam Sherman59:4517021Lincoln, MEDon't eat the Gristle! 
909802/12/14Andy Jones57:5321832Oklahoma CIty, OKReady for Round #2. 
909902/15/14Tychus Swanson55:1321214Garland, TXHeck Yeah! 
910002/17/14Matt Greenhill51:4725030Dallas, TXIf you ain't first, you're last! I am all that is MAN. H.Y.F.R. 
910103/02/14Kai Kersten56:5980kg23Wester Ohisted, GermanyNo problem for a dairy farmer from Nordfriesland,Germany 
910203/03/14Sarah Hogancamp52:4714525Amarillo, TXI'm gonna *EXPLODE* 
910303/05/14Justin Delap32:4129531Thornton, CO"I got a food Baby!" 
910403/07/14Richard Wiggan58:4629539Mt. Holly, NCMind over Matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter. 
910503/08/14John Jordan46:3923522Vermantown, TN"Did it for Grammy." 
910603/09/14Alex Curry25:4221017Dallas, TX"HOWDY DAMMIT." 
910703/10/14Ben Harrison55:1420024Sanford, FLOnly Just! 
910803/10/14Brannon Brewer50:4822517Glen Rose, TXNever do it agan. 
910903/13/14Joe LaRue24:5727554St. Augustine, FLGreat Steak!! Very tender. 
911003/15/14Ben Fuson56:0422523Carbondale, ILI Came. I saw. I ate. 
911103/18/14Jordan Brown49:3222028Columbus, WIWorth every ounce. 
911203/19/14Jerry R. Lang30:2918550Boston, MAWinner. Winner. Chicken Dinner. 
911303/20/14Simmon Higgins34:3740032Fort Worth, TXSorry to the city water company and to the trees. 
911403/22/14Robert Stewart5330043Jay, OKFull. 
911503/23/14Francisco Negrairus57:0925036Marieston, SCFULL 
911603/23/14Christopher Sheesley55:4021041Maynelle, ARJust in nick of time. Loved every minute. Woo Big Sooie! 
911704/03/14Jimmy Johnson49:5724050Oklahoma CIty, OKFull & I did it. 
911804/03/14Richard Lefevre31:5512870Henderson, NVBeen a long time since last time in 2006. Great as always 
911904/03/14Carlene Lefevre58:35N/AN/AHenderson, NVYum Yum - See you again! 
912004/04/14Johnathan Marstas51:49235N/APhoenix, AZKCCO 
912104/04/14Patrack Car53:34210N/AAmarillo, TXNational Geo Zoki 
912204/05/14Lane J. Alena58200N/AAmarillo, TXBelieve the Hype! #TTUHSC.COM 
912304/07/14Rich Chu53:30265N/ACaliforniaThat was a bad CHOICE! KCCO 
912404/13/14William Smith59:59275N/AAdairsville, GAFULL!!!!!!! 
912504/25/14Frank Muscara48:30115kgN/AAustraliaIs that all? Aussie Power! 
912604/25/14Prax ?56220N/AEl Paso, TXWhich way to the potty!!! 
912704/25/14John Moore58:44280N/AHood River, ORPerfect medium rare. Thanks guys for the steak. 
912804/29/14James Henderson36:46270N/ACoatesville, INVery Good Steak. 
912904/29/14Gilbert Arroyo51:28169N/AAmarillo, TXNext time I go for 2! 
913005/04/14Brian Collins52:33225N/AConway, NHHAVE A DAY! 
913105/04/14Nick Pinegar38190N/AAlpine, UTCheck out & Meet with "the miss West." 
913205/05/14Jason Chase42:26310N/ALawrence, KSWhere's Dessert?! 
913305/07/14Jargen Baumgartner47:49105kgN/AAustriaDo not call it schnitzel. 
913405/10/14Ryan Sallee54:2923535Lubbock, TXEasy Money 
913505/10/14Jamie Horne59:5912525LondonI came. I saw. I ate steak. 
913605/13/14Bartosz Ziolkowski52:1075kg32Warsaw PolandSend my compliments to the cow. 
913705/17/14Brian Stolite51:4226533Greenville, SCGet Er Done! 
913805/18/14Kelby Jones54:4028530Atlanta, GAWill be full to age 60. 
913905/18/14Jason Wilson59:5917636Mt. Holly, NCDon't do it. U will JK. This was a blast! 
914005/19/14Alfred Atilano53:5037042New, IAI can't pay the bill. 
914105/19/14David Stewart58:3720535Sanford, FLI am all that is MAN! 
914205/22/14Brent Gardner5833031Columbus, OHCooked to perfection! 
914305/23/14Jacob Colly59:4921020Clovis, NMMurice! 
914405/24/14Aaron Gutierrez57:3131622Turpin, OKI can't believe I did it!!! 
914505/24/14Joshua Rivas50:4730515Hutchinson, KSSpeechless! 
914605/25/14Bobby Howard54:0323551Elkhart, INAwsome! 
914705/25/14James Grandjean40:3921522Prescott, AZIt was good, what there was of it! 
914805/26/14Molly Schuyler04:5812034Bellevue, NEShould've had a 3rd! 
914905/26/14Molly Schuyler09:5912034Bellevue, NEShould've had a 3rd! 
915005/28/14Terrell D. Simon49:1548334Las Vegas, NVI came. I saw. I conquered. 
915106/03/14Tucker Lane48:1322525Redvale, COIt's good to carry on a family tradition. 
915206/09/14Josh Sineffen40:2720323Lincoln, NEBOOM!!! 
