Limo Service

The Big Texan is proud to offer complimentary limo pickup for our guests. We pick up from most every hotel, motel, and RV park in Amarillo, A few truckstops as well. Local Picks ups came be made at Cavender’s Boot City, and The Starbuck’s on I40 and Grand.

The limo starts pickups at 4:00pm. It is a complementary service that will pick the patrons up, bring them to eat and take them back when they are done eating. The last pickup is scheduled at 9:00pm. Takebacks until everyone we pick up are returned. Please call us at (806)-372-6000 ext 304 to schedule a reservation.

no. 1 steakhouse

The Big Texan Brewery is rated by the Texas Country Reporter as the no. 1 steakhouse in Texas.

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