Have the Appetite of an NFL Athlete?

In support of the Bradley and Nikki  Bozeman foundation, the Big Texan Steak Ranch proudly presents, “Eat Like Bozeman!” Until the end of March 2020, the Big Texan will donate to the Bradley & Nikki Bozeman Foundation based on competitor’s 72oz. Steak Dinner eating abilities! 

The Bradley & Nikki Bozeman Foundation seeks to reinforce the importance of treating everyone with respect, standing up for others in vulnerable positions, and learning the importance of stopping bullying in our communities. 

From now till the end of March 2020, for anyone who can complete the Big Texan 72oz. Steak Dinner Challenge faster than Bozeman’s time of 49:08, the Big Texan pledges to donate $100 to the Bradley & Nikki Bozeman organization! If a contestant does not beat Bozeman’s time, but still completes 72oz. Steak Dinner Challenge under 1 hour, the Big Texan will donate $50 to the organization! Good luck to all who participate!