915306/12/14Kevin Vonnheder47:45N/A32Mountain Home, ARIt's not hard to eat a good stewk. 
915406/16/14Seth Heilman52:52N/AN/ABillings, MT"Vegans Beware!!" 
915506/24/14Don Dodson5224553Hernando, MSThose who dream the most Do the Most! 612-G Troop 141 
915606/25/14Raymond Mills44:3430054Dallas, TXMy jaws didn't get sore this time. 
915706/26/14Donovan Yazzie50:3420035Brimhall, NMI ate the Great Steak at The Big Texan. Yummy 72oz. 
915806/27/14Jake Fortune59:5918519Plant City, FLI WANT MY MOMMY. 
915907/09/14John Kehl54:3022046Wimberley, TX  
916007/13/14Curtis Tuohey58:29120kg22AustraliaStraya!! 
916107/14/14Morten Søndergaard35:2727041Lobster, DenmarkI'm not gonna eat another one!! 
916207/15/14John Winters59:1130042Blacksburg, VANever again! 
916307/19/14Scott Tompkins 915834:5624045Hobart, OKBoomer Sooner!!! 
916407/25/14Chris Weaver59:5923029Tijeras, NMI am not doing that again. 
916507/25/14Alex Garcia49:0734535Norwalk, CANext time bring me a steak not a piece of ham. 
916607/28/14Mike Anderson59:5819545Bloomington, NMGreat Steak! Great Staff! Well worth rthe run! 
916707/30/14Gratzer Oliver53:4728040Amstetten, AustriaBring me cake & coffee! 
916808/02/14Renee Collazo56:5036280Allen, TXGlad I did it; not doing it again! 
916908/03/14Carmine Zalewski59:27N/AN/ALubbock, TXFor Jaycob. 
917008/04/14Omar Diaz43:5027041NJNothing Better than BEEF! 
917108/04/14David Williams44:5421636CAIt was well worth the drive 
917208/09/14Sam Bryce46:5324035Clemont, FLTerminal Lance! 
917308/10/14Shane McAuliffe59:4228035College Station, TXWell worth stop in Big Texan Bucket List. 
917408/10/14Bill Worrell37:5727047Parker, CO.It was worth it. 
917508/10/14Damien Allen53:2794kg25AustraliaI Love Steak! 
917608/13/14Scott Billings59:0119850Stillwater, OKTo God goes the glory! 
917708/14/14William M. Vaughn III57:3427021Harlysville, PAKeep it Pushin Hoss 
917808/15/14George Thomas Davis III59:2417526Swan Quartar, NCFEED THE BEAST! 
917908/16/14Burak Yetiskin59:5921528Istanbal, Turkeyand a cheesecake on top. 
918008/17/14Jeramie Gillman5817736Milton-Freewater, ORBang Bang Yeah Yeeeaah! 
918108/19/14George Grower59:3119821Nash Mills, UKIf you're not first.... You're last! 
918208/27/14Will Schultz59:4026055Zion, ILIt's not easy! 
918308/28/14Chad Parker26:5923026San Antonio, TXThey should put this on the kid menu! 
918408/28/14Brian Alfard49:3423528Stevenson Ranch, CAWhat's for Dessert? 
918508/28/14Shannon Bellinger49:1619343Westmelborne, FLDelicious!! 
918608/28/14Joseph Arlinahaus51:5528544Fort Collins, IOMoo Sum Vaca! 
918708/29/14Kevin Roberts4228548Waterfall, PABig Texan Rules! 
918808/30/14Weldon Willingham51:1535230Heartland, TXJesus Christ is my Savoir 
918908/30/14Amjad Odck "A.J."49:1125048Cordova, TNTill next time 
919009/06/14Billy Hawker53:3119227Sumersby AustraliaMurica! +Marzen pint. 
919109/07/14Justin Hunter59:2516037Lane, OKOnce and Done. 
919209/07/14Alex Yachanin55:1316523Jupiter, FLGo Navy! Beat Army! 
919309/08/14Mitchell Majors26:2225028San Antonio, TXI have the meat sweats. 
919409/13/14Tom Van Alphen54:3030048Braxton, MNFor Pete's Sake!!! Attn: Mike, Ryan & Bas 
919509/13/14Ryan Quin59:5323828Parkers Pairie, MNI Love Beef 
919609/14/14Amir Busnoy12:30N/AN/AWindsor HeightsBismillah! 
919709/18/14Nicholas BergeranUnder 1 HR24026Morgan City, LABig Steak (Never again) 
919809/19/14Thomas W. Glover51:2338032Orange, TXBeast Mode Son. 
919909/19/14Mieenbaum Tyler37:3032031Buna, TXBeef, it's what for dinner inafew Months. 
920009/21/14Craig Crawford58:5918434Victorville, CAIt'll make you sweat. 
920109/27/14David Hackethal54:0124032Lakewood, CONever again! 
920209/28/14Matthew Pongcacie59:5274kg22Melbourne, AustraliaFun Challenge. On holiday, but feel awful 
920309/28/14James Richichi18:8775kg26AustraliaAwesome! 
920409/28/14Randy Roper49:1328040Vici, OKCan't hang, can't stay! 
920510/5/14Joseph Underwood59:3217058Marthasville, MOI Wanted This Shit! 
920610/8/14Jamie Triff III39:569226Tasmania, AustraliaGreat Steak!!! 
920710/9/14Chelsea Ryan59:5911524Oklahoma, City, OKBest Steak of my life! 
920810/13/14Roy Nigle30:7927745Bellwe, OHGood to the last bite! 
920910/14/14Philip DeNigris57:1742421St. Charles, MOGood things come to those who wait! 
921010/20/14Victor Carpio59:4621042Staten Island, NYI deserve my dessert for free!!! 
921110/21/14Dwight Sims47:5823042New Braunfels, TXMy wife is so proud! 
921210/23/14Dan Gilliam59:3320540Henderson, NVDon't do it! 
921310/25/14Zayne Tennison38:5427418Pampa, TXFree Meal, Worth it! 
921410/25/14Chris Wichers41:0628229Amarillo, TXMed rare, Love it! 
921510/25/14James Enright59:5920630Oklahoma City, OKAwesome! 
921611/4/14Wesley Jacobson37:3020621Drem, UTWorth the drive from UTAH! 
921711/5/14Peter Vadala53:2018029Skugus, MAJohn 3:16 
921811/10/14Stephanie Wu31:4044Orinda, CAI Am Going To Come Back & Try Two! 
921911/15/14Daniel Aguiltia, Jr59:5922519Lubbock, TXWhere is Dessert? 
922011/16/14Anthony Kibler55:1922Okecchobec, FLCow Town Florida Represent! 
922111/20/14Giuseppe Du Grigoli56:4520036ITALYI Love the meat! 
922211/22/14Dan Relihan51:1825028Allison Park, PANo Comment 
922311/24/14James Hamel31:2132543Dover, NHSo Kule! 
922411/28/14Kensuke Ito59:5912627JapanI am SAMURAI! 
922512/3/14Patrick O'Connor54:2915532Oaxaca, MexicoDecolonize Texas 
922612/4/14Thomas Pasky56:2030535Erie, PABring It On 
922712/6/14Francois54:5220026South AfricaThanks for SA 
922812/6/14Christoffel Tredoux58:4332039South AfricaRSA Rocks 
922912/8/14Moses Rivas57:4633027Oklahoma CityForgive me GOD!!! 
923012/11/14Ben Atwwod41:5921531Ward Cove, AlaskaBig Texan is AWESOME!!! 
923112/12/14Mark Player42:5921559Orfino, IDThird times a charm! 
923212/16/14Manuel Gonzalez46:0625027Houston, TXLike a boss 
923312/20/14Jason Truitt59:1228544Spring, TXIt hurts 
923412/23/14Jayke Milton59:5921527Atlanta, GOBeast from the East 
923512/23/14Chris Whipp36:3780kg21AustraliaDarn good steak! 
923612/23/14Luke Abberton37:4185kg21AustraliaAustralian Contiki represent 
923712/26/14Nicole Meyer48:4316028Alamagordo, NMI ate the whole thing! 
923812/27/14Bret Wallman59:5820551Holly, COGreat Steak 
923912/29/14Issac Leyva48:3021023Oceanside, CADo it for the likes! 
924012/29/14Matthew Castillo58:2429022Vista, CANever Again! 
924112/29/14Amick Ricceltid55:4317828Santa Monica, CAWhen it gets really painful, keep going... 
92421/1/15Scott Thompson58:4933033Live Oak, TXWhat was I THINKING 
92431/2/15Edward Magallon37:4622523Oxnard, CAI need a beer... 
92441/12/15Blaine Black56:3825020Fort Defiance, AZI did it! 
92451/22/15Attila Gyarmali59:59 52Hungary  
92461/25/15Josh Matthews41:5727520W. Fargo, North DakotaI am the chow! 
92472/4/15Viviana Lapertosa43:2112742Brindisi, ItalyBuonissa, Valeva La Pera Mangiar La Tuita! Very Good. Worth the trip to eat it all! 
92482/8/15Javier Colon52:1820039Youngstown, OHI never met a steak I didn't like! 
92492/8/15Paul Whittingslow23:1817328Anchorage, AKAlaska is the largest state, etc.,etc. 
92502/20/15James Juodvirsis55:4419029Hamilton Ontario, CanadaEverything is bigger in Texas, not the least of which is my gut. 
92523/18/15Juan Jaime44:4436023Guyman, OKTake Your Time! 
92533/22/15Scott Atkinson40:3343043North CarolinaToo much for me-NOT! 
92544/3/15Derrick Harguess59:5924524Santu, CAHebrews! Too much ! 
92554/5/15Byron Wells54:7616523Winston-Salem, NCKEYS TO FREEZE 9,000 miles + calories 
92564/11/15Jeff Anderson58:4931048Oak Creek, WIExcellent Steak 
92574/11/15Ethan Fulton58:4934018Idalou, TXThis one's for the boys back home! 
92584/15/15Stephanie Wu42:29 45Orinda, CANext time I will do 2! 
 4/19/15Molly Schuyler4:1812035Sacramento, CA  
 4/19/15Molly Schuyler7:2912035Sacramento, CA  
 4/19/15Molly Schuyler8:1312035Sacramento, CA  
92594/20/15Jim Dustin42:4728535Flagstaff, AZThis is for you WAYLON! (Jim Boys) 
92604/25/15Carlos Ameaquita40:4226033Houston TXGi Se Puede!!! 
92614/25/15Nathan Coleman48:0722529Middleburg FLFor you Foreraker! 
92624/25/15Luda Iakibchuk55:0947Kg30UkraineIt was a great steak, a little bit too big, but really great!!! Thanks a lot!! I'll be back w/love from the Ukraine 
92635/4/15Darin Sligo 30028Humboldt, AZGood Time, Good People, Free Food 
92645/13/15Eric E Harris31:4626032Chicago, IlI Fear No Steer! 
92655/15/15Mark Mazzucco55:5719022Mesa, AZIncredible Service! Incredible Food! 
92625/17/15Sean McDonald52:4825532Harrisburg, PAThor Fury Was Here! 
92675/18/15Bruce Loaney57:5921030Bandera, TXHoly Crap 
92685/19/15Terry Thornton58:3017529Lubbock, TXJust drove in from Colorado 
92705/19/15Kazden Ikehara25:0020026Eialson A.F.B AKMay I have seconds? 
92715/22/15Eric Chow 150kg 41 Hong KongVery Good 
92725/29/15David Mullins24:5519828Plano, TXDessert Please? 
92735/29/15Austin Parsons45:5117026Dallas, TXGod Bless Life. Change at I350 
92745/30/15Curt Dren 22023Iowa City, IAOK 
92755/31/15Paul Prater39:5433050Macy, INWonderful - I'm ready for dessert 
92765/31/15Ches E. Misso 27643Clarksville, TNIt was the greatest mistake I ever made! 
92776/8/15Robin Lang38:0618018GermanyWhere is my desert? 
92786/11/15Richard Hugh47:4222065Brea, CA2nd times better 
92796/18/15Joshua Wiseman50:4823822StaffordshireWhat's for pudding? 
92806/19/15Chris Denhartog50:3318026Glendora, CAGo Dodgers! 
92816/24/15David "Carter" Dickson IV59:3721525Houston, TXI Love You Mom! 
92826/27/15James Overbay54:5222549Nonsuch, KYArmy Strong 
92836/28/15Dennis Schwiesow59:3032529Monteno, ILKCCO 
92846/28/15George Rodriguiz59:0620523Houston, TXWINNER 
92857/4/15Keith Carlino55:5420320   
92867/8/15Andrew Roberts59:57 31   
92877/8/15Christopher Baker59:0020025Hopewell, NY  
92886/28/15Vincent McDonald55:37300  Ben James & Sean, your turn 
92897/210/15Angel Rios36:6927527 Just another day with the boys_Doritos Locos #BadBoysForLife 
92907/12/15Gor Sargsyan59:5925042Valley Village, CABest Place, Best People, Best Food. Don't eat too much! 
92917/12/15Daniel Ziarko40:2719718Chicago, ILVeni, Vidi, Vici 
92685/18/15Jake Schapiro56:1117021Malibu, CALet's Go DUKE 
92927/15/15Alden Ryno24:3319023Dahlonega, GAAbsolutely Delicious! 
92937/18/15Quentin Smith58:3624523Aurora, COAwesome Steak 
92947/19/15Gngon Lecar59:5823053Marietta, CAGood snack 
92957/21/15Luke Laufenberg59:5921517Dallas, TX  
92967/22/15Keith Kagan 21849Brooklyn, NY  
92977/24/15Jake Knesel58:5534026Forrtana, CAWhat's for Dessert? 
92987/25/15Michael Schwertz45:4221521Hurst, TXa man's gotta do what a man's gotta do 
92997/26/15Walter Lomahafteua 28531Peridoh, AZIt was good! 
93007/26/15Andy Neville 14st 7lbs 40 York, EnglandI came, I ate, I conquered!! 
93028/8/15Clint Cooper35:2225036Huntsville, TXBig Tex threw the towel in on Clint Cooper 
93038/14/15Jack Medreder40:1122032Reseda, CADo It!!! P.S. STAY FIT! 
93048/14/15Christopher Holt51:3615625Tallahassee, FLWork out and eat 1 meal a day! 
93058/14/15Alan Peterson34:9318839Gilbert, AZThe Big Texas Rocks GREAT STEAK!! 
93068/14/15Chad Thompson40:7025036Gilbert, AZLift to Eat. "In one end out the other" 
93078/14/15Mark Brimley46:5226026Mesa, AZThe Big Arizonan killed the Big Texan 
93088/15/15Stephen Barlag 24539North Richland Hills, TXRidiculous!! 
93098/17/15Nickolas Grass47:4624022San Fransico, CAI wasn't hungry, but I could eat! 
93108/21/15Joe Ninke30:5416046Sebastian, FLI lost the Silverton 1,000, But this I can do! 
93118/25/15Adam-Uriel Burentein 20025Kibbutz Hanita, IsraelIn memory of my good friend Nir Glassman and in memory of my grandfather 
93128/29/15Adam Blackborn49:3122952Glendo, WYKeep eating and use the water 
93138/30/15Farooq Khan54:6415530Denver, COGoin' Vegan 
93149/3/15Michael Fatigoni 26026Vitorville, CAGreat food outstanding service!! 
93159/3/15Zack Simmons57:3122031Norman, OKEat the tater first and bring a cheerleader 
93169/6/15Adam Blackborn28:2922953Glendo, WYBest B-Day ever I'm almost full 
93999/3/15Michael Fatigoni59:5926026Victorville, CAGood Food. Outstanding Service. 
94009/3/15Zack Simmons57:3122031Norman, OK  
94019/6/15Adam Blackburn28:2922953Glendo, WYBest b-day ever. I'm almost full. 
94029/8/15Wayne B. Dworaczyk58:0024054Blanco, TXDirt everyday. Got dirt. Need dirt. Call dirt. 
94039/10/15Thaddeus Pinch55:2918326Tempe, AZWhat's next? 
94049/11/15Robert Tuat60:0025428Jacksonville, NC  
94059/12/15Brittany13:1212022Auckland, NZGo Top Deck 2015 
94069/15/15Kenneth White33:4626027Elkhart, INMeat sweats... 
94079/16/15Neal Narayan59:5915824Auckland, NZCoast to coast express. 
94089/17/15Gerald Tucker41:04N/A35Grandin, MOYummy! 
94099/18/15Jeremiah McGurt59:5922530Van Buren, ARDone that! 
94109/20/15Perry R. Pack 21554Helendale, CA  
94119/26/15David Popwell 22525Memphis, TNRoll tide. 
94129/27/15Victoria S. 13030Honolulu, HIEverything was delicious! 
94139/27/15Amanda Kirby 12027Benson, AZThank you Mr. Cow! 
94149/30/15Matt Suder48:5221536Dallas, TXIt was amazing!!! 
941510/1/15David Coty57:5826036Miles City, MTStart with the steak. Work your way to the rest. 
941610/3/15Jose Torres52:0428530Fort Worth, TX  
941710/7/15Todd Lithgow 30021Melbourne, Australia  
941810/7/15James Eastman50:3030036Sunnyvale, TXNever again. 
941910/8/15Jose M. Fiqueros44:5519544Manati, Puerto RicoIt was excellent! 
942010/8/15Matthew Furr58:3721543Mount Pleasant, NCThis one's for you Maw Maw Furr, I love you!!! 
942110/9/15Blake Waldo49:5520831Denver, CO  
942210/18/15Adam Blackburn22:4023053Glendo, WYI just wanted a new t-shirt. 
942310/28/15Jadan Smith50:4118725South Whales, AustraliaWow 
942410/28/15James Wilson54:5919623Victoria, AustraliaIs that all? 
942510/28/15Craig Jones49:4826034South Beloit, ILIt's harder than it looks for sure. 
942610/31/15Dustin Macloithey59:5928041Plano, TXCame to try. 
942711/3/15Tom Bragg40:2522046North Hollywood, CA  
942811/3/15Richard Brooke59:5520827China Grove, NC  
942911/7/15Kevin Steuterman24:4022526Ogden, UT  
943011/9/15Obediah Jay Stafford 32553Worthington, NH  
943111/14/15Kevin Lamb58:0018533St. Louis, MO  
943211/15/15Mikeal Nelson54:0023037Grand Junction, CO  
943311/19/15Robin Cook59:59N/A43Edmond, OKSomeday they will name a beer after me. 
943412/11/15Jeremiah Frazier 26024Leesburgh, FLThat was nothing! 
943512/16/15Aaron Hughes52:5323031Little Elm, TXI told you Dustin and Josh. 
943612/21/15Johnnie William Gosnell III 59:5925549Pfaggtown, NCDessert to go, please. 
943712/21/15Mike Harris 35036Morrison, TN  
943812/23/15JR Smith48:4930041Tucson, AZTold you so! 
943912/26/15Chad Reyna59:2021042Norwalk, IA  
944012/28/15Darrin Carley53:2435037Ganado, AZRound 2 - Coming Soon 
944112/28/15Jack Patterson40:5725038Highlands Ranch, COFor Jacob and Luke 
944212/30/15John Schweitzer54:29N/A21Greenwood Village, CONo comment. 
94431/1/16Steve Livingston58:5721549College Station, TX  
94441/1/16Jason Crouch51:4923034Bloomfield, NMLife is good! 
94451/3/16Phillip Prunsinski48:3720028Tempe, AZThe best 
94461/5/16Albert Edwards 30020Eden, NYIt's delicious 
94471/6/16Dennis Palmer 20024Moyock, NC  
94481/8/16James A Hill29:3624037Columbus, GAI wish I could have tasted it before I ate it!!! 
94491/11/16Frank Giberson57:4118538Las Vegas, NVFantastic steak!!! 
94501/14/16Klay Thompson51:1317625Perth, AustraliaWow 
94511/17/16Pedro Guzman41:1737030Hialeah, FLService was excellent. Food was excellent. 
94521/18/16Derek Jacobs26:4420033Vandalia, OHHungry Like the Wolf 
94531/28/16Matthew Berthel25:2445029Daytona, FL  
94541/30/16Fernando Alderete 50533Bernalili, NM  
94552/12/16Jerry Conklin 21551Sidney, NYI am almost full 
94562/13/16Russell Davis59:1419032Playa del Rey, CAKnow your own Velocity. 
94572/15/16Daniel Sewell56:4017524Littleton, COPiece of steak! It's a steak walk! 
94582/19/16George A. Bennett44:5037552Northwood, NHIt's a lot of beef. 
94592/23/16Graham Nyhan58:3022020Albuquerque, NM  
94603/11/16Mark Parker51:4928135Albuquerque, NMI could eat more! 
94613/11/16Garrett Payne53:3921524Galveston, TXThanks and GIG Em!!! 
94623/14/16John "Jack" Bishir47:2125025Lubbock, TXMy stomach hurts. 
94633/18/16Brandon Rout44:0925034Hinton, OKThat's a lot of food. 
94643/29/16Matthew E. Smith59:1625543Paragould, ARGreat Food! 
94653/30/16Jeremy Lepianka59:4722034Wickenburg, AZThis was for Adam Richman, "Today, man was..." 
94664/7/16Martin Mayer34:5918734Muckemderf, AustriaCan I get a brownie chocolate chip? 
94674/10/16Ronald Stout55:0225047Grapevine, TXDo not try this at home!! 
94684/13/16Stephanie Wu50:25 46Orinda, CANext time I'll try two. 
94694/13/16David G. Franco51:1824030Randando Beach, CAGoogle: Arya moghaddam 
94704/29/16Alex Zuniga59:5916023Lubbock, TXNever stop trying 
94714/30/16Dominic LombardoUnder 1 HR20032Cleveland, OH  
94725/1/16Colt Tew57:3016030Dennis, TXAt first I though y'all give permanently of time. Then at thirty minutes. I was glad there was another thirty minutes. 
94735/2/16Vadim DoBronoveskyUnder 1 HR35053Miami Beach, FLIt was perfect, but I need more. 
94745/2/16Grzegorz Sobolewski59:2219059Des Plaines, ILI love Texas and Texas steaks. 
94755/8/16Andrew Etchinson38:0235039Flower Mound, TX  
94765/13/16Evagelos Agapios54:3335038Dallas, TXTeam Champagna 
94775/19/16Gregory Ladaer57:51 61Benbrook, TXOld & dead. 
94785/19/16Joshua SmedleyUnder 1 HR20031Tyler, TX  
94795/24/16Kline EthanUnder 1 HR19526Geeley, CO  
94806/1/16Karl Wardlew53:3133539New ZealandTama Toa - Maori - Ora- Chur 
94816/10/16Jerry Dominguez56:0018526Mission, TXClutch 
94826/14/16Cody Harris57:3534033Griffin, GAPsalms 3:5-8 
94836/20/16Greg Huey58:0018041Santa Fe, NMThat billboard shall no longer shame. 
94846/25/16Brett Trilg46:0018546Thorton, CO\m/ \m/ 
94856/27/16Jeremiah Jackson53:2031536San Diego, CASteak was good. Jaw is sore. Boredom set in at 30 minutes. 
94866/27/16Justin ClackUnder 1 HR19530Kerrville, TXWaist high rope hooks. 
94876/28/16Dario Gergorio57:5331560Australia  
94887/4/16David Crouch49:4931033Kemp, TXCross off bucket list! 
94897/10/16Jaime Marquez35:4226035Oxnard, CAExcelente steak! 
94907/10/16Randall Gordon53:1636038Oakdale, LAMan won 
94917/18/16Marco Antonio Iglesias Rodriquez59:5017648 Great meat. Great people! Thank you! 
94927/18/16Renato Taglian58:5423524San Jose, CABrazil! OSS!!! 
94937/19/16Michael Hayden57:4126536Oakdale, LASavage 
94947/19/16Paul Duly38:0023426Perth, WAKiwi all day 
94957/22/16Ramon Mata59:1523039Seminole, TX  
94967/22/16Robert McKinney34:0017226Tecumseh, OKYouTube Food Challenge Bros 
94977/23/16Steven Cummings59:5929041Tulsa, OKWhere's dessert?! 
94987/31/16Jarrod Blakely55:0024636San Antonio, TX  
95008/1/16Adam Ruediger45:5527218Butler, PADon't do it... 
95018/1/16Gabriel Martinez54:3525026Midland, TXFeed me more! 
95028/2/16Darin G. Knight48:1428061Tucson, AZGood times. Good food. Where's the dessert? 
95038/5/16Michael GallegosUnder 1 HR18922Amarillo, TXI'm full 
95048/6/16Thomas C. Pasky26:3434036Erie, PAWhere is my cake? Roll on drivers. 
95058/18/16Chadwick Kieser58:3017027Santa Rosa, CATrek America! 
95068/24/16Michael Ford54:4420928Dover, NEAsher is Bengary 
95078/25/16Christopher Gurule58:3923528Los Lunas, NMR.I.P. Josh Gurule. This was for you!!! 
95088/26/16Zak Laber58:2525525Bristol, RIGive it hell!! 
95098/29/16Ivan Quijano40:0020529Orange, CAWhat's for dinner? 
95109/1/16Luke Devine59:5941920Donvegan, Belfast, IrelandErin go Brugh! 
95119/4/16Fernando Castillo57:01 32Lubbock, TXGreat Food 
95129/4/16Valdimir Brozac59:59 31Waco, TXI love it. 
95139/11/16Max WersingerUnder 1 HR16524Dallas, TX  
95149/12/16Brian AcostaUnder 1 HR24051Violet, LA  
95159/17/16Darren SmithUnder 1 HR27044Bluff City, TN  
95169/19/16Itamar Friedman58:2620039Hollywood, FLIt was very hard, but I did it!!! 
95179/22/16Chad Noldin59:5922020St. John, INWhat's for dinner? 
95189/24/16Justin Rivera53:2523032Chins Hills, CAThe "Comedians Magician" made the food disappear. 
95199/24/16Andach Jeff50:1817223 Thanks. 
95209/24/16Josh Kobs59:3122535Bath, NHHardest meal I've ever had. 
95219/25/16Stephen LeeUnder 1 HR32032Enterprise, ALGO BIG BOY Stay or Go Home War Damn Eagle 
95229/27/16Sava Dilinchev57:4021048BulgariaCHOMP CHOMP - Done it! 
952410/4/16Maxwell Bravo59:4718031El Monte, CAKeep it going! 
952510/5/16Roger Moore58:5747043Green Bay, WILife life to the fullest. 
952610/16/16Tommy Casanova57:4919038Scottsdale, AZWILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!! 
952710/17/16Lionel Manuelito55:4819540Cameron, AZI'LL BE BACK!!! 
952810/18/16Pete Montagna59:4823626Auckland, NZToo full!!! 
952911/1/16Sean Sheets53:5524549Holcomb, KSAnybody can do this 
953011/1/16Adrian Broome58:4025130Victoria, Australia#NOREGRETS 
953111/2/16James Walker43:0330034Hughes Springs, TX  
953211/2/16Jon Miller40:3121935Arizona City, AZYou could have port a potty chairs. 
953311/5/16Sara Danielle Garcia53:3813029Amarillo, TXReady for Dessert!! 
953411/7/16Caleb Clifton50:3929021Evergreen, LAIt's worth it if you finish. 
953511/9/16Nate Smith43:5221036Brooklyn, NY  
953611/11/16Neil Hulse53:0019627Kansas City, MOMooooooo!! 
953711/14/16Vadim52:0221059Miami Beach, FLIt was perfect!!! 
953811/14/16Kent C. Bradsher59:5926051Pekin, ILI came. I conquered. 
953911/15/16James Lusk37:2116033Grandview, TX  
954011/17/16John Meyer59:0624045Fenton, MOThis is for Stanley. 🙂 
954111/20/16Jim B. Taylor57:0929567Roan Mtn, TN  
954211/22/16Steven L. Hall Jr.Under 1 HR18033Orlando, FL  
954311/22/16Kenstantine Perrairos57:4024235Athens Greece MykonosJUST DO IT! 
954411/29/16Lou Cella32:5636038Hadins, PATremendous experience/staff 
954512/2/16Jason Gilbertson40:5519033Eureka, CAIN SPANISH 
954612/4/16Kirk C. Wahlen34:4829031Aberdeen, IDGreat Steak 
954712/5/16Matt Roberts30:3120530Tyler, TXI finished the 72oz steak faster than I finished the 5k 
954812/9/16Daniel Maldonado52:1920036Trinidad, COThe Best 72oz Steak Ever!!! 
954912/10/16Mychal Will43:2126528San Angelo, TXYou only live once. 
955012/13/16Simon Roberts36:0220723Christchurch, New ZealandThis is for you Jeff. 
955112/16/16Farnk Capriglione53:1720041Dallas, TXbest steak ever 
955212/19/16Michael A. Gemsh39:2830048Labronse, GAI like to drink beer and eat red meat. 
955312/24/16Erwin Harris58:4934024Farmington, NMI'm Steaked Out 
955412/26/16Jess Fortini57:4625528North Hollywood, CAI have the meat sweats! 
955512/30/16Foser Sierren59:5928021Austin, TXHell Yeah 
95561/3/17Kareem Riley36:0035029Cincinatti, OHWhat's for Dessert? 
95571/7/17Louis Flores43:5325021Houston, TXlil Mayo 
95581/18/17Hector Rodriguez57:0234035Kent, WAVery Difficult. 
95591/24/17J.R. Seader35:0931525Phoenix, AZDid it while watching family guy. 
95602/5/17Brian Harris58:4919232Killeen, TXDefinitely a great challenge 
95612/11/17Fernando Talavera58:4932028Houston, TXCome prepared 
95622/14/17Ron SmitsUnder 1 HR24231London, England  
95633/4/17Alejandro Valle56:1018039Hereford, TXFreaking full 
95643/7/17Tyler Parker58:0029522Raleigh, NCAmarillo Matters 
95653/22/17Matthew BarbacciaUnder 1 HR20523Pittsford, NYBiking across US for Parkinson's MJB Foundation 
95663/24/17Stephen Opoku54:29 23Woodridge, ILI'm still hungry! 
95684/4/17Reece CannadyUnder 1 HR29924Amarillo, TX  
95694/8/17Theodore Gonzalez59:6735029Houston, TXThat's a Big Steak. 
95704/11/17Jarrett Shelton Estep Jr.59:5924229Amarillo, TXI am dead wolf. 
95714/11/17Josh Deans56:4935036Crete, NENebraska rocks! 
95724/23/17Jayden SmithUnder 1 HR26427Langwarrin, AustraliaAll my ex's live in Texas 
95734/22/17Henry Billups III59:1129736Macon, GAI'm ready for a nap. 
95745/6/17Nekoda GoodUnder 1 HR  Bokoshe, OK  
95755/9/17David Searcy44:2227544Great Falls, MTNow that's a steak! 
95765/10/17Toby McDonald45:1927541Riverdale, NBMade it! 
95775/13/17Drew Lirette59:5930027Pampa, TXButter was a bad idea. 
95785/16/17Graeme Kiwi Cottrell53:3127557AustraliaVery hard but Kiwi did it for H.O.G. 
95795/17/17Eric Dreifuerst33:3916019Son Prairie, WIOn Wisconsin! 
95805/20/17Aaron Williams49:4239038Houston, TX3 times now nice snack Tiny 
95815/20/17Mike Aldaba50:4427531Dalton, GAI feel horrible. 
95825/26/17Tyler Wormhoudt57:2420522Mammoth Lakes, CAI do not recommend this to anyone. 
95835/29/17Jay Courden59:0123035Fruita, COJust hang in there! 
95845/30/17Drew Duffer33:2820034New River, AZDuffer Pride!!! 
95856/5/17Larry Parks52:1025255San Bernardino, CANone. 
95866/9/17Lee Salmon54:1521227EnglandThank you! 
95876/13/17Bill Thatcher50:0923048Ilkeston, England  
95886/13/17W. BabarUnder 1 HR33646Reading, UK  
95896/13/17Ty PapadatosUnder 1 HR25143Snellville, GAGo Big or Go Home 
95906/13/17Jeremie JanzenUnder 1 HR19533Denver, COWhen life gives you lemons paint it gold 
95916/17/17Jonathan DicksonUnder 1 HR25032Tulsa, OKI did it because my wife said I shouldn't. 
95926/18/17John BuberleUnder 1 HR  Morrison, IL  
95936/19/17Matthew A. Turek54:1919330Bossier City, LAChief Beef Strikes Again!! 
95946/20/17Jeffrey CrawfordUnder 1 HR28036Pasadena, CA  
95956/20/17Roderick L. EamonUnder 1 HR21024Glendale, AZ  
95966/27/17Sean D. Gagnon58:3018625Havelock, NCHarder than expected 
95976/27/17Alfredo GarciaUnder 1 HR14523Lynchburg, VA  
95986/28/17Mitch JamesUnder 1 HR32028Kalamazoo, MII thought I won a Harley. Shout out to DJ Cambio 
95997/1/17Jackson Kimble59:0027518Southlake, TXProbably won't be eating steak for a while 
96007/1/17Josh Maeulen54:29180 Montoursville, PASemper Esurietem 
96017/2/17Gary EngelUnder 1 HR28062Berlin, NJI'll Be Back!! 
96027/2/17Bryan Keeling48:35190 Lubbock, TXI'll Be Back!! 
96037/4/17Brian BurtUnder 1 HR23033Nashville, MII did it!! 
96047/8/17Eddie Ogures58:0226033La Habra, CAI'm ready for bed 
96057/11/17Omar Hernandez30:0030036Dalton, GA  
96067/12/17Raffaele Maiolino46:5722049Bollate, Milano, ItalyI came to win! 
96077/14/17Anthony Fotia58:50 49Las Vegas, NVYeees I did...YOINK! 
96087/20/17William R. BeekeUnder 1 HR25033Tehachapi, CAI did it! 
96097/22/17Marcelo Ros50:0019329Miami, FLScout Out 
96107/23/17Seath Mahoney50:4718535Cabot, AR  
96117/28/17Mark A. Jacks45:1729435Dayton, OHRoom for dessert! 
96127/29/17Ian Garrison52:1423034Albuquerque, NMWhat is for dessert? 
96138/2/17Preston RomeroUnder 1 HR30053Vicksburg, MSI kicked it's ass
96148/3/17Randy Zitzman59:5925019 Great
96158/4/17Stephen Daniels58:5023031Clarksville, TNI'm full!
96168/13/17Joe Maner55:0016540Kent, England 
96178/13/17Adam FinleyUnder 1 HR22538Belsec, SC 
96188/20/17Walt Woolwine59:5730027Midland, TXDo you have butter pecan ice cream?
96198/25/17William V. Smith57:4236054Hewitt, TXGood to the last bite!!
96209/2/17James ChandlerUnder 1 HR38545Paris, ARThe Experience was awesome!
96219/7/17John R. StaussUnder 1 HR22452Somerset, NJKilled it!
96229/9/17Travis Howell59:1222027Montgomery, ALExtendoo!!
96239/14/17Ron Forrest49:5029039Palmyra, TNHurting
96249/22/17David K. Moffott59:5924867Centennial, COLiving the dream
96259/26/17Djali Bloomfield59:5922025AustraliaFully cooked it
962610/2/17Gene V Dugan, DDS45:05:0024565Lima, OHThat's one Big Ass "ole" Steak!
962710/7/17Mike Taflan58:56:00N/A54Kingman, AZNo more.
962810/7/17Luis Vasquez49:29:0030055Denver, COA good big and gone.
962910/10/17Brandon Clark16:1027541Cahokia, ILGr8 Steak "Da Garbage Disposal".
963010/11/17Joshua Moss21:0013423Dianella, WAI smashed it
963110/12/17Audi DevlinUnder 1 HR25037Colorado Springs, COA man that can handle his meat
963210/13/17Jarrell Harrison55:53:0022030Alamosa, COfrom Vegas with love Go Grizz
963310/16/17Kyle Sams54:10:0019326Noblesville, INI've had better
963410/17/17Matt Strand54:58:0025031Dayton, OHGo Bison!
963510/31/17Connor Reed48:58:0030021Grand Rapids, MI
953611/5/17Robert Overbo59:4328049New Norway, Alberta, CanadaDonate to church in Sutherland
953711/11/17Jeremy Farmer53:5625038Rosedale, MSbest steak ever!!
953811/16/17Jorge CubrenUnder 1 HR32029Weslace, TXOne Big A** Steak RGU Boilermakers
953911/19/17Bryan Marrs50:3221031Orange Park, FLCame hungry Left full
954011/23/17Ron Angona50:4521039Edmond, OKTurkey is for chumps
954111/24/17Kelly Liebermann55:5027537Glendale, AZGreat Post-Workout Meal
954212/06/17David Searcy48:4526045Great Falls, MTEat sides first.
954312/07/17Luis Zepeda30:4632040Cypress, TX
954412/10/17Devin James Hardy59:4723030Sherman, TXCan I keep the plate?
954512/11/17Daniel Demas28:0334027La Mesa, CAI'm a little bit full!
954612/17/17John A McCullar45:0023531Lyon, MSIts only one steak, Everyone can eat one steak.
954712/17/17Sam HaynesUnder 1 HR31348North Richland Hills, TXSteak what?
954812/27/17Charles GerasimovUnder 1 HR20922Narraweena, NSW 2099, Australia
954912/30/17Joseph ManalotoUnder 1 HR15634Tres Piedras, NMThis is how New Mexican Mountain men do it!

no. 1 steakhouse

The Big Texan Brewery is rated by the Texas Country Reporter as the no. 1 steakhouse in Texas.

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